The Fifth Concubine Of The Chao Family, Ziyu, Is Pregnant With A Baby Boy, So She Pays Homage To The Temple And Burns Incense To Protect The Baby

The streets of the temple fair are full of people, very lively.

Ah Yuan carefully supported his wife, Zi Yu, for fear of being knocked down. Ziyu held her big belly with both hands and walked slowly among the crowd.

Ziyu is not Master Chao Jizhou's principal wife. Master Chao's eldest wife died of dystocia. The second aunt was too pregnant for 13 months before giving birth to the child, but the second aunt died too. Master Chao wanted to finally have a concubine, but the baby boy died before the full moon.

Afterwards, no wife became pregnant again. Until now, the fifth concubine, Ziyu, is finally happy. Master Chao hurriedly called a fortune teller for a fortune-telling. He was a young master, and Ziyu became a treasure in the mansion as an offering.

Taking advantage of the temple fair, Ziyu asks her maid Ah Yuan to accompany her to the temple to worship the Bodhisattva. Of course, the master and the butler also followed.

After worshiping the Bodhisattva, Ziyu wanted to go to the street to prepare some clothes for the unborn child.

"A Yuan, you can accompany Madam, I'll go first, pay attention to Madam's body." Master Chao impatiently asked Ah Yuan to accompany Zi Yu, and left by himself.

"Madam, the housekeeper should prepare the young master's clothes." Ah Yuan supported Ziyu and said, "We have to be careful about your body." In fact, Ah Yuan was afraid that there would be too many people on the street, so she would accidentally damage Fifth Aunt Too, she can't afford it.

"The clothes prepared by the butler were all worn by Zhiqin, which is unlucky. Besides, I want to buy something for the young master myself." Zhiqin is the second wife's child who died before the full moon.

Ziyu went to Jinhuatang and ordered a lot of clothes. Jinhuatang is the best silk shop in the city. In the end, Ziyu bought a doll in front of a shop at the end of the alley.

This is a boy wearing a purple windbreaker, the material is satin, the jacket is an old-fashioned large placket with buttons, and the pants are Tang suit pants with big trousers. The doll's face is very delicate. The skin is like a real person, with a faint blush on the ivory-colored cheeks, and the big eyes seem to be alive, blinking and blinking with the movement of the human hand. This doll is not big, but it looks like a baby of a few months.

Ziyu said she was tired, so Ah Yuan called for a sedan chair. Ziyu hugged the doll, as if she was holding a baby and got into the sedan chair.

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Back home, the old lady saw the doll and liked it very much, holding the doll in her arms, she said: "It's a good sign, this time Ziyu must be pregnant with a boy!"

Master Chao didn't like that toy doll, but the doll's smile and eyes made him a little chilly.

The doll was placed in the room prepared for the future young master.

At night, Mr. Chao had a strange dream. He dreamed that he went to a dilapidated hut to collect debts from a ragged and unkempt man. The man begged: "Master, please allow me a few more days, and I will definitely pay back the money." He waved, and the big man in gray clothes behind him immediately stepped up, hugged a baby next to the man, turned around and left. Master Chao said: "Your child should be the mortgage!" The cries of the man and the baby echoed in the dilapidated small street.

When Master Chao woke up, he seemed to hear the cry again. really weird! There are so few people who owe him debts, but he just can't remember who that man is.

Ziyu finally gave birth to a child smoothly. Sure enough, it was a baby boy! White and chubby, very cute, but he doesn't look like Master Chao or Fifth Concubine Ziyu.

Master Chao looked at the child and thought of the toy doll that Ziyu bought back. Could it be that this toy doll is really a good omen? And that strange dream, could it be that the dream was entrusted to Lord Chao by the temple god, Ziyu would give birth to a boy, so the man must not be the temple god?

Master Chao named the child Zhiyuan.

The housekeeper has already arranged everything. Ziyu lay on the bed, holding Zhiyuan in his arms, making Zhiyuan laugh.

