Kill “dead”

kill “dead”

During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, Shang Yicai, a well-known member of the Guide Mansion, was killed in his study. The news quickly spread throughout the Guide Mansion, and the people of the Guide Mansion rushed to tell each other. It turned out that Shang Yicai relied on his brother Shang Yichen as a third-rank official in the capital. Although he was nearly 60 years old, he bullied men and women and committed all kinds of evil. Therefore, his death made the people of Guide Mansion happy, but the newly appointed Gui Ma Ding’an, the prefect of Germany, couldn’t be happier.

Ma Ding’an knew that if he could not quickly find the murderer and bring him to justice, Shang Yichen would never let him go. He would lose his official position at the slightest , and his life at the worst. What’s more, the people of Guide Mansion may also face a crisis. disaster.

After several investigations, Ma Ding’an got an important clue. On the day when Shang Yicai was killed, Zhang Erbao passed by the door of Shang’s residence. He didn’t want the watchdog of Shang’s family to rush out from the door opening and tear and bite him. Zhang Erbao was startled and annoyed, kicked the dog and broke its leg. Shangfu’s dog was kicked, is that okay? That afternoon, Shang Yicai took the housekeeper Shangwu and several servants to Zhang Erbao’s house, robbed and smashed them, and kicked Zhang Erbao’s elderly mother to the ground. Zhang Erbao was angry and hated, and threatened to kill Shang Yicai.

Soon Zhang Erbao was brought, and the yamen servant found several bank notes in the grass in the backyard of his house, which were found to belong to Shang Yicai. Ma Ding’an slapped the gavel and asked Zhang Erbao to tell the truth. Zhang Erbao yelled that he was wronged, but he couldn’t provide evidence of his alibi last night, nor could he explain the origin of those bank notes. Ma Ding’an immediately decided to imprison Zhang Erbao first.

After a sleepless night, Ma Ding’an thought of many suspicious points in the case: the night Shang Yi was killed, why didn’t the dozen or so watchdogs in Shang’s mansion bark? Moreover, the courtyard wall of the Shang Mansion is as high as four or five people, and it is impossible for ordinary people to climb in. There are only two possibilities, one is that the murderer is very skilled, and the other is that the murderer is a member of the Shang family. Shang Yicai had two wounds on his body, one on his chest and the other on his throat, and the incisions were inconsistent, obviously caused by two kinds of murder weapons. According to common sense, a murderer usually does not carry two kinds of weapons. Could it be that there are two murderers? It seems that all kinds of speculation can’t be explained by Zhang Erbao. Besides, if Shang Yicai’s death was really caused by Zhang Erbao, he knew that he was the most suspected, so how could he stay at home as if nothing had happened, and so carelessly scattered Shang Yicai’s banknotes in the grass behind his house Woolen cloth?

These are very unreasonable. The more Ma Ding’an thought about it, the more he felt that Shang Yicai’s death had nothing to do with Zhang Erbao. Someone must have known about the conflict between the two and killed Shang Yicai, and finally blamed Zhang Erbao. Ma Ding’an decided to release Zhang Erbao, and the real murderer might show up by himself.

Death_Dream of being begged by others_There is no sin and excusable circumstances. 逭, pronunciation

Early the next morning, Ma Ding’an filed a case against Zhang Erbao, announcing that there was insufficient evidence of Zhang Erbao’s murder, and he was released. Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Erbao, who was kneeling in the hall, shouted loudly: “Shang Yi was the one who killed me!” Ma Ding’an was taken aback: “Zhang Erbao, I have already declared you innocent, why did you say Shang Yi again?” Did you kill Yicai?” Zhang Erbao wept and said, “Master Qingtian has shown that Shang Yicai was really killed by me. He killed my mother, so I will kill him to avenge my mother.” Ma Ding’an was puzzled, and asked again: “Did someone force you to admit it?”

“No, if you kill someone, you should pay with your life. Besides, I don’t have any relatives anymore, so I just want to die.”

“Then let me ask you, Shang Yicai’s courtyard wall is as high as four or five people, how did you climb in?” Ma Ding’an asked. Zhang Erbao said: “I have liked to climb trees since I was a child, and I have developed the ability to climb high. The high courtyard wall of Shang Mansion is not difficult for me at all.”

Ma Ding’an frowned a few times, and asked Zhang Erbao: “If you kill someone, there should be a murder weapon. Where is the murder weapon?” Zhang Erbao said that he couldn’t remember where he hid the knife. Hearing this, Ma Ding’an became more suspicious. It has been less than a day since the incident happened. If Zhang Erbao really did it, how could he not remember where the murder weapon was hidden? Now that he has admitted to the murder, why hide the murder weapon?

But Zhang Erbao insisted that Shang Yi was the one who killed himself, so Ma Ding’an had no choice but to put Zhang Erbao back in prison again.

