Tuberose Girl

Ye Mu was admitted to the hospital, and the doctor issued a critical illness notice to his family members after the examination.

The relatives and friends in the ward were silent, and suddenly, a seven or eight-year-old girl came and said, “Brother, buy a flower!” She took out a withered tuberose from her bosom.

Relatives and friends frowned and felt very unlucky, but when they were about to drive the little girl away, Ye Mu said: “Come here, let me see your flowers.”

The girl’s hand holding the flower is very thin, and her white skirt is also very worn out, but she has a pair of clear eyes.

Ye Mo smiled reluctantly: “Little sister, why do you come here to sell flowers? Where is your family?”

The little girl shook her head: “I only have one twin sister left, but she is very fierce to me.”

Ye Mu took out a thick wad of money from under the pillow and handed it to the little girl: “Put it away, I hope you will live happily in the future.”

The little girl hesitated for a moment, took the money, and put the withered evening primrose on Ye Mu’s bedside: “Thank you brother, this flower will bloom at night, it’s very fragrant.”

After dinner, relatives and friends all went back, but Ye Mu took the tuberose and put it in his nose to sniff lightly.

An old man in the same room said: “My boy, you are a good person, but you know, this little girl comes to sell flowers every day but no one has ever paid her so much money. I don’t think she will come again.”

Ye Mo smiled: “It doesn’t matter if she’s a liar or not. My time is running out, and it’s useless to keep money.”

The old man wanted to say something but shook his head and closed his eyes.

Late at night, a little girl in a black skirt walked into the ward, followed by several patients in hospital gowns. She waved to the old man on the hospital bed, and the old man floated up and stood behind her.

She turned her head and was about to wave to Ye Mo, but suddenly saw the blooming evening primrose beside the bed. The girl walked over, Ye Mu suddenly opened his eyes and asked, “Little sister, are you here to sell flowers again?”

She froze for a moment: “I’m here to pick up someone, this flower is really fragrant!”

Ye Mu smiled: “If you like it, I will give it to you.” He handed the flower to the girl, and Ye Mu also lost consciousness the moment she took it.

The next day, Ye Mu was woken up by a burst of crying. It turned out that the old man in the same room had passed away last night.

Ye Mu couldn’t help being a little sad: I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive for a few days!

But two days later, when the doctor examined Ye Mu, he found that his body had miraculously healed.

When he was discharged from the hospital, Ye Mu saw the little girl selling flowers again in the corridor, he walked over and asked, “Has the money my brother gave you been spent so quickly?”

The girl shook her head: “No, it’s my sister who said to give these people a chance to spend money to keep their lives alive.”

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