Deaf Mother-in-law Read Online

There used to be a deaf woman in the village. Although she was deaf, she could hear ghosts. Her eyes were like mirrors, and she could see things that others couldn't see. Since the deaf mother-in-law can see ghosts, if a child in the village is possessed by a ghost, she will be invited to drive the ghost out, and it works every time. The deaf-eared mother-in-law said: "This little green snake died because of it. It has a lot of resentment, and people in the world still can't hold it. Now the only way to subdue it is to use ghosts to catch ghosts. In the middle of the night, it will call the baby." One person (Note: The old people in the village say that ghosts are afraid of crowds, so the deaf mother-in-law will let the child go to her house by herself. … Continue readingDeaf Mother-in-law Read Online