Corrupt Official Meets Ghost

Once upon a time, an official embezzled a huge amount of silver during his tenure, and then he secretly converted the silver into banknotes for his wife to keep well. His wife hid it in many places and was worried, so she sewed the banknotes on the mattress. In the village, the old couple spent a lot of money sitting under their buttocks all day long to feel safe, but they lived a very simple life every day and did not dare to spend a penny from corruption, not afraid of being seen by others. When the pen is spent, it comes from corruption. Sometimes when guests come to the house, they will roll up the mattress, and they don’t have to be afraid that the guests will find that the silver bills are hidden inside when they sit on the mattress.

One night, the corrupt official lay on the kang and had a dream just after he fell asleep. He dreamed that he was traveling in a gorgeous carriage to a fairy mountain. This time he finally dared to spend money, but as soon as he walked halfway across the road, two officers in white clothes came to the opposite side. The two officers stopped the car before the horse and asked, “Where is the car in the car?” The king and rich man of a certain county——Wang Cai?”

The handlebar quickly answered: “Yes, it’s our Elder Wang in the car, can the two officers have anything to do with our Elder?”

“Is there something wrong? We locked him in. His lifespan is up today, and we came to take him on the road at the order of Pluto.” The two ghosts pushed the handlebars aside as they spoke, jumped into the car and walked away. The corrupt official, Wang Cai, was chained and dragged out of the carriage, and then he pushed and shoved away from the main road and walked towards the wilderness and deep mountains. The frightened man was so frightened that he drove the carriage and fled away.

At this time, the corrupt official was also frightened. At first, he was dragged forward by the two ghosts like a dead dog. After a while, he regained his senses and shouted hoarsely: “You two, stop for a while!” Stop, I’m not a rich man, my surname is Wang and I have no money in my family.”

“Why do you say that your family has no money? Don’t you have more silver bills in your mattress than anyone else’s? Can you say that you are not a rich man? Today you dare to deny it in front of our brothers. You can deceive others. You can’t lie to our brothers, if you don’t follow along quickly, we will give you a sentence.” A messenger said, swung the mourning stick in his hand and beat him on the ass.

“Ouch! Ouch!” The corrupt official in pain bared his teeth and yelled. When he heard the two messengers tell the banknotes they hid in the mattress, he didn’t dare to quibble anymore. It is still wrong to tell us all the places where we hide our bank notes, cough! I didn’t dare to spend this money at all, but I became a rich man. If I knew this, I might as well spend it earlier. Although the more he thought about it, the more he regretted it, but he had no choice but to obediently follow the two messengers to the underworld to report to Hades. 【Ghost Story】

When the corrupt official was walking forward with the two ghosts, he saw the rich man in the county——Wang Cai staggeringly catching up from behind. He said: “You two masters, you have arrested the wrong person. This is Mr. Wang from our county. I am the wealth you are going to take away today. I am already ninety-eight years old this year. I have been paralyzed on the kang for more than ten years. I don’t believe you two, look at me, the flesh on my body is lying rotten. I have had enough of living and don’t want to live anymore. You two should put Master Wang back and let me follow you let’s go.”

“We know that you are a wealthy man, and we know that you are a rich man with money in your family, but you are different from him. Your money is transferred from business, and you have given charity to many neighbors for decades, but you The money of this wealthy and wealthy man is embezzled, but his money is the hard-earned money of ordinary people. He violated the rules of heaven by enjoying the money he embezzled, even though he still has more than ten years to live. Today, our two brothers decided to transfer his lifespan to you, you should go back and enjoy the family happiness in the world.” After the two ghosts finished speaking, they drove the corrupt official forward.

Only now did the corrupt official know what was going on. It turned out that the two ghosts came to lock up this rich man today, but after they saw that I had embezzled the money, they took me as a rich man to fight against injustice Lock me away, cough! Every day, I dare not spend a lot of money. Today, when this rich man was going to the underworld, my fake rich man, Wang Cai, came out to play and spend a lot of money. Am I wronged if wealth is locked away as king wealth? The more the corrupt official thought about it, the more angry he became, but at this moment, seeing the fierce appearance of the two ghosts, he was too frightened to say anything and had to accept his fate.

But the rich man Wang Cai grabbed the two servants again and said: “You two ministers are a little different in what you said. Think about it, this old man is already so old this year, and his body is already crippled. Wouldn’t it be a crime for me to live for more than ten years? I think you two should take me away. You might as well put this Mr. Wang back and ask him to return the embezzled money in these ten years. To the folks, even if he atones for his sins, the folks will also get benefits. Do you think about it, if you just take him away, if the money he embezzled is left to his wife, wouldn’t it be cheaper for the old witch? ?”

“Hmm! What you said makes some sense, but I don’t know if this old corrupt official is willing to do this.” The two ghosts still said worriedly.

“You two superiors, I will definitely do this. I will distribute all the money to the folks without leaving a tael. Please put me back.” , and quickly lay down on the ground and kowtowed to them and said good things.

“You two masters, just put him back. Let’s observe him in the dark. If he doesn’t do what he says, we can lock him up when the time comes.” said the rich man Wang Cai Also help corrupt officials speak well.

After hearing that what Wang Cai said was reasonable, and seeing that the corrupt official had repentance, the two underworld servants agreed, and then they opened the chains of the corrupt official and kicked him in the ass, saying: He said: “Go back and do what you should do.” After talking about the chain, they rushed back and returned to their lives without locking Wang Cai.

And the corrupt official woke up after being kicked by the two ghosts. Only then did he realize that he had had a nightmare. When he couldn’t fall asleep, he quickly woke up the old woman and told him what he had dreamed in detail. As a result, the couple decided to do what they said in the dream after discussing it. The embezzled money was distributed to the surrounding villagers, don’t be afraid that the two ghosts will come to lock him up if the distribution is slow.

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