Ziyu was tired, so she asked the master to put Zhiyuan in the crib next to the big bed. Suddenly, as if thinking of something, Zi Yu asked Ah Yuan, "Where's that doll?"

"Oh, it's in the young master's room, I'll get it!"

The old lady took the doll from Ah Yuan's hand, smiled and put the doll beside Zhiyuan for comparison.

"Look, this doll is bigger than our little Zhiyuan!"

"That's right, Zhiyuan can't hold the baby right now." Ziyu was talking, when Zhiyuan on the crib suddenly burst into tears, "Hey, look why you're crying again?"

Master Chao stretched out his head and saw Zhiyuan grinning and crying, but his eyes were fixed on the doll. Ah Yuan hurriedly turned around and put the doll on the chair, trying to pick up Zhiyuan who was crying, but Zhiyuan stopped crying at this moment.

"Zhiyuan seems to cry when he sees that doll!" Master Chao felt very strange.

Both Ziyu and the old lady looked at Master Chao strangely, but the old lady didn't believe it, so she picked up the doll and put it beside Zhiyuan, as if to fulfill what Master Chao said, Zhiyuan immediately opened his mouth and cried. The three looked at each other strangely.

"It must be that the doll is too big. Zhiyuan is a little scared. When Zhiyuan grows up, he won't be afraid." Ziyu said.

"Well, that might be the case! Ah Yuan, it's better to put this doll back in the young master's room first!" The old lady immediately agreed.

Only Mr. Chao had some inexplicable strange feelings in his heart.

Zhiyuan soon turned one year old, never fell ill, and slept with that doll in his arms every night.

Zhiyuan has learned to speak and can be called "Mother" and "Grandma", but not "Father". Master Chao couldn't help but feel a little regretful. Ordinarily, the average child learns to be called "father and mother" first.

On a dark and windy night, Mr. Chao had another strange dream. He dreamed that he called the housekeeper to his side: "Go and solve the old three's family and get back the money you owe me. Tell him that his son's life is up to him." With a weird smile, he turned and went back to his room for an afternoon nap.

He was awakened from his nap by a sudden knock on the door. As soon as he left the room, the housekeeper said, "Lao Xie has run away, and there is nothing left in his house." He went to the shabby house in person, and angrily set fire to the hut.

He came home very drunk, went into the child's room, and stared at the baby…

Master Chao woke up from his dream again. What was going on with this dream?

Master Chao couldn't sleep anymore. He thought about that strange dream over and over again. At this moment, he seemed to hear someone whispering in Zhiyuan's room next door. He was startled, it wasn't Zhiyuan's voice, and Zhiyuan couldn't say such coherent words yet.

He got up quietly, took a small four-legged stool in the room, opened the door, and walked towards Zhiyuan's room.

Walking to the door of Zhiyuan's room, the voice of speaking disappeared. Master Chao peeked into the room through the crack of the door. But, my God, what did he see?

On the crib, that toy doll was leaning over Zhiyuan's body, with its mouth facing Zhiyuan's , as if it was breathing hard! After inhaling for a while, he raised his head again, and inhaled into the moonlight outside the window, the moonlight seemed to turn into a white horse, and it went straight into the doll's mouth!

Master Chao couldn't help trembling, his hand on the door loosened, and Zhiyuan's door suddenly opened with a "squeak" for no reason.

Master Chao became dizzy for a while.

He looked up again, and everything in Zhiyuan's room was the same as before he went to bed. Zhiyuan was sleeping on the crib, and the doll was sleeping beside Zhiyuan, and Zhiyuan was holding it tightly with both hands.

Could it be that you were dazzled just now?

Zhiyuan has grown bigger and bigger, he can run all over the place, and he can speak coherently.

The strange thing is that Zhiyuan never called out "Daddy". Master Chao felt unspeakably uncomfortable. Why didn't Zhiyuan call him Daddy?

