Bloody Clay Figurine

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It snowed heavily all day, and at night the snow stopped, the moon was on the treetops, and the earth looked extraordinarily bright, and it could be seen clearly from far away.

On the cold and deserted street, Orion Yang Dabiao stretched out his hand and pressed the wolf fur hat on his head hard, and muttered dejectedly: "Stinky hand, stinky hand, why haven't you got a good card yet?" !"

Just as Da Biao was walking home dejectedly, when he passed an alley, suddenly, he saw a horse's head protruding from the alley, followed by the horse's body. It's very conspicuous, let's take a look here!

"Holy shit! What kind of monster is this?"

The man on the horse seemed to be a big and tall man, his face was not clear, and he was carrying a big knife on his shoulder, so scared that Da Biao sat down on the ground. The horse stopped, and the person on the horse didn't speak, just looked at Da Biao in embarrassment.

Da Biao saw clearly this time, and he saw the man on the horse. His face was uneven, as ugly as it could be. The mouth and nose were out of proportion. It's too big, and it seems to have gone to the ears. Two eyes, one big and one small, make people look very funny.

After staring at each other for about three minutes, the man immediately snorted twice, then waved the big knife in his hand, and then urged the horse to slowly enter another alley.

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When the monster was gone, Da Biao said silently: "God bless, God bless."

From this day on, every night, many people saw a monster riding a red horse and carrying a big knife strolling back and forth in the streets and alleys, so scary! Strange to say, more than ten days have passed, and I have never heard of this thing hurting anyone.

That night, Da Biao was about to go to bed, and just as he was lying on the kang, he heard the sound of horseshoes coming from far to near. Da Biao got up from the kang, leaned on the window and looked out. At this moment, he saw a dark figure rushing towards the gate. The black figure stood in the aisle with the sword on its back, motionless, like a hero!

"Who is this person? Why is he so familiar!" Da Biao pondered.

The sound of horseshoes approached slowly, and Da Biao saw a black shadow riding a horse slowly walking over from one end of the aisle, bouncing up and down. It was the monster he had seen that night.

When the monster rode up to the black shadow, about four or five steps away, the monster stopped, and the two families confronted each other. For a while, the scene was a little awkward and the atmosphere was a little depressing!

While Da Biao was thinking wildly, the moon was slowly rising at this time. Taking advantage of the moonlight, Da Biao saw the black shadow leaning towards the side of the aisle, as if to make way for the monster.

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"Da da da…" Then the sound of horseshoes sounded again, and Da Biao, who was lying on the window sill, let out a long breath.

Just when the monster and the black shadow were shoulder to shoulder, the black shadow suddenly took two steps, and with momentum, it kicked off the courtyard wall beside it and flew up. Lean, the paper talisman just stuck on the monster's forehead. Not to mention, that monster seems to be frozen, and it doesn't move when riding a horse.

And the moment the black shadow fell to the ground, the black image pulled out two more paper talismans as if by magic, then jumped up, and pasted one on the monster's front heart and back heart. Afterwards, the black figure raised his head, stretched out his hand to straighten the undisturbed clothes, and looked around the monster with a look of disdain.

"Good skill! Good spell!" Da Biao couldn't help shouting, and then he got off the kang, opened the door and ran out without even mentioning his shoes, he wanted to see who the shadow hero was.

But when he ran out of the house, what he saw was a different scene. He saw the monster on the horse, stretched out his hand to remove the paper talisman on his forehead, and looked back at the black shadow, which seemed to mean: Why are you pasting these papers on me!

Da Biao saw this, "Oh my god!" and ran back to the house again, leaving the door open to look out.

Seeing the monster take off the paper talisman, the shadow hero was taken aback for a moment, then reached out and pulled out the sword behind him.


Da Biao took a look, "Hey! This sword doesn't look like metal! It looks like wood."

I saw the black shadow hero stabbing towards the monster with his sword, and the monster was unambiguous. With a light flick of the big knife, the sword in the black shadow hero's hand immediately let go, and he swayed back a few steps without standing still. Sitting firmly on the ground.

