Black Buddha

Chinese Valentine's Day passed several days ago, and Mingcai returned home. He didn't look very good when he came in. After he came back, he called me and asked me to pick up something from his house in the afternoon!

I went to Ming's home in the afternoon, and he was sitting on the sofa in a daze! After I entered, he looked at me and said, "Lin Huan will not be back for a few days. She is at a friend's house over there."

"Yeah, I got it! How about you and Lin going to Thailand to celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day? Look at your listless look. Pay more attention to your health!" I responded casually and turned on the TV.

"Turn it off!"

"No, you are so stingy. You should go and take a nap before you come back! We will ask a few buddies to have some fun later!"

"I said turn it off!~" Ming yelled at me from behind with almost all his strength:

This sudden shout startled me. When I turned around, I broke out in a cold sweat. Ming's eyes were black with no white at all, and there was a faint shadow behind him!~

I knew something was going wrong now, so I kept saying: "Okay, I'll just turn it off, why do you still want to do this?" As I said that, I looked into Ming's eyes and shouted Ming's name! Just as the TV was turned off At that moment he fainted!

Asked about the emergence of the Water Demon God_Asked about the transformation of the Water Demon God_Asked about the magic picture of the Water Demon

This was so unusual. When I helped Ming to the sofa, Ming woke up, saw me staring at him, and asked: Long Xiang, what's wrong with me?

Haha, it’s nothing, you may be too tired, take a good rest, I have to go back, otherwise I will suffer a lot! Just wake up, then I will go back first. When Lin comes back in a few days, we I'm going out to play, I'm leaving!

After leaving Ming's house, I was frightened for a while. After the wind blew, I shivered violently, and then I realized that I was covered in sweat! When I got in the car, I glanced at the window where Ming was, and I suppressed the fear in my heart. And escape!

"My dear, come with me to the mountains tomorrow!" my wife said after returning home.

"What are you doing in the mountains? Go by yourself!~" I shouted in frustration because of Ming's matter.

"What's wrong with you? It's July 14th the day after tomorrow. I want to ask my uncle if we should go back to our hometown?" Xiaoyu sat next to me and said

"Yes. I haven't seen that old man for a long time!~ Let's go tomorrow then! Remember to bring a few bottles of good wine, otherwise I will be abused by the old man again. It just so happens that I also have something to ask him! By the way, Yu'er, Ming is back, but Lin seems to be back for a few days! Ming brought the table back to me! I'm going to bed first, you can see for yourself!"

We asked about the Magic Picture of the Water Demon_Asked about the transformation of the Water Demon God_Asked about the emergence of the Water Demon God

Yu'er and I grew up in an orphanage. When we were 7 years old, a dirty old Taoist said that Yu'er and I were destined to him, so he accepted us as his disciples. Later I found out that the old Taoist's name was Chuchen, and he was a The famous mage (onmyoji), Yu'er and I were named after him. He passed away for more than 10 years, but his body is still the same as when he was alive. I really don't understand. This year is his birthday. A few days ago, Yu'er and I I was still wondering if I should go back! Finally I decided to ask my uncle!

When I got up in the morning, I almost went to see Master. Really! Yu'er told me that the black Buddha on the bedside was given to me, but it was placed in the living room. How could it be on the bedside? That's it. There's no need to shout so loudly, Yu'er scolded!

Just when I woke up, I vaguely saw a bloody woman and child pressing on me. When I shouted, the shadow disappeared into the black Buddha!

We can't let Yu'er know this, but what danger will this bring to me and Yu'er, and what does it have to do with Ming?

My mind was full of these questions. After breakfast, I found two talisman papers and signed up the Buddha statue, so I went with Yu'er to meet my uncle!

The clouds and mist lingering above the mountainside of Luofeng Mountain really feel like a fairyland in the heavens. This old man will enjoy it. The master was there in Qingcheng Mountain back then!

After arriving at the mountain, a child led us into the place where our uncle was! When I saw my uncle, I shouted, "Hey, old man, you're going to enjoy it! We're catching fish here!" Yu'er was behind me. Hey hey smiling

We asked about the Magic Picture of the Water Demon_Asked about the transformation of the Water Demon God_Asked about the emergence of the Water Demon God

When my uncle saw it was me and Yu'er, he was obviously shocked, but he sat calmly and ignored him! This old man, I thought a little depressed, is obviously nearly a hundred years old, and he is still pretending to be cool!~

Uncle Master, Ah Xiang and I are here to see you. I have your favorite Maotai!

At this time, my uncle stood up and looked at Yu'er and me: You two still have a conscience, senior brother, look at the two good apprentices you have raised, don't you know how to respect the old man? After saying this, he picked up a celadon bottle. Lie Maotai opened his mouth and drank!

Why does this old man look like a centenarian? Just when I was about to ask my uncle why he moved to Fengming Lake, my eyes blurred and I was pushed to the ground with two or three stickers on my body. Soul-forbidden talisman!

I shouted angrily, old man, what are you talking about? What kind of soul talisman do you have on me?