That night, Ma Ding’an came to the Shang Mansion again to inspect it carefully, and it was already dawn when he returned to the Yamen. Although he didn’t sleep all night, Ma Ding’an didn’t show a trace of tiredness on his face, instead he felt relieved. At this moment, a yamen servant came to report that Shang Yichen had come. Ma Ding’an was startled, then smiled slightly, and hurried out to greet him.

逭, pronunciation _逭死_dream of being begged by others

As soon as Ma Ding’an arrived in the lobby, before saluting, the aggressive Shang Yichen asked about the progress of Shang Yicai’s murder case. Ma Ding’an gave a detailed account of the interrogation in the past few days. After listening, Shang Yichen said: “Since he has pleaded guilty, let him sign and draw a pledge, and beheaded after autumn.” Ma Ding’an said: “Although Zhang Erbao admitted that he It is the murderer, but there are many doubts in it, the murderer should be someone else, and the case needs to be retried.”

Shang Yichen was furious: “You are full of nonsense, I think you are clearly protecting Zhang Erbao! Do whatever I tell you to do!” Ma Ding’an said with a faint smile: “Human life is at stake, and I dare not make decisions. If the case can be closed, please write down to avoid embarrassing me in the future.”

Shang Yichen gave Ma Ding’an a disdainful look: “I really don’t know how to flatter you.” He sat down in the lobby, unfolded the paper and began to write. Ma Ding’an noticed that Mr. Shang was left-handed.

Shang Yichen quickly finished writing the note, and he threw the note to Ma Ding’an: “Is this the way to go? Hurry up and get Zhang Erbao to sign it.”

Ma Ding’an nodded, and ordered someone to bring Zhang Erbao to the hall. Outside the yamen was crowded with people watching the excitement, Ma Ding’an said loudly: “Zhang Erbao is dead , you have no law, and you killed people for personal revenge, what else do you have to say?” “I have nothing to say, I just want to die. “Zhang Erbao said. Ma Ding’an laughed: “Okay, then I will fulfill you. Come on, ask Zhang Erbao to sign and pledge, put him in death row, and be executed in autumn.”

The people outside the yamen were very dissatisfied with the verdict, and they secretly cursed Ma Ding’an as a stupid official who did not make decisions for the people, and some simply cursed out loud. But Ma Ding’an didn’t seem to hear anything, and said to the yamen servants: “Why don’t you do anything?”

逭, pronunciation _dream of being begged by others

“Wait,” Ma Ding’an hadn’t finished speaking when a very strong young man came in and said loudly, “Shang Yi was the one who killed me, and it had nothing to do with Zhang Erbao.” Looking at this young man, Zhang Erbao looked very surprised.

Ma Ding’an was startled, and then smiled lightly: “The one who should show up has finally shown up.” He said to Shang Yichen: “Master Shang, there is another confession, shall we reopen the case? Otherwise, the wrong revenge, Brother Ling will not rest in peace in the ground.”

Unexpectedly, Shang Yichen said impatiently: “Stop talking nonsense, there is no need for another trial. Since he also came to plead guilty, let’s behead him together with Zhang Erbao.” Ma Ding’an said: “There is no rush for this moment, let’s talk about the trial.” Disregarding Shang Yichen’s objection, he slapped the gavel and asked the young man, “What’s your name? Where did you come from? Why did you kill Shang Yicai?”

The young man said disapprovingly: “My name is Yang Ligong, a foreigner. Shang Yicai killed Zhang Erbao’s mother in Yurou Township, and I killed Zhang Erbao’s mother out of righteous indignation.” Pushing it aside: “You are talking nonsense, I killed people, and it’s none of your business.” Yang Ligong smiled and said: “A good man should be a good man, so don’t worry about it.”

Then, Ma Ding’an asked Yang Ligong again: “Then let me ask you, how did you kill Shang Yicai?” Yang Ligong replied, “I flew into Shang’s mansion and stabbed Shang Yicai in the chest. He died without saying a word.” Ma Ding’an asked again: “He didn’t react at all, did he?” The young man said: “No, how did you know?” Ma Ding’an laughed and said: “The case finally came to light. You know what you killed was a dead man.”

Ma Ding’an hadn’t finished speaking when the people outside the yamen yelled. Yang Ligong didn’t know what Ma Ding’an was talking about, so he was even more surprised. Shang Yichen said unhappily: “Ma Ding’an, what the hell are you doing? Since they have already pleaded guilty, why do you still help them to absolve them? Immediately ask them to sign and pledge, and I will personally supervise and execute them.”

逭, pronunciation _逭死

Ma Ding’an looked at Shang Yichen: “Sir Shang, why are you so anxious to kill them?” “Nonsense, I want to avenge my brother.” Shang Yichen said. Ma Ding’an asked: “Since it’s for revenge, don’t you want to clarify the case and know who the real murderer is?”

Shang Yichen was startled: “You are presumptuous, what do you mean by saying that?” Ma Ding’an smiled slightly, and suddenly said angrily: “Because you are the one who killed Shang Yicai!” There was a burst of wonder.

