Snake In Dream

Li Fen is an orphan. Her adoptive mother took her away from the orphanage when she was six years old.

The adoptive mother was an old soldier who had been to North Korea and was never married. It is said that after the person she loved died in the war, she decided to be celibate.

The adoptive mother is Li Fen’s only relative, and Li Fen loves her very much.

Li Fen was a soldier at the age of 17, and became the financial section chief of the communication station. Later, he transferred to the post office in the city where his adoptive mother lived.

Mother’s health has always been poor, and she is a frequent visitor to the hospital, but she is very strong and does not want to cause trouble for Li Fen at all.


When Li Fen is not working, what she cares about most is her mother’s body.

There is a woman surnamed Liu who works with Li Fen, and Li Fen calls her Sister Liu. This Sister Liu is a demigod. She always likes to tell people’s fortunes and read palms. It is said that she is very accurate. Many people in the bureau trust her, and even the director has asked her to do fortune-telling.

In fact, Li Fen was very disgusted with her pretending to be a ghost, and even looked down on her a bit…


Li Fen had a dream that day, she had never had such a clear dream, as if she experienced it herself. In the dream, she returned to the communication station where she was a soldier. When she went up the mountain, a small snake followed her closely. She had always felt that snakes were disgusting and scary, so at that time, she was so scared that she fled up the mountain in a panic. At this time, there are many stones on the mountain rolling down, and it will be dangerous if you are not careful. There is a snake behind and a rolling stone in front, what should I do? But Li Fen would rather choose to run up dangerously than be chased by that snake. But in the end she was caught up by the snake. The snake uttered a message to Li Fen horribly, but it did not hurt Li Fen. The huge boulder kept rolling down from the snake, but the snake looked at Li Fen motionless. She couldn’t get down, so she had to stand there trembling… Li Fen woke up from fright, she was panting for a long time and didn’t calm down. She is very strange, she rarely dreams, but this dream is so clear.

When going to work the next day, Li Fen still had lingering fears about the scene in his dream last night. Just in time, a girl in the office said that she had a very interesting dream last night, and Li Fen also told her about her dream last night. That terrible and lucid dream. Everyone didn’t take it seriously after talking, and they should do whatever they want, but when they got off work, Sister Liu suddenly stopped Li Fen: Do you have a snake in your family? Sister Liu asked. Li Fen felt that her question was very strange. Yes, my mother is a snake. Li Fen said. Sister Liu hesitated and said, “Remember, your mother probably won’t live long. If you dream about that snake next time, don’t be afraid. The snake is hungry. You must give it something to feed.” Feed it, must remember! After speaking, Sister Liu left. Li Fen was taken aback by her nagging teachings.

On Sunday, when Li Fen went home to visit her mother, she chatted and told her about it. But her mother smiled and gave her a few performances and said, “Silly boy, your mother’s body will be fine. In the end, my mother laughed and scolded Li Fen as an unsteady materialist who was educated by the party for nothing.” Yes, Bai grew up in this revolutionary family…


Not long afterward, Li Fen saw the snake again in his dream. This dream was as clear and real as the last one. In the dream, Li Fen was picking apples on the tree, but when she was about to come down, she saw the snake looking up at her under the tree, which frightened Li Fen so much that she didn’t dare to come down. Li Fen waited and waited on the tree , but the snake just wouldn’t go away, Li Fen was in a hurry. Suddenly, in the dream, she seemed to vaguely recall Sister Liu’s words, and hastily picked the smallest apple that she had picked with great difficulty, and threw it to the snake. After the snake ate the apple, he looked at her helplessly, saw that she didn’t continue to feed him the apple, waited for a while, and left…

As soon as he went to work the next day, Li Fen took Sister Liu and told her about his dream. After hearing this, Sister Liu kept saying that Li Fen was too stupid, why didn’t he give all the apples in his hand to the snake to eat? In the end, Sister Liu said, your mother is going to extend her lifespan. Unfortunately, the extension is not much, but it must be at least three years. But that snake will come back, remember, you must treat it kindly in the future… Li Fen thinks she is talking nonsense, last time she said that her mother will die soon, and it was only a few days before the walking dead Glenn died , Said that the mother’s birthday was extended.

When I went home to see my mother, she took Sister Li’s words as a joke and talked to her mother, and my mother laughed too, ha ha, this feudal superstition is going to get on me, an old Marxist-Leninist lady, see that little Liu walking dead Glen is dead , Tell her, for these three years, I will definitely support her in her spare time work and live a good life, but after three years, I will not support her, because I still want to live a good life. Mother’s optimism also made Li Fen laugh. Finally, my mother said, if you dream of that snake again, just beat it to death. I don’t believe there will be any results. Li Fen said with a little fear, hehe, it’s too late for me to hide.


Then, a few years passed, everyone gradually forgot about this incident, and Li Fen’s mother seemed to really want to show Liu sister some color, and her health became better and better. all gone…

In those years, Li Fen rarely dreamed. Now she simply feels that what Sister Liu said is completely nonsense…

But on this day, Li Fen felt uncomfortable all day long, and he couldn’t explain why. at mom


After having dinner there, she fell asleep early when she got home… That dream was so clear, it was a living reality: Li Fen was washing clothes by a pond, and suddenly, the snake swam by, and Li Fen recognized it. It is exactly the same as the one I saw in my dream in the past. When the snake swam to Li Fen’s side, it couldn’t move anymore, looking at Li Fen with a begging look in his eyes, Li Fen felt that the snake was so pitiful. At that time, as long as Li Fen held the snake with her hands, she could lift the snake out of the water, but Li Fen was afraid of the snake, and also felt disgusted by the snake. , the snake sank into the water bit by bit. At the last moment of sinking into the water, the snake stared at Li Fen again with a desperate look. Tears flowed from the snake’s eyes… At that moment, Li Fen Feeling that the snake looked so pitiful, she suddenly felt that she must save the snake, but she didn’t want to touch it with her hands. She wanted to find a stick to pick the snake out, but she couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, Li Fen broke off a branch from the tree and ran to the pond, but the snake had already sunk. Li Fen fished for a long time, but found nothing…

Li Fen woke up in a daze with regret, and the pitiful eyes of the snake still appeared in front of her eyes. For a long time, Li Fen fell asleep in sympathy for the snake… After a while, Li Fen woke up, and suddenly, she yelled One sound: not good! She quickly woke up her husband and told her husband to call an ambulance to go to her mother. When her husband asked her what was wrong, she told her about the dream she had just had. The husband nodded her head, pointed to the hour hand and pointed to four o’clock in the morning, and said three words: crazy! Then, fell asleep again.

Li Fen didn’t say anything, didn’t even call his mother, he hurriedly called 120 for emergency services, then put on his clothes, stopped a car outside, and rushed to his mother’s house…

As soon as Li Fen entered her mother’s bedroom and turned on the light, she saw that the tears on her mother’s face were still wet…

The autopsy results proved that Li Fen’s mother’s heart stopped beating between 3:00 am and 4:00 am, and she died of a rare sudden heart attack. Li Fen suddenly remembered that this day was exactly three years from the day when she had a snake dream…

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