“Ghosts” In The Lab

1. The military officer’s daughter turned into a mummy

Yam Hospital is not big, but it is very famous in Israel because there is a famous psychologist, Khalid. Khalid has a very special laboratory built in the backyard of the hospital, clinging to the bluff of a hill. Normally, Khalid works in the front office. After get off work or on weekends, Khalid likes to stay in the laboratory. Even the dean doesn’t know what he is researching. Once, the dean tried to ask him some laboratory information, but Khalid refused. Khalid said that the reason why he came to this small hospital is because the hospital provided him with this independent laboratory. If it wasn’t for this, he could have gone to work in a bigger hospital. The dean was very embarrassed at the time, and never mentioned this matter again.

The more this happened, the weirder the people in the hospital were, they all wanted to find out what was wrong in the laboratory. Among them was Fuhrman, an electrician. In order to prevent others from entering his laboratory, Khalid set up an alarm device around the laboratory. As long as someone approaches, the alarm will sound, and Khalid will come out and yell at anyone who approached rashly. However, Fuhrman is not afraid. You know, no matter how good a laboratory is without electricity, you have to find an electrician if there is an electrical failure. Therefore, Fuhrman is confident that he can use his identity to enter the laboratory openly. .

Sure enough, a few days later, Khalid called Fuhrman and asked him to come over. Fuhrman picked up his electrician’s bag and walked into the laboratory with a smile. It had been less than a month since Fuhrman had been assigned to the electrician group, so this was the first time he had stepped into Khalid’s experiment. Upon entering, Fuhrman’s mouth fell open. It’s really interlaced like a mountain, and Fuhrman doesn’t know any of the instruments placed in the experiment.

According to Khalid’s instructions, Fuhrman fixed a malfunction in the laboratory. Then, while Khalid was out to answer the phone, he pressed a tiny video camera into a lock box. The camera looks very much like an air switch device, and non-professionals can’t see the flaws at all.

Khalid answered the phone and Fuhrman had fixed it. Khalid tried it, gave a thumbs up, and said with a smile: “Not bad boy, you are great!” Fuhrman also laughed: “Everyone thinks that Dr. Khalid can’t laugh, it’s very nice not to smile Is it?” Khalid said, “I see those patients with dizzy heads, how can I laugh? You don’t know, my patients are not as obedient as the electrician’s tools in your hand, some of them seem taciturn, But it has violent tendencies.” What Khalid said is true. Fuhrman has heard that a depressed patient pulled out the infusion needle and attacked Dr. Khalid during treatment. Fortunately, Khalid checked The patient had just raised his head, otherwise the needle would have blinded him in one eye.

A week later, Khalid called Fuhrman again to say the original glitch had returned. Fuhrman put down the phone with an imperceptible smile on his lips. It is not surprising that something goes wrong, it would be strange if there is no problem. Fuhrman tampered with the place, and within a week at most, he would re-enter Khalid’s lab and take the camera. He is confident that this week’s video has recorded all of Khalid’s actions, and the truth of what kind of tricks is hidden in the laboratory will be revealed. Thinking of this, Fuhrman picked up the tool bag and happily walked into the laboratory. After repairing the circuit, he took the camera away.

Back in the workshop, Fuhrman eagerly connected the camera to the computer and opened the video file holding his breath. Sure enough, Fuhrman saw a horrifying scene. In the laboratory, a beautiful girl was fixed on a chair. She screamed in horror at first, then her facial features were extremely distorted, and her muscles twitched violently. In the end, she turned into a skeleton without flesh and blood…

Fuhrman watched it several times in a row, wiped the sweat from his brow, and cried out, “God! What’s going on here?”

Fuhrman saved the video file and emailed a copy to someone before turning off the computer.

A few days later, Fuhrman received an email saying that the woman killed in the video was Tina, the daughter of an officer. Fuhrman nodded. Sure enough, as the boss expected, Khalid turned out to be a spy. The function of this laboratory was nothing more than killing family members in the military and political circles, so as to achieve their goal of carrying out terrorist attacks without bloodshed. In the past six months, several family members of the military and political circles have mysteriously disappeared. According to the investigation results, they all visited Yamu Hospital before their disappearance and were treated for mental illness under the guidance of Dr. Khalid.

Fuhrman is an Israeli Mossad agent. A month ago, according to the order of his superiors, he approached Khalid as an electrician just to find out his identity. Khalid, a former military doctor in Israel, was captured by Palestinians in a battle and escaped a year later. However, the Israeli military did not believe that Khalid had escaped back, and began investigating him, but found no evidence. Khalid quit and court-martialed the officer investigating him for defamation. The military just took advantage of the slope to get off the donkey, so Khalid was discharged from the army. Khalid was an excellent doctor when he was in the army, so after he was discharged from the army, many hospitals rushed to get him. As a result, Yamu Hospital snatched Khalid on the condition that he promised an independent laboratory.

