Good People Will Be Rewarded

The old woman had completely good intentions, but I mistook my good intentions for ill-will, and repaid the old lady with grudges by choosing a piece of ghost land as a homestead and cursing her family to cut off their children and grandchildren. What a bastard. Mr. Yin and Yang regretted that he had almost made a big mistake by repaying kindness with kindness. He silently recited that good deeds will be rewarded with good deeds and good deeds will be rewarded with good deeds. He slowly walked out of the village.

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Folk Ghost Stories

Moreover, Guo Li is an orphan. If Xiaoxia doesn't go to wash her on the first day after her wedding, should she ask Guo Li to do it? There is a crazy old man in the village. He has no children or any relatives. He lives alone in a shabby thatched house at the end of the village. Under everyone's questioning, the crazy old man told a story, which was a legend about a strange custom in the village. But because it had been so long, no one in the village knew how this custom came about. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories

Blind Man Changed His Life

So the blind uncle said to everyone that there is no unparalleled road, and God will not starve to death blind sparrows. When the grandfather was about to leave, the blind uncle told him again and again: "I will tell you today, don't let your wife know anything, if she knows everything in advance, it will be in vain. The hen that only laid eggs killed the stew and delivered it to the blind uncle's house in person. The blind uncle didn't stop him, and said to the old man with a smile: "brother, you should thank me too! Hearing this, the old man hurriedly stood up to thank him not long after he sat down, this time the blind man held him by the arm, and said seriously: … Continue readingBlind Man Changed His Life

Family Ghost Stories

The family discussed and discussed, and felt that there was really no other possibility except for illness. There is a saying that the same rice feeds all kinds of people, but those who don’t eat rice are more energetic than those who eat rice. The daughter-in-law seems to be no different from ordinary people except that she doesn’t think about food and drink. It’s still hidden very deeply, why didn’t I hear Shi Shaokong talk about it! After hearing this, the man opened his mouth wide, not knowing how to answer! A few short words raised this mediocre woman to the height of a philosopher. A passage in Qiwulun seems to serve as a footnote to this story: … Continue readingFamily Ghost Stories

Akin’s Fear Read Online

I knew that Ah Jin’s sudden madness must be related to my learning the old man’s language. Because it was the two words he said that reminded me of the strange language that old man Wang said. Ah Jin was very sorry for what happened that day, saying that he was sorry, he had epilepsy since he was a child. Wang Dehou said: “Heiqi is on the top of the head. This kind of evil is easy to cure, and I have cured it well. But this woman has black energy around her waist. She does not rise or fall. She is not ordinary evil and fierce. I saw this Even Wang Dehou didn’t dare to get involved in the matter, and his heart was filled with worry and uneasiness. After all, Ah Jin’s madness and those weird words I said were somehow related. … Continue readingAkin’s Fear Read Online