Sister In The Middle Of The Night

Oh, I understand, maybe the sister downstairs is waiting for the person in that room. When I reached the 18th floor, I suddenly heard an angry voice: "You bastard, come out quickly. How many times have I told you not to go to the elevator! Could it be that the sister who appeared downstairs in the middle of the night was just waiting for this man? ? That night, there was no light in room 1717 on the far left of the 17th floor, and the sister in the flower skirt downstairs did not show up either. After he parked the car, he hugged the woman intimately and walked into the elevator. Although it was already one o'clock in the night Much more, but I wanted to go downstairs…go downstairs and tell this sister what I saw. … Continue readingSister In The Middle Of The Night

Chapter 280 Weird Sound

A strange voice hovered in the room, calling Yang Jian's name, looking for him like a ghost. This is the method of ghost-eyed detective Yang Jian. He was already terrified just by being careful of those ghost ropes floating around. Because I feel that this person's ability should be the strongest among the three, and the woman who was hung up is the weirdest, and her voice actually has a feeling of controlling people, no, even ghosts. But Yang Jian believes that if the ghost on this woman revives, or if she controls it perfectly, it will definitely be a very scary thing. … Continue readingChapter 280 Weird Sound

"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Attic

Panxi's topic is this well-decorated house. But… when going to the attic again, a discordant episode happened… Is there any shady secret in this room? "Where…there's no secret, this is a small storage room, it's messy inside, don't look at it… Oh, don't be dazed, hurry up and follow me." It was very dark in the attic, Tao Xia did not turn on the light, she walked slowly along the wall. After all, it is not a glorious thing to secretly inspect a room that has been strictly ordered to enter behind the back of the master. … Continue reading"Chang Chen Tells Ghost Stories" Attic