2. Resurrection of mummy in front of agents

Now that there is video evidence of Khalid killing Tina, he is invited to a Mossad branch. The person in charge of this branch is Osri, a ruthless old agent who has participated in many assassinations. Khalid had heard of his name when he was in the army, but had never met him.

Seeing Khalid being brought in, Osri pointed to the sofa opposite, and said with a smirk: “Dr. Mr. Rui, if you invite me here, you are also suffering from depression, right? Although I don’t understand your work, I can imagine that living under huge psychological pressure all the year round, the chances of suffering from this disease are very high …”

Before he finished speaking, Osri burst out laughing: “I admire! Dr. Khalid can still maintain a calm demeanor here, which shows that he is a powerful person! However, when he comes to me, no matter how powerful he is, he will become Coward! Unless you want to become a pile of lifeless stinky meat!” After finishing speaking, Osri stood up and walked in front of Khalid, “Tell me, how many family members of military and political officials have you killed?”

Upon hearing this, Khalid stood up from the sofa in a “thump”. Osri was startled, stepped back half a step, and quickly drew his pistol. The agent outside the door heard the abnormal sound, pushed the door and ran in, aiming the gun at Khalid. Khalid spread his hands, sat down again, and said in a crying voice: “Excuse me, does our great Mossad organization have a tradition of framing? Yes, the son of the former mayor did die in the hospital, but at that time I went to the United States on a business trip, and no one is there, how do I kill him? Do I know the avatar technique or…”

Osri waved his hand to signal the agents to withdraw, and said with pouted lips: “It’s very simple, just arrange someone else to do it. To create evidence of alibi, this is a basic skill for an agent!”

Halliday didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Mr. Osrie, could it be that because of your speculation, I have changed from a doctor to a spy?”

Osri walked to his desk and turned the laptop around so Khalid could look at it. The above is a video, the background is Khalid’s laboratory, a beautiful girl is fixed on a chair, and she screams in horror at first, then her facial features are extremely distorted, and her muscles are twitching violently, and finally, it becomes A skeleton without flesh and blood…

Osri had thought that Khalid would panic when he saw this, but unexpectedly, Khalid laughed so hard that tears came out. He pointed to the video and asked Osri: “I can assure you, Tina provided it to you. This girl, how can you make such a joke!” Osri asked puzzled: “A joke? The video here is dead It was Tina, didn’t you kill her?” Khalid said, “It seems that this misunderstanding is not small. If we do this, we will go back to my laboratory together, and everything will be revealed.” Osri nodded Head, let his subordinates take Khalid back to see what tricks he wants to play.

The four agents took Khalid back to the hospital, drove to the front of the laboratory, and then took Khalid to the door of the laboratory. Khalid took out the key and opened the door, and called inside, “Tina, come out, someone wants to see you.”

“Who, didn’t you say that you can’t come out during the good experiment?” Following the voice, a beautiful girl came out and looked at the people in the room strangely. The four agents looked at each other, and it was really Tina who came out. An agent stepped up, grabbed Tina’s arm, and whispered, “Come with us!”

Tina wanted to struggle, but Khalid stopped her. Khalid joked, “Go ahead, I’ve been tossing around for hours, I haven’t eaten yet, so let them treat me.” After speaking, she turned and walked out, Tina had to pouted and followed behind, and got into the car outside.

Osri never expected that his subordinates came in with Tina alive and kicking. But it is a veteran agent after all, knowing that it is not difficult to find a person with the same appearance, so he pointed to the computer and said, “Miss Tina, please explain this matter.” When Tina saw it, she became angry and pointed Looking at Khalid, he said, “Hey, what do you mean, is it the one who dumped me?” Khalid looked at Tina in surprise and asked, “You didn’t give this to them?” Tina said, “I’m crazy. !”

Osri stared coldly at the two arguing for a while, then raised his hand to stop them, and said, “I just want to know the cause and effect of this incident.” Khalid said, “Let me tell the story.”

Khalid said that Tina is his student and is now cooperating with him in an experiment to see how many days a person can last without eating or talking. Tina usually likes to use software to make funny videos, and has reached a very high level. This video was made by Tina herself when she was idle in the previous experiment. With that said, Tina got Osri’s permission to log into a forum with a computer with Internet access, and found many funny videos uploaded by herself, many of which were performed by herself.

At this time, the agent who went out to investigate also came back, saying that Tina’s father confirmed that her daughter was indeed with Khalid during this time, saying that it was some kind of experiment. The daughter has long recognized Khalid as a teacher, and it is normal for students and teachers to conduct experiments, so he did not stop him.