"Xiangzi, have you encountered anything recently?" the old man asked

"No! Old man, what's going on? You put the soul talisman away!"

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Ah! What do you want, old man? The old man gave me a hard chestnut on my head.

Have you really encountered nothing recently? Then why do you look so sluggish? You can't feel it now, but it will be too late to find out at the end of your life!

Seeing that the old man looked serious, I stopped messing around and told the old man what I knew and what I saw this morning! The uncle thought for a long time and then said: It will be a blessing if you don't die this time. Got it!

I'm really a little confused. I'm usually fine! Why is this happening? I suddenly remembered the black Buddha vision in the morning, so I took out the Buddha statue!

After taking a look at it, Uncle Master asked Yuer and I to wait for him in the main hall!

After a while, my uncle and a monk came in, took me into a side room, and told Yu'er to set up a spiritual formation outside and wait outside!

There were spells and Buddhist mantras everywhere in the room, which made me feel nervous. Looking at the formation, I understood my uncle's words, "You are lucky if you don't die this time."

The transformation of the water demon god on the question_The transformation of the water devil god on the question_The fantasy magic picture of the god on the question

The uncle asked me to sit in the center of the room and asked about the transformation of the Water Demon God , and placed the black Buddha opposite me. He and the monk were busy casting spells back and forth around the yin and yang of heaven and earth, and the directions of the heaven and earth. In the afternoon, after taking a short rest with the monk, his handprints flew and pointed at the black Buddha. The monk burst out loudly and spat out a burst of Buddhist mantras, surrounding the black Buddha, and then the uncle also "soldiered" and "came" After I uttered the mantra "Ji" and "Zhen", I saw the talisman paper wrapped in the black Buddha burst open and falling in all directions. At the same time, the black Buddha beat violently. My ears were filled with the sound of ghosts crying and souls screaming. Stinging and panicking, I put the Fire Spirit Jade stone given by Master into my mouth and silently recited the mantra to keep my heart clear. At this time, I suddenly heard Sanskrit singing in my ears. The discomfort just now had all subsided. I squinted and saw the black Buddha. A huge shadow hung in the air, with black eyes. A child next to him had blood-red eyes. He wanted me to grab his hand, but it seemed to be blocked by something. The hand became more and more pale. Slowly, as for the bones of the hand, the flesh and blood disappeared! Suddenly Suddenly, the huge black shadow spit out a mouthful of blood mist at the child. The child suddenly grew in size to be as tall as the shadow, and the hand grabbed me again!

The monk shouted fiercely: Ghost mandrill, don't go back! "Om mani padme hum" the six-character Buddhist mantra rang loudly, forcing the child back to his original position. When they couldn't make any progress, they were in a stalemate. At this time, the uncle suddenly suddenly Exploding and jumping on top of the ghost mandrill: Lin, Bing, Du, Zhe, Jie, Zhen, Lin, Zai, the first nine words of the mantra were used as a guide, suppressing the phantom, and surrounded the black Buddha with the fire of the surrounding spells. The whole body was burned, and after an hour, the talisman flame gradually extinguished and the water demon transformed into a god , and the black Buddha was replaced by gold!

After everything was packed up, my uncle introduced to me that the monk was also a mage. One of their sacred weapons, the Black Buddha, was stolen more than ten years ago. This time he happened to be here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to take it away. After that ghost came out of the room, Yu'er rushed over and asked what was going on. She said that she felt very uneasy when she was outside. The hall was shaking violently, but it was obviously not an earthquake! I just shook my head and said it was okay!

Yu'er and I stayed at Uncle Master's place for two days, and we became familiar with the monk. Only then did we realize that the four of us were in danger that day. Even if Yu'er was outside, once the mandrill escaped, not only the people on the mountain would suffer! Looking back now, I still feel scared!

When I said goodbye to my uncle and the monk, my uncle asked me to go see the Ming Dynasty during the Ghost Festival!

In the past few days, my uncle and I have understood that Ming is dead. After using the Buddha statue to create a connection with Ming, Ghost Mandrill came back and saw that my body and Yu'er's body were more suitable for her, so he possessed her. Yu Heifu wanted to take possession of my body and Yu'er's body in one fell swoop, but I broke through and accidentally brought him to my uncle's place, which led to his eventual capture!~

On the night of the Ghost Festival, Yu'er and I went to A Ming's house. A Ming was surprised to see his body turn into dots of brilliance dissipating in the air. Yu'er and I nodded in thought, indicating that we understood everything. !Ming smiled, and two tears fell on my face in the brilliance! Watching Ming gradually disappear, Yu'er and I were silent for a long time, and left Ming's residence!

Two days later, Yu'er and I went to the airport to pick up Lin. She told us in grief that Ming was hit by a falling rock from a mountain in Thailand to save her and was seriously injured. When he was sent to the hospital, he had a black Buddha in his hand. , the Buddha disappeared the next day, Ming also fell into a coma, Ming left on the Ghost Festival, and he also had a miscarriage!~~~

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