Chapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady

Youliang turned his head suddenly, and looked directly at the maid by the well with dark eyes, and saw that she was wearing a stone blue round collar with five-clawed dragon hexagrams, a high flat bun, flower pot sole shoes, and two big earrings. , with a luan hairpin on the head, very graceful and luxurious. The only incongruity was his appearance. Not only was his body fat, but his skin was rough and wrinkled. A pair of black-rimmed glasses hung on the bridge of his nose.

Seeing this, Youliang couldn't help feeling suspicious, could Concubine Zhen be so ugly?

"I didn't expect you to escape from the 'Drum and Ten Witches Picture', Youliang." The concubine-like person spoke, and his voice was so familiar.

"Professor She, why are you dressed like this?" You Liang recognized that this person was old Bai She Tianting.

"What a boy, you were able to deal with the town beast and find Juanqinzhai. I really underestimated you before." Professor She said coldly.

"Where is Er Ya?"

"What are you looking for her for?"

"I want to go back to Lijiagou in Hanzhong with her." Youliang replied.

"Hmph, since you're here, you don't want to leave, that old female cat will show up too." She Tianting said in a cold voice.

Mei Niang came to You Liang's feet tremblingly with her head down, never daring to look directly at those monsters.

Youliang is no longer afraid of Lao Bai at this moment, even if he can't win by relying on the legacy of the dream, he won't die.

"What kind of monsters are these?" he asked.

Luan dies in the mirror table empty_Death God Zhibo Konghe_Beauty in the world Qingluan dies

"Monster? Hmph, this is the 'yin pig', a palace beast in the Forbidden City that has existed since the Ming Dynasty. If not, the harem would be haunted all day long. However, since Feng Yuxiang drove Xuantong out of the palace, he hasn’t shown up for more than 70 years. You are lucky to see this strange beast before you die.”

"Do you want to kill me?"


"Let me see Erya first."

"Delusion!" After She Tianting finished speaking, she opened her mouth, and a pink snake core struck like lightning.

On the Naihe Bridge in Fengdu, Youliang saw that both Professor Guan and Liu Shisan had been injected with antivenom beforehand, so they were fine, so he had nothing to be careful about.

He instantly "chi chi" shot out two nocturnal fingers, intercepting the poisonous snake core in mid-air.

"Huh," She Tianting was taken aback, quickly put his tongue back into his mouth, and asked in surprise, "What kind of kung fu are you doing?"

"Dream legacy." You Liang said proudly.

"Nocturnal emission?" She Tianting said angrily, "The little boy is playing tricks on this old man, and he took his life." While speaking, he saw the stone blue imperial concubine's clothes falling to the ground, and a giant white snake slid its tail across it. , Youliang couldn't dodge enough, his legs and hands were tightly entangled, and he lost his center of gravity and fell on his back.

With a roar of "meow", Mei Niang rushed forward when she saw the situation, her two sharp claws grabbed the scales of the snake's body, and cut several slits abruptly, causing blood to splatter all over.

She Tianting screamed "hiss", while enduring the pain, he clung tightly and tightened his body to strangle Youliang, and at the same time ordered the yin pigs to attack Mei Niang. As a result, the situation took a turn for the worse. Arario's limbs were trapped and he couldn't use the dream finger, and the strong and powerful snake body strangled his body and neck, making him breathless, and squeezed his spine and ribs to "click" It sounded like it was about to break.

Jingtaikong_Death God Zhibo Konghe_Beauty in the world Qingluan dies

Seeing that her master was in danger, Meiniang slashed at the white snake's eyes with her sharp claws. At this moment, those evil pigs rushed up and sprayed at Meiniang, watching Meiniang's hands and feet numb from the snake. Sliding down, they had already lost their ability to move, and the yin pigs opened their mouths to reveal their rodent teeth, excitedly preparing to share and eat Mei Niang.

At this moment, Youliang's palms subconsciously spewed out two extremely cold old yin qi from the Laogong acupoint, which made part of the white snake's body freeze and numb immediately, the cold air spread rapidly to the whole body, and the muscles relaxed all of a sudden, and slowly Let go of him.

Nocturnal nocturnal magic, when the old monk Meng Yi created this set of exercises, the trick is that the power of the subconscious is the most powerful. The so-called "nocturnal nocturnal" is left in the unconscious sleep, and Youliang is in this unconscious state right now .

The White Flower Snake couldn't bear such strong old yin energy, lay stiff on the ground and couldn't move, slowly fainted like gossip, he still didn't understand what was going on.

Youliang immediately "chichi" two nocturnal fingers and shot the two little yin pigs, freezing them into two ice cubes in an instant. A stiff little yin pig opened its mouth wide to pick up the other and fled. The yin pigs "swish" into the sewer, and there was not one left in a short while.

"Meow…" Meiniang looked at You Liang with tears in her eyes, and called weakly.

You Liang stepped forward to pick up Meiniang, feeling her body was cold, because too much Yin Qi had been absorbed in his body, he tried to use his palm to suck it out, but he was afraid that it would be like dealing with Sun Yifeng in Fengdu Ghost Town. All of a sudden to draw out his true energy, if so, I am afraid that Mei Niang's pity will be lost.

