New Liaozhai: The Phantom Of The Skull

This story happened at the beginning of this century.

Johnson, a police officer in New Orleans, USA, suffered a fracture to his right leg and was treated at the best local Victoria Royal Hospital. Robert, the attending doctor, told him that he would have to rest on a hospital bed for at least a month before he could go down on crutches.

Nurse Caroline is gentle and beautiful, and Johnson and Johnson get along very well, and both have the same divorce experience, and the relationship between the two gradually becomes a little delicate.

Ten days later, Caroline pushed Johnson to check the healing of the leg bone. Johnson was overjoyed to find a human skeleton specimen in the corner. Johnson was engaged in skull restoration technology at the police station. Seeing such a perfect skeleton specimen, he instinctively began to itch. So, he secretly used his mobile phone to take pictures of the skull’s head from different angles.

One night after a week, the restoration work was finally completed, and the head of a young woman appeared before him. Her quiet and delicate appearance caused a wave of waves in Johnson’s heart. How could such a delicate woman turn into a skeleton? What kind of stories did she have before she was alive?

Johnson was lying on the bed, but tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, that handsome face would come to mind. When he finally felt sleepy, there was a sudden soft sound outside the window. Johnson opened his eyes and saw that the curtains seemed to be shaking slightly. Then, a black shadow flashed out from behind the curtain. Johnson called out, “Who?”

The shout did not frighten the other party, the black shadow approached him step by step. After Johnson saw the other person’s face clearly, he couldn’t help but turn pale with shock: This is the woman who had just been recovered by him! The woman stared at him resentfully, and raised her arms unexpectedly. A cold light flashed, and Johnson felt a piercing pain in his right leg. He wanted to struggle, but his whole body seemed to be enchanted and he couldn’t move. The woman raised a gleaming object again, this time it was aimed at his heart, Johnson closed his eyes in despair…

After a while, Johnson opened his eyes and found that it was a terrible dream. He breathed a sigh of relief, and secretly laughed at his cowardice in the dream. At this moment, there was a sudden sharp pain in his right leg. Johnson tried his best to prop up his body and sit up, and was stunned for a moment: on his right calf, where he was stabbed in the nightmare, there was a long scratch, and the slightly oozing blood had solidified.

After the examination, Dr. Robert’s face became gloomy, and he frowned in puzzlement and said, “What’s the matter? During the filming two days ago, he recovered very well. Why did the broken bone suddenly become inflamed?”

After being treated by Dr. Robert, Johnson’s condition was brought under control and he had to stay in bed for a few more days. On this day, Caroline pushed Johnson to the X-ray room again. The wheelchair entered the elevator, and the elevator door slowly closed. At this time, the opposite elevator door just opened, and Johnson saw a young girl who was exactly like the recovered skeleton coming out!

As soon as he entered the X-ray room, Johnson turned his gaze to the corner where the skeleton was placed, but there was nothing there! Could it be that she really came back to life and ran away by herself? “Isn’t there a skeleton there?” Johnson asked. Caroline looked at him in surprise, not understanding how he became so weird today. She pointed to a far corner and said, “The room was painted last week, and a lot of things moved. That skeleton you mentioned is over there.”

Johnson turned his head and looked, and the skeleton was standing there. Johnson stared at the black eye sockets of the skeleton, and felt a chill from the bottom of his heart for no reason. Suddenly, he noticed something strange, and was startled: This is not the skeleton he saw earlier! So he quickly took out his phone and took a few photos.

Compared with the last photo, Johnson’s suspicion was confirmed! Professional sensitivity told him that this incident was unusual. He desperately wanted to figure out the skeleton that troubled him before he was discharged from the hospital, but he couldn’t do it for a while.

There is always a way out. One day, Johnson saw a missing person post on the Internet: Jameson of Greg Town was looking for his fiancee Joanna, with a photo. Johnson found that she was very similar to the restored skeleton.

Jameson arrived in New Orleans at noon the day after Johnson’s call. Not long ago, Jameson proposed to his girlfriend, Joanna accepted the ring but asked him to wait a while. No matter how much Jameson asked, she still refused to reveal the reason. After Joanna disappeared, he had to call the police and post the missing person notice on the Internet. Johnson immediately called and asked colleagues to help find information about Joanna. He was even more confused. If the girl he saw at the elevator last time was Joanna, where did she go now? Who is that missing skeleton?

In the next few days, Johnson did not see Caroline. He asked the nurse and learned that Caroline was missing. Missing again! Johnson couldn’t help but frowned.

That night, Jameson came to Johnson excitedly, saying that someone called him and said he knew Joanna’s whereabouts and was waiting for him in the lobby on the first floor of the hospital. The two rushed over immediately, but the old man who called was actually the janitor of the hospital mortuary! The old man told them that an unnamed corpse was sent here a few days ago. He had seen Joanna’s photo on the police missing persons website and thought it was very similar to the dead girl.