"That's a lot of strength!" The black shadow hero said, and pulled a handful of soil at the base of the wall, threw it towards the monster, and then ran away.

Da Biao saw the monster chasing after the shadow hero. The shadow hero ran in a hurry and fell twice on the way.

"Great… hero, don't run there, alas!" Da Biao sighed, quickly opened the door, and chased after him, because he knew that the direction that the shadow hero was running was a river…

When Da Biao found the black shadow hero, he was shaking with a big ice cube in his arms! But the monster was gone at this time.

"Second Uncle, save me!" The hero in the river shouted.


Da Biao hurriedly fished him up, take a look! It turned out to be a nephew of my own family who went to the mountains to learn Taoism five years ago. Da Biao helped his nephew back home. Let him get under the bed, Da Biao hurriedly boiled ginger water for him to drive away the cold.

That nephew, now without the heroic vigor he had just now, was shivering under the covers. Still talking there! "Second uncle, what kind of monster do you think it is? I stumbled a lot the first time I went down the mountain after learning Taoism. The corpse suppressing, skinning, and cramping charms didn't work, and I almost lost my life."

Da Biao comforted his nephew while drying his wet clothes.

The nephew drank a large bowl of hot ginger water and said, "Just now, that monster chased me to the river. I couldn't help it, so I jumped into the river. Do you think it's strange? The monster saw me jump into the river." , it went back immediately."

Hearing this, suddenly, Da Biao patted the novel on the skinned ghost , and said, "I know what that thing is! No wonder it looks so familiar, I've seen it before."

The nephew listened eagerly, and sat on the kang wrapped in a quilt and asked, "Second Uncle, what do you think this thing is?"

"Clay figurine, no wonder it is afraid of water." Da Biao said, got up and went to the back room, pulled up his son who was sleeping soundly, and asked: "Son, once you and some children were making clay figurines with mud in the yard. You got a nosebleed. So do you remember where your made-up clay figurine is now?"

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The son rubbed his eyes vigorously, thought for a while and said: "I remember that I was playing mud with Goudan and the others, and I had a nosebleed that day. I didn't care about it, and for fun, I squeezed the horse into a big red horse later. I made a man with a big knife to ride on a horse, and I used a branch to make two eyes for the clay figurine, one big and one small, and Goudan and the others laughed at me for making it ugly, so I put it in the bridge hole at the entrance of the village."

"Understood, I understand, my son! Go back to sleep!" After Da Biao finished speaking, he let his son continue to sleep, and then walked out of the back room to meet the Taoist nephew.

Da Biao said: "I heard from the old people that once something takes up human blood and is placed in a place where there is no sunlight or people, it will turn into a demon and come out to play mischief in seven to seventy-nine days. Now this time also agrees, This monster should be the clay figurine or horse made by your brother with blood-stained hands. After being hidden, this monster has not seen anyone for a hundred days, and he will become a demon."

After hearing this, the nephew showed his former vigor again: "No wonder, my three paper talismans are useless to him! This thing is not a corpse, it has no skin or tendons."

Da Biao asked, "Then what shall we do?"

The Taoist nephew waved his hand and said, "It's all right! This demon won't harm people, it's just curious about things. As long as you find his real body and destroy it, you'll be all right!"

After dawn, Da Biao and his nephew came to the entrance of the village, and they found the blood horse monster in the bridge hole, and took it out to have a look, ha ha! It looked exactly like that monster with upturned nostrils, a pair of big and small eyes, and a big knife on its shoulder. After Da Biao threw the clay figurine down, no monster riding a horse appeared on the street again.

That's the end of the story. According to rumors, things that are stained with blood should not be thrown around. Because once some objects take up human blood and are placed in a place where there is no sunlight or people, after seventy-seven forty-nine, this thing will become a demon and come out to make trouble. Some people also say that this thing will drink the blood of its owner to maintain its life, until the soul of its owner returns to the underworld, it will disappear automatically without the blood support. What the old people say is so magical that it's hard to tell whether it's true or not. However, such rumors seem to exist everywhere among the people.

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