Dead Cover Teacher Lishui Mouse Essence

Once upon a time, there was a granary in our Lishui area called Jiucang. A pair of mouse spirits led five thousand and ten thousand mice into the granary to steal rice to eat, and returned the rice, taking it away one by one.

The rice in the warehouse is running low, where should I go? Can't figure it out. Anyone who came to this area to be a county magistrate, because of poor management of the grain depot, was investigated, lost money, and left.

This time a county magistrate came again, named Bai Chishi. Master Bai came to Lishui to take up his post, and he thought to himself: How many masters were officials in Lishui, and they were dismissed for investigation of the grain depot, and they committed crimes and left. Today, I'm going to see how this Jiucang is so short of rice!

Master Bai ran to the Jiucang Granary to have a look, good boy! There are five thousand and ten thousand rats, with their mouths biting their tails, and they are connected into a line to coil the rice, and the rice is coiled out of the grain storage. "Oh! That's what happened!" He smashed the official seal on his body with his hand, and by coincidence, it hit the head of a leading rat, killing the male rat. The Shuzi Shusun lost their leader, and they were in a mess.

Can you cover the dead man's bedding_Dead man's bedding_Mr.

The mother mouse rushed to the Beijing Imperial Palace and killed Nishigong Niangniang. It picked up the soil in the bed frame and hid the empress's body in the bed frame. The mother mouse became the empress of the West Palace and shouted in front of the emperor every day: "Long live, my heart aches!"

"Oh, your heart hurts, I sent Doctor Yu to treat you."

"Oh, long live, I can't be cured of this disease!"

"What's the matter, I'm the emperor, I can do whatever you want, why can't your illness be cured?"

"Long live, there is only one way to cure my heartache."

"any solution?"

"There is a county lord in Lishui County named Bai Chishi. If you drink water from his seven-hole exquisite heart, my problems will be healed!"

"Ah–good! The imperial decree has been sent to Bai Chishi, the magistrate of Lishui County, to enter Beijing immediately!"

Bai Chitu rushed to Beijing day and night, and traveled for several days and nights. One day, he met an old woman on the road and stopped Bai Chishi: "My son, it's not good for you to go to Beijing, you will be in great trouble!"

"How about that?"

"Come, come, come, put your hand out…"

The old woman was transformed by Guanyin Bodhisattva. She drew a cat on one of Bai Chishi's hands and a cat on his chest, and said: "You have two cats in your hand. It doesn't matter if you mess them up. Master Gai , the cat on his chest must be taken care of." You can't lose, once you lose your life, you won't be able to keep it, anyone who wants to look at your chest, you must untie it in person, remember, remember!"

Bai Chishi thanked Guanyin Bodhisattva and set off again. He was thirsty after walking, and he went to the pond to drink water with his hands. One guy and one cat ran into the water; Bai Chishi thought to himself: Two of the three cats are lost, and one cat in his chest can't be careless anymore.

When Bai Chishi arrived at the palace, the emperor said to him: "I called you into the palace today because the empress of the West Palace has a heartache. I want your seven-hole exquisite heart to drink water, and the empress will be cured of her illness."

"Oh, it doesn't matter, I just want the empress to gouge it out with her own hands!"

After listening to the lecture, Nishigong rushed over and said, "Okay, I'm going to gouge out your heart! Bring the knife!"

Can you cover the dead man's bedding_Dead man's bedding_Mr.

"Your Majesty, I have to put on airs today. I need you to untie my clothes yourself."

"Okay!" She started to unbutton Bai Chishi's clothes.

Untied one layer after another, till the end, the last layer, the empress took off the clothes, obediently! A big cat jumped out suddenly, and hugged the empress, hugging and hugging, all the way upstairs to the Jinluan Hall, where Mr. Gai died , and a big mouse appeared in its original body, the size of a water gun. The big cat jumped up, bit the back of the neck, and killed the female mouse. The big cat is gone too.

Bai Chishi confronted the emperor: "Long live, I am guilty… In the past, many county magistrates in Lishui committed crimes, because the rice in the Jiucang granary was young every year. Now I understand, it is a pair of rats leading five thousand belts. Wan’s mouse stole the rice from the Jiucang granary. I killed the male mouse, and the female mouse wanted to get revenge, so she killed Mistress Xigong, hid her under the bed, and turned herself into Nishigong Mistress to harm me.”

The emperor ordered the eunuch to dig under the bed. Really, the empress's body was lying there. The emperor said: "Ah, Bai Chishi, you have done good deeds, meritorious deeds, and meritorious deeds. I will make you the county lord of Lishui alive, and the city god of Lishui after death!"

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