Uncle's Strange Experience

Many people have asked me sarcastically: "You are a university graduate, why are you so feudal and superstitious?" One of the people who asked me this most often was my third uncle. But after the Chinese New Year when I was in my sophomore year, he never mocked me like that again. Because he experienced it himself.

I remember that day was the second day of the new year. Our family got together to play mahjong, and a total of two tables were set up. One of the tables is my third uncle, fourth uncle, aunt, and a neighbor. My mother sat by and watched the battle. My dad and a few other relatives were drinking beer and chatting without saying a word, and my brother and I were eating snacks . Everything seemed normal.

My third uncle held a card and shouted: "Twenty thousand!" Suddenly he stopped moving, and my mother immediately noticed that his eyes had changed and the muscles on his face stiffened for a moment, so she shouted loudly: " What are you doing!" (This is what my mother described to me later)

I knew something was wrong when I heard my mother's voice on the side, so I hurried in to have a look. The third uncle fell on his back to the ground in a very stiff and weird posture. Generally speaking, when a normal person falls down, the instinctive reaction is to adjust the posture of the body during the fall to avoid head injury; but when the third uncle fell on his back, there was no reaction, and the whole The person fell straight to the ground, as if… as if a plank had fallen.

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Then his eyes widened suddenly, almost popping out of their sockets. At the same time, his eyes became extremely fierce and gloomy. I stood close and saw it clearly, and I felt that it was definitely not the kind of eyes that humans can have. Looking at it one more time would make my scalp tingle. What was even weirder was that he was still grinding his teeth violently. At that moment, I suddenly felt that he was very similar to the image of the hungry ghost in the legendary hell.

The fourth uncle immediately grabbed the third uncle with her hand, and my mother pinched his jaw and said to me: "Go and call you Granny Zhang!"

Grandma Zhang was in the same production team as my grandmother in the early years, so my family has always been in touch. She is the third apprentice of Onmyoji. She is the oldest among the four apprentices, but because of her late apprenticeship, she ranks third. Among the four disciples, she has the most righteous heart, but she is already old, and if she has too much contact with ghosts and gods, she will be easily hurt by evil spirits. Therefore, the onmyoji only taught her some healing techniques to save lives, but only to protect her relatives and friends. Friends are safe.

I hurriedly rode my bike to Grandma Zhang's house. Whenever something like this happened, I should have called her directly, but since she didn't have a phone at home, I had no choice but to come and look for her. Before I got to her house , I saw her hurrying towards her on the street. I went up to him and asked, "Grandma Zhang, where are you going?"

"Go to your house. I suddenly felt flustered at home. I asked in front of the altar, and found out that someone in your family is suffering from a sudden illness. Who is it?"

"My uncle. He was playing mahjong when he suddenly fell to the ground with his eyes fixed."

Granny Zhang snorted coldly: "Those things are causing trouble again."

"Hurry up, I'll take you by bike." I urged.

"I won't take your bicycle! What if I fall down later? You go back first, and I'll be right there. Your uncle will be safe for the time being."

I raced home again. The third uncle's people had been pinched by the fourth uncle so much that blood came out. [ghost house]

Granny Zhang will be here soon. She took a look, found a few straws in a piece of land opposite my house, wrapped one around the third uncle's wrist, and tied a slipknot; and wrapped another one around his ankle, also tied a slipknot. Less than a minute after the second tangle was completed, the third uncle's eyes were obviously relieved, and he stopped grinding his teeth, just panting heavily. After a while, he got up from the ground by himself…

"What happened just now?" asked the third uncle.

"I have encountered evil. It is Baimasha, which is the most common one among the 108 kinds of evil spirits. After people are upper bodyed, they will fall to the ground and grind their teeth. If you are dealing with ordinary evil things, grab a handful of rice. Sprinkle it on him, and the patient will die immediately, because horses don’t eat rice. If you wrap the straw around your hands and feet, the white horse will not be able to run, which is equivalent to being tied up, and the patient will recover.”

Only then did I realize that the words "violent and vicious" are not only adjectives, but also refer to certain evils.

Granny Zhang later continued to explain that evil spirits usually look for people with weak horoscopes or bad luck. My third uncle is a white horse, and the next year must be rough. Then sure enough. In the summer, he quarreled with a colleague. The colleague grabbed a knife and chopped it on the third uncle's forehead, and refused to pay for the medical expenses. Later, the third uncle even fought a lawsuit with the colleague. Although you win in the end, you win, but the troubles involved are beyond the imagination of those who have not experienced it.

Afterwards, the third uncle felt a lot of emotion, saying that there are some things in this world that really cannot be explained. Never laugh at me again for "feudal superstition"…

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