A Short Ghost Story About The Death Of A Tiger And A Wolf, Zuo Zuoemon

Apparently, she crawled a long way to her own door and asked to save herself. Later, something happened in the village. A young man died. He died at night in front of the shrine that enshrines white fox skins in the village. The cause of death is unknown. Some people say that it was a fox demon who came to claim his life. Maybe we won't even find your body tomorrow. Let us burn her to death now, and the village will be safe in the future. Why do men who say they love themselves end up stabbing themselves in the chest? … Continue readingA Short Ghost Story About The Death Of A Tiger And A Wolf, Zuo Zuoemon

Bloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

Following the old woman's fingers, Qian Bugou saw eye-catching blood stains. Qian Bugou discovered that not only these two people, but also others were the same. They were either possessed by demons or had lost their souls, like stiff and soulless corpses. "The cold hand pushed Qian Bugou down the black whirlpool with a gentle push. The tree trunk shook coldly, and a few drops of liquid dripped down and fell on Qian Bugou's lips. The bloody tip of the knife rested on Qian Bugou's lips. Putting it on his chest…he fainted. … Continue readingBloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

Short Ghost Story

I punched out, and the tiger made a sound. Even if it was Xiangshan, Mount Tai, or the Himalayas in front of me, I would crush it with one punch! However, I have never seen anyone punch faster, more accurately, and harder than the Seventh Prince! "Yes, but this hell is different from the hell you imagine in the human world. You think that only those who did evil in life will go to hell after death. In fact, all people come here after death. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

Do You Still Tremble At Those Ghost Stories Your Grandparents Told You?

Although I trembled a little when I thought of those stories at the time, I was afraid of the dark and did not dare to walk at night, but after I learned everything in school, I became more courageous, and those scary ghost stories turned into funny stories. When I was a child, there were several "celebrities" in the village who were often "possessed by ghosts". I was once frightened and "lost my soul" when I was a child. I remember that it was the result of being bitten by a big black dog owned by a family in the village. … Continue readingDo You Still Tremble At Those Ghost Stories Your Grandparents Told You?

Dead Cover Teacher Lishui Mouse Essence

Once upon a time, there was a granary in our Lishui area called Jiucang. A pair of mouse spirits led five thousand and ten thousand mice into the granary to steal rice to eat, and returned the rice, taking it away one by one. A big cat jumped out suddenly, and hugged the empress, hugging and hugging, all the way up to the Golden Luan Hall, a big mouse appeared in its original body, the size of a water bull. Now I understand that it was a pair of mice who led five thousand and ten thousand mice to steal the rice from the Jiucang Granary. The emperor said: "Ah, Bai Chishi, you have done good deeds, meritorious deeds, meritorious deeds, I will grant you the title of Lishui's county lord while alive, and Lishui's city god lord after death! … Continue readingDead Cover Teacher Lishui Mouse Essence

Kill “dead”

The more Ma Ding’an thought about it, the more he felt that Shang Yicai’s death had nothing to do with Zhang Erbao. Someone must have known about the conflict between the two and killed Shang Yicai, and finally blamed Zhang Erbao. “No, if you kill someone, you should pay with your life. Besides, I don’t have any relatives anymore. I just want to die. Did you know that what you killed was a dead person. If Zhang Erbao really killed someone for revenge, what else would he look for after killing someone?” What? A few days later, Shang Yichen was dismissed by the court and put on death row. Zhang Erbao was acquitted and Yang Ligong was also acquitted because he killed a “dead man”. … Continue readingKill “dead”