He remembered the method he used to treat Xiaojian not long ago, so he laid it flat on the ground, took out two silver needles from his bosom, and looked for Mei Niang's "Ghost Heart" acupoint, as for all mammals, the meridian acupoints should also be It's almost the same.

For the first time, Youliang carefully inspected Mei Niang's cat paws, and found that the front paws had four fingers plus one dangling finger, while the back legs had only four fingers. Carefully according to the corresponding position of Guixin acupoint on the Jueyin pericardial meridian of the human hand, he lightly pierced about two points on the back of Mei Niang's palm, and five points on his own Guixin acupoint, and then breathed in his mind to touch the two needles. As the "crackling" white light flashed, it seemed that nothing could be sucked in, so Meiniang's needle was inserted into two points again, and there was an immediate reaction after touching it this time, and it felt like inhaling a trace of the old Yin Qi of a yin pig.

After dozens of touches in a row, Meiniang's body has gradually warmed up. After Youliang drew out the last trace of Yin Qi, he pulled out the silver needle and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Meow…" Mei Niang glanced at him gratefully, and rubbed the huge cat's head in her arms, knowing that the master had saved him again.

At this moment, Youliang suddenly felt a heat in his heart, and inadvertently raised his head

Standing on the edge of the well is a young girl from the Qing court, wearing a light green double- breasted long gown, with plain lace embroidered on the cuffs, and wearing a braid of hemp flowers, tied with a red string, and has a very delicate face.

The maid looked at him without saying a word, like a jade statue.

You Liang's blood surged all over his body, and he couldn't help shouting: "Erya, I found you."

The maid stared blankly at him, and after a long while finally said in a daze, "Who are you?"

"I'm good."

"You Liang?" The maid seemed to be remembering, but finally shook her head, "You are neither a corpse nor a demon, why did you hurt Father Bai?"

"Daddy Bai?" Youliang said in amazement, "He is She Tianting, a snake demon with a big white flower, Er Ya, what's wrong with you?"

The maid ignored him, stretched out her hand and rubbed her palms several times, and then pointed at the stiff white flower snake on the ground, two seven-color halos softly shone on the snake from the palm. After a while, the snake's body gradually softened and twisted, and finally slowly opened its eyes, and then got into the concubine's clothes piled on the ground, and She Tianting was dressed neatly again and stood under the moonlight.

"Erya, kill him." She Tianting recovered and said the first words.

"Who is he?" Erya, who was dressed as a court lady, asked suspiciously.

"He is a powerful corpse." She Tianting replied.

"What corpse?" Erya asked again.

Luan dies in the mirror table empty_Death God Zhibo Konghe_Beauty in the world Qingluan dies

"It's a corpse, extremely vicious."

"I don't think he is very vicious." She said puzzledly.

"That's just a superficial phenomenon. Don't be fooled by the illusion."

"I feel my blood rushing up, and I really want to get close to this person." Erya said with a red face.

At this moment, You Liang's complexion was also flushed, his heart was surging, and he even had an urgent urge to have a skin-to-skin kiss with Erya.

Neither of them knew that this was the result of mutual induction between the two needles of Yin and Yang.

"Erya, I'm your Youliang brother, have you forgotten that we were sucked into the 'Drum and Ten Witches Picture' on the stone wall of Shennvfeng cave together?" Youliang shouted, reminding Erya memory.

"Brother Youliang? I seem to have heard this name somewhere." Erya murmured to herself.

"He's lying to you, Erya, why didn't you even listen to Father Bai's words?" She Tianting snapped.

"Of course Erya has to listen to Father Bai, you rescued Erya from the ruins, the water was so big," Erya replied with a dazed expression.

"Since you are obedient, go and kill him right now!" She Tianting ordered.

"Really kill him?" Arya asked hesitantly.


"Yes, I still think this person is not bad"

"Kill him!" She Tianting shouted in her ear angrily.

"Okay, then kill him." Erya rubbed her hands together, watching the "crackling" lights of seven colors burst out between her palms.

You Liang bent down to pick up Mei Niang Luan , and shouted: "Er Ya, this is Mei Niang, do you remember?"

Erya didn't seem to hear his voice, a seven-color lightning suddenly appeared between her palms, rubbing against the air and making a strange "hissing" sound, she looked at Youliang hesitantly as if unable to make up her mind.

"Destroy this corpse!" She Tianting shouted hoarsely.

At this critical moment, Youliang suddenly felt a tightness on the back of his neck, and then his body rose into the air, and he was dragged across the high wall of the Forbidden City in a daze. With a "plop", water splashed and fell into the moat inside.

Youliang hugged Meiniang tightly with both hands, and poured several sips of water when the river was cold, but before he could see who was dragging him, he was dragged towards the river and thrown on the river bank.

It was the middle of the night at this time, and there was no one on the shore, and it was quiet.

As soon as Youliang took a breath, he opened his dark eyes and looked carefully. Under the faint moonlight, a man was standing with his hands behind his back, and the dark blue Chinese tunic was still dripping water.

"Mr. Xue" You Liang recognized it, and couldn't help exclaiming.

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