Dark Horror Stories: A Pleasure Ghost's Tale To Read Online

Ghost House July 17, 2023 [Campus Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Font:] Introduction On that winter night, a few female classmates and I sat around the classroom, sharing scary ghost stories. The last girl told about the horror experience in the toilet. We realized that when we told scary stories, we might attract real ghosts to listen to our stories. I was the first to tell a ghost story. The version of the story is not very scary, but the eerie look of the girl scared me. The third person told the story of Anle ghost. … Continue readingDark Horror Stories: A Pleasure Ghost's Tale To Read Online

Eye Change Horror Story

Wen Wei smiled mysteriously, “Have you seen a movie called “Darkness”? But fate made people, and after going around for a few years, Mijiashan’s car accident became an opportunity for us to meet again. I trembled and said: “Lang Xiong, will Mi Jiashan inherit the character and destiny of the donor, and finally repeat the same mistakes and kill me? I dare not go home, God knows if there will be a sharp blade waiting for me. The butcher knife. He seemed to suddenly become a master of sex, tossing me in various poses, his eyes strange. Then he dropped Wen Wei, who was dying, and walked away. … Continue readingEye Change Horror Story