The Debt Collector Reincarnates To Claim His Life

In the delivery room, Xiao Ai endured 12 grades of pain and persisted for 24 hours and finally gave birth. When the midwife held a wrinkled baby to Xiao Ai, the exhausted Xiao Ai glanced at it and saw the baby wide open. Opening her eyes, she smiled with blue face and fangs, Xiao Ai yelled and lost control of her emotions: “Damn it! Take it away, that’s not my child!”

The midwife thought that Xiao Ai was too tired and had an illusion, so she quickly comforted her: “Ms. Xiao Ai, every baby is like this when it is just born, and it will grow when it is 100 days old. You will scare the baby if you shout like this.” !”

“No, he is really a ghost, you have to believe me!” Xiao Ai curled up into a ball, trembling with fright.

The doctor shook his head helplessly, had no choice but to inject Xiao Ai with a tranquilizer, and then left. Xiao Ai exhausted a lot of physical strength, and fell asleep after being frightened and given an injection. She was pushed to the ward by the nurse to rest.

Xiao Ai’s husband has been doing business abroad all year round, and occasionally comes back in a hurry. The strange thing is that Xiao Ai is pregnant. She is lonely and finally has a child to accompany her. What she didn’t expect was that her husband didn’t even care about giving birth to a child.

After Xiao Ai woke up, she was lying on the bed alone and helpless. The grandmother of the housewife who was in the same hospital was an onmyoji in the village. Grandma asked Xiao Ai and the baby’s birthday horoscope, took out the ancestral feng shui horoscope book, and looked it up carefully.

Grandma said that this baby is the reincarnation of a debt collector. In the previous life, Xiao Ai owed him a life, and in this life he came here to collect debts. In her previous life, Xiao Ai was a rich and passionate man. He made a secretary pregnant, but the secretary refused to kill her. When she was seven months old, a man quarreled and kicked her in the stomach fiercely, and the fetus died. in the womb.

In her previous life, Xiao Ai often made women endure the pain of contraception, abortion, pregnancy, and induced labor. In this life, Xiao Ai became a woman, and naturally she had to bear all the pain she caused to the woman in the previous life, and repay the karma of the previous life before entering the next cycle of life.

Little Heart’s head tightened, and she quickly asked, Grandma, how can I resolve this karma?

Granny shook her head, there is a grievance and a debtor, and it is only natural to pay the debt. If you don’t pay it back in this life, you will still have to pay it back in the next life. Everyone you meet is a predestined person, good or bad, either you owe others, or others owe you. The karma is paid off, and the fate is naturally exhausted. Just like this child, you owe him your life, and he just wants to get back what you owe him.

“Then I’ll throw him to death, and he won’t be able to torture me in this life!” Xiao Ai said fiercely.

Grandma said earnestly: “You fell him to death, you deprived him of his life again, and you planted karmic obstacles, which made it even deeper. Then you have been repaying his debts for lifetimes, and you will never be able to repay the repayments!”

“Then what should I do?”

“Send you four words, let nature take its course!”

After being discharged from the hospital, the baby was very difficult to take care of after returning home. He would spit up milk at every turn, was sick every three days, and cried all night. Once the child had a fever, Xiao Ai sent the child to the hospital for treatment. The doctor said that the child had cerebral palsy and might not be able to stand up and walk, and he had to serve him for the rest of his life.

Xiao Ai decided to give the child to his father, and called her husband. The voice of the child came from the phone. A woman answered the phone. It turned out that the husband was a liar. He married long before her, and their marriage certificate was also fake. Well, he can’t take care of the child, if he wants to sue, he can sue, and there is no money.

On one side is a child with cerebral palsy who needs to be taken care of all his life, and on the other side is a liar husband who cheats money and sex. Xiao Ai remembered what grandma said. There is an injustice, and the debtor has the owner. She is a creditor from her previous life who has come to collect the debt.

Since then, Xiao Ai’s mental state has had problems, and the spirit is good and bad. The sound of the baby crying sharply will be heard in the house every three days. Good meat.

The neighbors couldn’t stand it anymore, and it was useless to call the police. Everyone said that this woman must have committed murder and arson in her previous life to suffer such a great retribution in this life. Fate is hard to break, so I have to accept fate.

On a dark and stormy night, Xiao Ai climbed up to the 28th floor with her child. After experiencing all the hardships in the world, she jumped and ended her short life. She can be regarded as risking her life for her life, and she also suffered this karma.

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