Looking at the frustrated Osri, Halliday said with a smile: “Mr. Osri, the brothers have been busy for several hours, and they should be hungry. I see, let’s go out to have a meal together. My treat!” Sri put on a smile and said: “How can I invite Dr. Khalid to treat me? Let’s go, I invited you today. But, you know our rules, don’t tell anyone what happened today…” After finishing speaking, Another look at Tina. Tina said carelessly: “Just today? What’s there to say, a bunch of computer illiterates!”

3. One person destroys a Mossad branch

A few days later, when Fuhrman was depressed about being scolded by Osri, Halliday called and said that there was another problem with the wiring and asked him to go over and overhaul it. Khalid had no choice but to pick up the kit lazily and walked into Khalid’s laboratory.

Khalid seemed to be in a good mood today, watching Fuhrman finish his work with a smile on his cup of coffee. Fuhrman finished repairing the line and was about to leave when Khalid pointed to the computer on the table and said, “I don’t know why today, my computer is not powered on, please help me take a look.” Fuhrman couldn’t refuse , I sat down and checked the computer. It turned out that the plug was loose. Seeing that the computer was on, Khalid said with a smile: “The computer will not turn on if it is not powered on, and the human brain will become a pig if it is not powered on. I think you are a stupid pig!” When Fuhrman heard something wrong, he was about to get up. But when Khalid pressed the button on the wall, many tentacle-like iron bars suddenly protruded from the periphery of the chair, tightly controlling Fuhrman in the chair. Fuhrman turned pale with fright, and just about to shout, another iron bar stretched out, blocking his mouth just right. Khalid smiled even wider.

“I said you are a stupid pig, believe it now? If you missed me, you should evacuate quickly. You are still here. What is it if you are not a stupid pig?” Khalid said proudly.

Fuhrman’s eyes were wide open, and he wanted to speak, but his mouth was bound by iron bars, and his face was flushed with anxiety.

“You don’t need to speak, I can guess what you want to know. Let me tell you.” Khalid moved a chair and sat opposite Fuhrman, “You guessed it, I am a spy. You You’re really smart, and you’re a good spy. But you’re still too tender.”

Khalid was right. He became a spy after he was arrested that time. The purpose of sneaking back to China was to use his identity as a doctor as a cover to use this laboratory to kill the family members of some dignitaries. Of course, he can’t do this alone, and there are spies out there who use various media methods to “introduce” family members of politicians to see a doctor. Khalid’s task is to trick these people’s ideas into his laboratory, and then turn them into fresh “mummy” just like in that video.

“To tell you the truth, Tina is not one of us, but I used her innocence to make my lurking more reasonable.” Khalid said, stood up, and said to Fuhrman with a smile, “there is In that video, you must be wondering why your camera doesn’t work well. If I don’t tell you, you will never know. Now, let you be a ghost.” Khalid shrugged and pressed the button a button. Only then did Fuhrman understand where his own people were planted. It turned out that the wall facing his camera was the entire electronic screen, and he could only capture what Khalid wanted him to capture. I planned everything, and wanted to make a big contribution, but I didn’t realize that Khalid was so cunning that he had seen through his tricks a long time ago, and took advantage of the slope to get off the donkey, and gave them a hard time. For this, Osri scolded him like hell. Osri said that if Fuhrman could not figure out Khalid’s true identity, he would be severely punished. Now that Fuhrman knew the whole truth, Khalid would never let him go.

Sure enough, Khalid turned off the electronic screen and said with a half-smile: “Son, I didn’t want to kill you. You hit my gun. You know, in our business, you will die or I will live. No The second way is optional.” After speaking, Khalid went to the outer room, closed the glass door of the inner room, and pressed a button on the wall. Through the glass door, Khalid watched Fuhrman writhing in pain, turning into a mummified corpse in a short time.

“Good work! Dr. Khalid.” Following the sound, all the lights in the room went out, and someone broke into the door and controlled Khalid with a strong flashlight.

Khalid was startled, quickly closed his eyes, and stood there not daring to move. But he recognized that it was Osri who spoke.

“It’s really wonderful, Dr. Khalid. However, just yesterday, I finally learned all the secrets of this laboratory. However, the reason why I didn’t arrest you immediately is that I don’t want to have another ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’; It was me who wanted to see if the theory was solid. Now it looks like it’s really scary.”