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As Zhiyuan grew up, the strange feeling in Master Chao's heart became more and more intense. He found that Zhiyuan was looking more and more like that doll. Master Chao once said this to Zi Yu, but Zi Yu didn't take it seriously: "What's wrong with Zhiyuan being like a doll, it's so beautiful!" Master Chao didn't dare to tell her what he saw that night, he was afraid that he would scare Zi Yu .

Master Chao carefully noticed the changes in Zhiyuan.

For some reason, Zhiyuan seemed to be getting more and more distant from Master Chao. Not only did he look more and more like that toy doll, but his eyes also became more and more like the eyes of a doll when Mr. Chao saw the doll for the first time, which made people feel chills all over. The strange thing is that the toy doll doesn't look as weird as it used to be, but looks like an ordinary toy doll.

Master Chao felt that Zhiyuan's change must be related to that toy doll, he could no longer let that toy doll stay in the mansion, he had to find a way to deal with it by himself.

Now Zhiyuan has no interest in that doll either. Because he can run all over the place and wants to go out to play from time to time, he had to ask Ah Yuan to take him to the garden.

That day when Mr. Chao returned to the mansion, Ah Yuan took Zhiyuan to play in the back garden. This is a good opportunity, Master Chao hurriedly wrapped the doll in a black cloth and threw it into the garbage dump in the back alley.

At night, Master Chao had that strange dream again.

He held a knife in his hand, and when the baby was about to die, there seemed to be resentment in his eyes. He was suddenly sobered up by the baby's eyes, and saw the dead baby that he had just killed was still under his knife, and the baby's eyes looked at him with hatred.

He shuddered at the thought of his own killing of the infant. He also asked the housekeeper to throw the body of the dead baby into a random grave and buried it quietly.

Master Chao woke up from a nightmare, covered in cold sweat. Isn't this dream the whole process of killing a baby four years ago when he was drunk? Could it be that the ghost of the baby came to seek revenge on him?

Master Chao was sitting in the dark, lost in thought, when the door of the room opened silently, and Zhiyuan walked in. He walked all the way to Master Chao's side, and Master Chao's eyes when he saw Zhiyuan were the same as those of a dead baby in his dream.

"Have you finally figured it out?" Zhiyuan asked whether Chen Hai was dead or not , "I was imprisoned by you in the dark tomb for three years, if it wasn't for the Tiangou eclipse last year, I might never see the light of day! You caused my soul to turn into resentment, to become a blood baby, and I will never be able to reincarnate!"

"Aren't you my son?" Master Chao struggled to say a word.

"Your son?" The blood baby laughed, "You have already thrown your son into the garbage in the back alley! Do you think I have been waiting in vain for more than a year? I have been with your son for a long time. Change your body!"

Master Chao closed his eyes in despair.

The blood baby let out a weird laugh and rushed towards Master Chao. Master Chao passed out.

The housekeeper and Ziyu walked into the room.

"Father—" Zhiyuan greeted him, "This old man was scared to death by me."

"Yuan'er, it's awesome!" The butler hugged Zhiyuan and coaxed him with a gentle voice, "Daddy will buy you a new doll tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, Zhiyuan wants a doll again." Zhiyuan clapped his hands happily.

"Msister, thanks to your plan, let that dead old man, dying, think it was his own fault, and such a big mansion has become ours." Ziyu took the butler's arm and rushed to the butler. A sweet smile.

"Hehe, your Weiyong San is also really effective. The chronic poison of the Western Regions lasts for 4 years. Users will be killed and have hallucinations. If you didn't add Weiyong San to their meals, it would make the old lady mad. She died in childbirth, Zhiqin, who was bought with the life of the second concubine, died young, and the old lady suffered a heart attack. The master also died in his own hallucination. You must." The butler stretched out his hand to support Ziyu's chin, smiling joyfully.

"Haha…" The laughter was extremely strange.

The night is still dark.

But none of them noticed that in the depths of the darkness, there was a pair of bewitching and terrifying eyes staring at them.

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