Hospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

Cheng Yi studied in Luoyang for four years. After graduation, he was assigned to a certain hospital in Changping, Beijing through various connections. After several transfers, he was finally transferred to work in a certain department of Beijing Children’s Hospital. In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed, and because of his introverted personality, he was not good at communicating with others, so naturally he rarely communicated with his former college classmates.

Suddenly one day, Cheng Yi received a call from the concierge of the Children’s Hospital, saying: Doctor Cheng, your college classmates came to see you.

Cheng Yi was taken aback and asked: My college classmate? What is your name?

The concierge said: She said you will know when you come out and have a look.

Cheng Xiao ran to the concierge, and saw a young woman wearing a black tulle top, a black long skirt, and black leather sandals, showing her fair feet without socks. Curved eyebrows and big eyes, with a look of sadness on his face. Cheng Yi recognized Zhao Mei, his college classmate at a glance. Surprised and happy. Surprisingly, after ten years of separation, Zhao Mei is still young and beautiful. The joy is that he never dreamed that he could meet his dream lover in college.

Cheng Yi fell in love with Zhao Mei at first sight when he was studying at university in Luoyang, and he expressed his admiration to Zhao Mei many times. But Zhao Mei always declined politely for various reasons. After graduating, Cheng Yi wrote to contact him many times, but only received a letter from Zhao Mei saying: I am married and live a very happy life, and I wish you to find your sweetheart soon. Only then did Cheng Yi completely give up on Zhao Mei.

Cheng Yi was very happy when Zhao Mei came here today. Zhao Mei said quite calmly: I came to you to ask you to do me a favor. My daughter, Xiaocheng, is six years old this year. She suffered from a strange illness a year ago. She was covered in strange itch, and she dared not scratch her skin. When she scratched her skin, it would burst and bleed, and then she would develop a high fever, which lasted for several days. We went all over the big hospitals in the provinces and cities, and went to Shanghai and Nanjing to see it, but we couldn’t cure it. I came to you because I had no choice. Beijing Children’s Hospital is a well-known and authoritative hospital in the country. If it can’t be cured here, I will die.

Cheng Yi noticed that the little girl in Zhao Mei’s hand was depressed, her complexion was sallow, and there were blood spots on her neck. He reached out and touched her forehead, and it was so hot that she was in a serious condition. Cheng Yi immediately said: I will try my best.

Cheng Yi took Zhao Mei’s mother and daughter directly to the authoritative dermatology expert of the Children’s Hospital. The expert frowned and said: I have been a pediatrician for more than 50 years and researched dermatology for more than 30 years, but I have never encountered this symptom. You are hospitalized first, we will observe in detail, and set up a research team for joint treatment as soon as possible.

After running, Cheng Yi arranged a ward for Zhao Mei’s daughter, Xiaocheng. Afterwards, under the contact of Cheng Yi, the expert doctor began to treat Xiaocheng with the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. Two weeks later, Xiaocheng’s condition was under control. After more than ten days of intensive treatment, Xiaocheng has basically got rid of the control of the strange disease and will soon return to normal. During this period, Cheng Yi often visited the mother and daughter, and always bought apples, pears and other fruits that Xiaocheng liked to send to the hospital bed.

Zhao Mei is very grateful to Cheng Yi, shed tears in front of Cheng Yi several times, saying that if God gives a chance, she must repay Cheng Yi well. On this day, Cheng Yi was on duty, and Zhao Mei, dressed in black, hurried in and said: Cheng Yi, I am very grateful for your help to our mother and daughter. There is no fate in this life, I just hope that I will repay you in the next life.

Cheng Yi said: “Xiaomei, don’t be polite to me. I don’t have a chance to be with you in this life. If I have a chance to help you, I will be content!”

Zhao Mei said, “I’m really sorry for you. I have something to do and I have to leave immediately. You call this number and tell my family. Someone will come to pick Xiaocheng home soon.” After speaking, Zhao Mei left in a hurry.

Cheng Yi felt strange, since it was her family’s call, why didn’t she call it herself? Cheng Yi hesitated to dial the phone, but an old man answered, asking who you are looking for. Cheng Yi said: I am Zhao Mei’s classmate, who are you?

The other party said: I am Zhao Mei’s mother.

Cheng Yi said: Zhao Mei took her child to see a doctor in Beijing Children’s Hospital. The child’s illness will be cured soon, but Zhao Mei suddenly left in an emergency. Before she left, she asked me to notify the family and come as soon as possible to pick Xiaocheng home alone. .

Hearing this, the other party shouted in surprise: What are you talking about? My daughter Zhao Mei died three years ago, and my granddaughter Xiao Cheng suffered from a strange disease a year ago and disappeared suddenly a month ago…

Not long after this incident, Cheng Yi’s wife, Guo Rui, was found to be pregnant.

Cheng was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that Cheng Yi married Guo Rui, a woman from Changping, five years ago. Guo Rui looks a lot like Zhao Mei, and has a gentle and lovely personality. The two have a very good relationship, but the only regret is that they have been married for many years and cannot have children. Doctor Shuan Cha said that both of them may have problems, and it is impossible to get pregnant. Cheng Yi and his wife refused to give up. After various treatments, including traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and many folk methods, Guo Rui’s stomach still didn’t respond. This became the biggest heart disease in Cheng Yi’s life.

Ten months later, Guo Rui gave birth to a daughter, with slender eyebrows and big eyes, red lips and small mouth, it looks like Cheng Yi’s female classmate Zhao Mei is reborn. Cheng buried this secret deeply in his heart and named his daughter – Cheng Yimei

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