Shang Yichen was furious: “Ma Ding’an, you are farting all over your mouth, are you not afraid that I will take off your black hat?” Ma Ding’an said, “I’m not talking nonsense. Last night, I went around Shang Yicai’s house again and found First of all, brother Ling had two wounds on his body, one on his chest and the other on his throat. The incisions were different, which indicated that there were two murderers. If there was one person, it would be difficult to explain why the murderer brought two Knife. Although the incision on the chest was deep, it didn’t hurt the heart. It shouldn’t be fatal immediately, and there should even be resistance. And I also found that there was only a little blood on the wound, which is not in line with common sense. The only explanation is, Shang Yicai was already dead when the knife was stabbed in, so a lot of blood did not flow out. Yang Ligong’s confession just confirmed my judgment, so I said that Yang Ligong killed a Shang who had died long ago. Yicai. What really killed Shang Yicai was the wound on the throat. The wound here deepened from right to left, indicating that the murderer was left-handed, because only wounds cut with the left hand would be like this, and you Lord Shang is just left-handed, I could see it clearly when you wrote this note just now.”

As he said that, Ma Ding’an threw the note in front of Shang Yichen. Shang Yichen looked very nervous, but he tried his best to cover it up: “You, you are talking nonsense. I am left-handed, but I didn’t kill anyone. Why did I kill my own elder brother?”

“You’re a good question. It’s because Shang Yi asked you to find him an official job. If you refuse, he will threaten you with the accounts that he has collected from you in Guide Mansion for the past few years. Shang Yi is in your heart It’s not a big brother at all, but an enemy who threatens your future, so you kill him.”

“You, you nonsense…”

Death_Dream of being begged by others_There is no sin and excusable circumstances. 逭, pronunciation

“This is the evidence.” Ma Ding’an threw a ledger on the case. “Why is the ledger here with you?” Shang Yichen was surprised. Ma Ding’an said: “When I saw the murder scene for the first time, I felt something was wrong. Later, I finally figured it out. What was wrong was that the scene seemed to have been turned over. If Zhang Erbao really committed murder, then he killed someone. What else is there to look for? The dozens of taels of silver on Shang Yicai’s body is a lot, which shows that what the murderer is looking for is not silver, and it also proves that the murderer is definitely not Zhang Erbao. Therefore, I judge that the real murderer must be looking for a A very important thing. Unfortunately, you still haven’t found it.”

Shang Yichen was surprised: “You, where did you find it?” Ma Ding’an said, “In Shang Yicai’s shoes. I checked Shang Yicai’s whole body carefully last night, and found that the soles of his two shoes were bigger than ordinary ones. The ones were much thicker, and when I opened them, there was an account book and a letter you wrote to him.” Hearing this, Shang Yichen’s face changed, and he argued, “This doesn’t mean that I killed him at all.” Him.” “Then there is no other way, we can only invite Shang Yicai to the lobby for questioning.” Ma Ding’an’s words surprised everyone again.

After hearing this, Shang Yichen blurted out: “It’s impossible. I struck with both precision and ruthlessness. He will never be alive!” As expected by Ma Ding’an, Shang Yichen’s psychological defense completely collapsed at this time. In fact, Ma Ding’an just played a trick on Shang Yichen psychologically.

Just as Ma Ding’an said, the two brothers of the Shang family turned against each other for their own selfish desires. Shang Yichen quietly came to Shang Yicai’s mansion that night, and when Shang Yicai was not prepared, he took out a dagger and stabbed Shang Yicai’s neck Cut it off. Not long after Shang Yichen left, Yang Ligong, who saw Shang Yicai’s crime during the day and was full of righteous indignation, came again. Shang Yicai, who was already dead at that time, was leaning back on the Grand Master’s chair. Yang Ligong stabbed Shang Yicai in the chest without distinguishing between life and death. In this way, Yang Ligong thought he had killed Shang Yicai.

Later, Shang Yichen found out what had happened at Zhang Erbao’s house during the day, so he put a few bank notes of Shang Yicai in the grass in Zhang Erbao’s backyard, and blamed Zhang Erbao. Of course Zhang Erbao didn’t admit that he didn’t do it, but that night when he was locked up, he suddenly thought of someone, and that person was Yang Ligong.

On the day Shang Yicai kicked his mother to death, Zhang Erbao threatened to kill Shang Yicai, but he knew that Shang Yicai was powerful, and it was not easy to kill him. Just when he was about to hang himself, Yang Ligong, who had witnessed the whole process, saved him and said that he would help Zhang Erbao to avenge him. Zhang Erbao didn’t believe it. He didn’t know that what Yang Ligong said was true until Shang Yi was actually killed and he was arrested. If someone avenged him, he should of course bear the crime and not drag his benefactor down, so later he admitted that Shang Yi was the one who killed him.

A few days later, Shang Yichen was dismissed by the court and put on death row. Zhang Erbao was released without charge, and Yang Ligong was also found not guilty because he killed a “dead man”. For this reason, the people of Guide Mansion clapped their hands and applauded, and Ma Ding’an also smiled gratifiedly.

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