When he came to the morgue, Jameson was already in tears and almost collapsed. Unzipping the zipper on the black plastic bag revealed the body of a young woman inside. Johnson only took one look, and then exclaimed: “Isn’t this Nurse Caroline?” The old man also looked surprised: “What’s going on? I clearly remember the girl on the missing person notice!”

Things got complicated. Johnson thought for a while and asked, “Who brought the corpse over?” The old man’s face was pale, and he pointed to the corpse and murmured, “Nurse Caroline!”

Three days later, the police investigation has made no progress. Caroline’s cause of death appeared to be sudden death caused by myocardial infarction, but a careful forensic doctor found a suspicious needle hole on her right arm, and she was probably injected with some kind of poisonous drug. Who is manipulating all this behind the scenes?

One night, shortly after taking medicine delivered by a nurse, Johnson snored loudly. At two o’clock in the morning, a figure flashed into the ward and tiptoed to Johnson’s bed. Looking at Johnson who was still sleeping, someone skillfully took out a syringe from his pocket and gently lifted Johnson’s quilt. Johnson suddenly opened his eyes, staring sharply at the person who came: “Good evening, Dr. Robert, do you still have to do ward rounds in the middle of the night?”

Robert was stunned for a moment, and asked dumbfounded: “Did you not take the medicine that the nurse sent just now?” “You mean these sleeping pills?” Johnson took out a few white pills and threw them on the table. Unexpectedly, Robert pounced and stabbed Johnson with the needle in his hand. Johnson quickly turned around and grabbed Robert’s hand holding the syringe, and the two wrestled together. Jameson, who was hiding behind the curtain, ran out quickly, ready to find an opportunity to help Johnson, but the two who were fighting suddenly separated. I saw Robert staggering and fell to the ground, the syringe filled with the highly poisonous drug was stuck in his chest impressively!

Full of grief and anger, Jameson rushed forward and shook Robert, who was slightly twitching, and shouted: “Did you kill Joanna?” Robert was so angry that he struggled to sneer: “You’ll never want to see her again. ’” “And what about Caroline?” Johnson pressed. “Caroline, huh,” moaned Robert, “I didn’t mean to kill her, we’ve been working so well together, and she’s in love with you, damn it, she’s begging me to let you go . . . If I don’t kill her, something bad will happen sooner or later…”

A month later, Johnson recovered from his injury and returned to work in the police station, but the mysterious skeleton still lingered in his mind.

Jameson, who had returned to Greg Town, suddenly appeared in front of him again. He received a letter from Joanna. After Johnson read the letter, he finally revealed the mystery of the skeleton case.

It turned out that Joanna’s father died when she was very young. When she was ten years old, her mother accidentally fell and was admitted to the Royal Victoria Hospital. The attending doctor at that time was Robert. After treatment, the mother’s injury stabilized. But one day, after taking the medicine delivered by the nurse, her mother fell asleep quickly. In the middle of the night, Dr. Robert sneaked in and gave my mother an injection. His actions were clearly seen by little Joanna who was lying on the window sill looking at the stars. Unexpectedly, the next day, her mother’s condition suddenly deteriorated and she was pushed into the emergency room. Since then, little Joanna has never seen her mother again. The hospital said that her mother suddenly left without saying goodbye after she owed a large amount of medical expenses. Joanna didn’t believe it, but she was too young to figure it out. Later, Joanna grew up in an orphanage, but the mystery of her mother’s disappearance always weighed on her heart. When accepting Jameson’s marriage proposal, she had been investigating this mystery privately for some time.

One day, Joanna saw Robert and Caroline enter Johnson’s room suspiciously after turning off the lights, and Joanna looked in through the crack of the door. The patient was unresponsive in bed, and they injected something into his injured leg. Joanna slammed the door open and made a loud noise, startling Caroline, and the tip of the needle in her hand scratched Johnson’s leg. Robert chased out the door, but Joanna had already run away.

Later, Joanna met Johnson unexpectedly in the elevator. Because of his resemblance to his mother, Johnson resurrected him as a skeleton. But Caroline next to her thought of the woman who was poisoned to death by her and Robert more than ten years ago, so she told Robert in a panic. Robert and Caroline cruelly designed to trap and kill Joanna. When Caroline pleaded for Johnson, she was killed.

Johnson tracked down, and soon the truth came out. It turns out that for the sake of fame and fortune, Robert constantly develops new drugs, and together with Caroline, conducts experiments on patients. Joanna’s mother died in one of Robert’s experiments. In order to cover up the truth, they quietly removed the body and lied that the patient left privately to avoid high fees. Robert processed the body into a human skeleton specimen and sent it to the X-ray room. No one will pay attention to the addition or deletion of several skeleton specimens in large hospitals. This is indeed a good way to destroy criminal evidence.

People are not as good as God. How did he know that the crimes committed back then were seen by a little girl, and the skeleton specimens he had carefully prepared were restored to their true appearance by a curious police officer.

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