Chapter 280 Weird Sound

A strange voice hovered in the room, calling Yang Jian's name, looking for him like a ghost. This is the method of ghost-eyed detective Yang Jian. He was already terrified just by being careful of those ghost ropes floating around. Because I feel that this person's ability should be the strongest among the three, and the woman who was hung up is the weirdest, and her voice actually has a feeling of controlling people, no, even ghosts. But Yang Jian believes that if the ghost on this woman revives, or if she controls it perfectly, it will definitely be a very scary thing. … Continue readingChapter 280 Weird Sound

Shocking Singing From The Tombstone (2)

Lin Qiang and I were shocked and went to the tombstone to check, but there was no sign of Hu Shuang at all. Jiao Na once said that since she discovered that terrible tombstone, she accidentally got up at night and saw that Hu Shuang had entered that tombstone. There must be something valuable in that tombstone. Ran away. I only heard a “bang”, and the secret passage of the tombstone suddenly closed. At this moment, a strange face appeared behind me, with a grin on it. The owner was Jiao Na, and her hand was placed Another point of the word “Snow” is the switch to close the secret passage. … Continue readingShocking Singing From The Tombstone (2)

Snake In Dream

Sister Liu hesitated for a moment and said, “Remember, your mother probably won’t live long. If you dream about that snake next time, don’t be afraid. The snake is hungry. You must give it something to feed.” Feed it, must remember! After the snake ate the apple, he looked at her helplessly, saw that she didn’t continue to feed him apples, waited for a while, and then left… Sister Liu couldn’t stop saying that Li Fen was so stupid, why didn’t she take the apple in her hand? The snake eats all the apples? Finally, my mother said, if you dream of that snake again, just beat it to death. I don’t believe there will be any results. … Continue readingSnake In Dream