Osrie said they re-examined the video and found it was more than just funny. So, they searched for related content on the Internet, not wanting to find surprising discoveries. A report said that in a primeval coniferous forest in northeastern Siberia, there is a mysterious “devil’s land”. After many explorers went there, it was like getting into an invisible big net, and their hands and feet Wrapped together and can no longer move. What happened next was even more creepy. The trapped person’s facial features were extremely distorted, and his muscles twitched violently, as if he had been roasted. In a short while, only a dry skeleton without flesh and blood was left. People say that it is a ghost land where vampires are hidden. But there is one person who does not believe in ghosts, and that is Skaner, a professor at the Volgograd Institute of Technology. After on-the-spot investigations and experiments, Professor Skaner concluded that the magnetic field strength of the incident site was hundreds of times stronger than that of other parts of the earth. To prove himself right, he started experiments in the laboratory. Professor Skaner wrapped a large number of magnetic coils on the high-voltage electronic generator, and adjusted it continuously after the power was turned on until it was the same as the magnetic value in the coniferous forest. Sure enough, an antelope was driven into the laboratory, and soon made a tragic cry, and in a short period of time, it turned into a mummy that lost its flesh and blood, leaving only fur and skeleton.

“Then, we consulted a professor of physics at a university. He admitted that they had done a similar experiment. He said that because the magnetic force of the earth’s magnetic field flows from north to south, humans have adapted to this in the long-term evolution. Magnetic force. And the magnetic field strength of that piece of coniferous forest is extremely astonishing, they can quickly dehydrate the water in the cells of organisms in an instant and become a mummy.” Speaking of this, Osri proudly said, “In order to prove this We had to let Fuhrman participate in this experiment. Sure enough, we saw a thrilling scene through the camera device in the button of Fuhrman’s clothes. Now, Dr. Khalid, what else do you have to say?”

At this time, all the lights in the house were turned on again. Khalid opened his eyes, shook his head with a wry smile, and slowly retreated into the room. After that, the thick glass door was quickly closed. Osri asked someone to knock on the door, but found that it was useless. The glass door was made of special glass, which was so thick and hard that even powerful bullets could not penetrate it. At this moment, they heard movement behind them. Looking back, there were two thick steel doors protruding from the wall, and they closed quickly, turning the entire laboratory into an airtight steel box.

“Now it’s time for me to tell you, Mr. Osri, in a minute, you and your men will become like Fuhrman…” With that said, Khalid went to press a switch on the wall. Osri took out his pistol, raised his hand and hit the switch, and the room suddenly became pitch black. Just as Osri was about to order his subordinates to turn on the flashlight, he suddenly heard a terrified cry from one of his subordinates. Then, he also felt a pair of big hands twisting himself vigorously, as if tens of thousands of steel needles were piercing his body again, excruciating pain Forbearance, he couldn’t help screaming. In a daze, he heard Khalid say loudly: “You stupid pig who thinks you are smart, do you think I can be as stupid as you? You broke the switch and just activated an emergency super energy battery, and this battery Even with the high voltage idea generator in the outhouse…”

As the screams disappeared in the darkness, Khalid knew that he had completed a task that even his superiors could not imagine. Tomorrow, or just a few hours later, the Mossad headquarters in Israel will find that a branch chief has disappeared with a few agents.

Khalid came out of a secret door and quickly disappeared into the night. He knew that regardless of whether his boss agreed, he had to leave Israel tonight, otherwise, his end might be worse than that of Osri.


Khalid didn’t dare to take the big road, so he followed a mountain road to the back of the hospital. There was a slum full of tents made of colorful rags. If there was any accident, people would go into the shack like fish Into the sea, it is not an easy task to find.

Khalid looked at the tomb-like tents in the darkness, and just as he was thinking where to go through, he saw a taxi parked under a dim street lamp in the distance. Khalid yelled “Thank God” in his heart, leaned down, walked quickly to the taxi, checked that there was no one around, opened the door and sat in, and pointed a pistol at the driver’s head.

“Go to the train station!” Khalid ordered word by word.

The driver seemed intimidated, said nothing, and started the car. The car turned left and right and stopped in front of a house. Khalid saw that something was wrong and was about to explode when the driver turned his face and took off his hat. Only then did Khalid realize that the driver was actually Tina.

“Congratulations, Owl, you’ve done a great job this time.” Tina smiled and held out her hand to Khalid.

“Owl? How do you know…” Khalid asked strangely?

“Because I am Nightingale. So, of course I know your code name.”

It was only then that Khalid realized that he had thought that he had conquered the ignorant girl with his charm and let Tina help him without knowing it, but he didn’t know that this quiet and delicate girl was actually his boss. The reason why it went so smoothly this time was that Tina secretly helped.

“What should I do now?” Khalid remembered that he should take the task.

Tina pointed to the house and said, “You stay here for a while, and when the limelight passes, I will send you to Moscow for plastic surgery.” Then, Tina took out a photo and a video tape, “This person you We know that Albertman, a famous psychiatrist, disappeared during his expedition to Russia last year. This video tape is a video of him working. You should learn his habitual movements during this rest time, such as talking and touching his hair. Remember, starting tomorrow, Dr. Khalid is missing; and you are Dr. Alberman, who was once missing, and you will return to Israel half a year later, and tell the reporters about your adventure that you escaped death…”

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