Corpse Suppressing Bracelet

"Wow, this boss's residence is so elegant," Dunzi stood at the door of the villa and admired.

I looked at the villa in front of me and sighed to myself: the owner of this house must be a rich man with assets of over 100 million.

An hour ago, I received a mysterious phone call: A boss named Sun wanted to see Dunzi and me and said that he had something very important to discuss with us.

"There is also a barbed wire fence on the courtyard wall. What does this boss do?" Dunzi exclaimed again.

Looking at the barbed wire on the wall, I suddenly became suspicious: This place is heavily guarded. Could it be that a trap was set to deceive Dunzi and me? No way, the fight between Dunzi and I was extremely secretive, so no one should know about it.

I was muttering, and the door opened with a "squeak". A middle-aged man came out, looking polite. This man was very enthusiastic when he saw us and held my hand.

"Come, you are finally here, I am so happy!"

"Boss Sun, it seems we haven't dealt with each other before." I suspected that he had recognized the wrong person.

"Come, come in and talk." Boss Sun let me and Dunzi into the living room. Suddenly, my eyes were filled with a shell. There was a shelf close to the wall on the left side, which was filled with bracelets of different colors in an orderly manner.

"The bracelet is a good thing. It has been passed down from ancient times to this day, and people are in love with it. It is really ice muscle and jade bone, and the bottom of the wrist is fragrant." Boss Sun brewed a pot of Taiping Houkui and started chatting with me. It turns out that Boss Sun is a crazy bracelet collector, and recently got news: a Western Zhou Dynasty tomb was discovered in the northwest, containing a pair of ancient bracelets.

"I want to get the pair of bracelets in the tomb, so I invite you two to come to my house to discuss." Boss Sun lowered his voice, "I have found out clearly that you two are famous gold-touching captains on the road. As long as you let me see the pair of bracelets , I will pay you five million."

five million? I felt ecstatic in my heart. No matter how valuable the ancient bracelet was, it only cost one million yuan. As expected, the boss named Sun loved bracelets as much as his life. But then I thought about it, shook my head and said: "Now that the tomb has been discovered, I am afraid that some colleagues have already arrived first."

"Don't worry about that." Boss Sun said firmly, "No one knows where the tomb is except me."

At this time, Dunzi suddenly winked at me, and then casually glanced at the shelf full of bracelets. I understood and clenched my hands gently, and there was a noise outside the villa, like something exploded. Before Dunzi and I entered the house, we placed a remote-controlled "Chaotian Thunder" in an inconspicuous corner at the door of the villa. If something unexpected happened, we could divert the other party's attention so that we could escape.

"What's going on?" Boss Sun stood up.

"Quick, go out and take a look!" Dunzi pulled Boss Sun out of the living room.

I quickly walked to the wall on the left side of the living room, and based on experience, I quickly touched the switch hidden behind the shelf. With a slight twist, a secret door slowly opened on the wall, revealing a secret room.

Dunzi just reminded me secretly that there is something wrong with the wall on the left side of the living room. In fact, I also feel that this wall has a yin energy. This is the unique professional sensitivity of senior military captain Mojin.

The light in the secret room was very weak. I had just walked a few meters when something hit my head. When I looked up, I almost screamed out. It turned out to be a skull.

I quickly stepped back, and now I could see clearly. There was a human skeleton attached to the skull. It turned out to be a withered corpse, hanging from a rope, swinging around. I took a deep breath, looked carefully, and found that there were corpses everywhere. To be precise, they were mummies, each hanging on a rope like a hanged ghost.

Suddenly, there was a faint crystal light in the middle of the secret room. When I turned around and looked, I saw that it was a glass cover more than two meters high. Looking through the glass cover, the hairs on my body stood up: a living human skin hung inside, the skin was rosy and elastic, and next to the skin was a bloody human skeleton.

How cruel, to peel off human skin from the body! Boss Sun is a murderous demon? As soon as this idea came into my mind, I rejected it. I found that the appearance of this human skin matched the characteristics of ancient people. The facial features were extremely majestic, which reminded me of the emperors of ancient dynasties. It turned out to be a mummy, but after special treatment, it looked like a living corpse.

"Boss Sun, maybe a child was setting off firecrackers at the door just now. When he saw us coming out, he was scared and ran away." Dunzi's high-pitched voice came into the secret room, and he was reminding me.

I hurriedly walked out through the "corpse forest" and accidentally heard a slight "click" sound around me, like something slowly growing. I turned my head and glanced at one of the mummies, and found that its fingers seemed to be slowly growing longer… Before I had time to think about it, I quickly walked out of the secret room and pressed the button, and the wall returned to its original shape.

As soon as I sat down, Dunzi and Boss Sun came in.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Boss Sun apologized, then changed the topic and asked, "Have you considered what happened just now?"

"We took this job." I wanted to know what kind of bracelets would make Boss Sun willing to pay five million.

"That's great." Boss Sun said excitedly, "To avoid a long night and many dreams, we will set off tomorrow."

On the way back, after I told Dunzi everything I saw in the secret room, I calmly analyzed: "This man is a collector of ancient corpses. He is interested in ancient corpses, not bracelets."

"I said he lives in such a high-end villa. It turns out that this person is in the business of killing thousands of corpses!"

Dunzi's words reminded me that Eastern mummies are processed and packaged and shipped to the West. In the eyes of some foreigners, they are simply rare treasures. They put the ancient corpses on display in the exhibition hall, which will attract the attention of many curious people. There are great business opportunities here. But digging graves in itself is detrimental to moral integrity, and then dragging people's ancestors out of their coffins and selling them is unforgivable!

I couldn't help but shake my head. This boss Sun seemed to be a gentleman, but he was involved in such a dirty business.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. Dunzi, go back and prepare the tools. We will set out to work tomorrow." I am not very interested in ancient corpses. What attracts me is the five million reward.

Early the next morning, Boss Sun drove to pick us up. After driving on the highway for two days and two nights, we arrived at a remote town surrounded by mountains.

After Boss Sun parked the car, he opened the trunk and took out a bulging bag.

"Boss Sun, you have all the tools, you don't need to prepare anything." Dunzi said, reaching out to help Boss Sun get the bag.

"Don't touch it!" Boss Sun hurriedly backed away from the terrifying eyes of the fog ghost , "What's inside is not a tool."

I felt strange: "What is it if it's not a tool?"

"Oh, it contains… things that I like to play with, and I'm used to carrying them with me." Boss Sun hesitated when he spoke, as if he was hiding something.

"Since it is Boss Sun's favorite thing, it must be a good thing. But in our business, we always go in and hold the treasure out empty-handed." I joked, "Boss Sun did the opposite, which is quite novel. ah."

Dunzi took my words and said: "Taking treasures into a fight will attract Yin energy, which will make it useless."

Boss Sun was anxious: "It's not a treasure, it's just a very common thing. It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter."

"Since Boss Sun is so insistent, then take it with you!" I wanted to see what kind of medicine he was selling in his gourd.

We entered the corridor from the entrance of the tomb smoothly, and after walking a few dozen meters, we arrived at the front room of the tomb. Dunzi said excitedly: "It went really well! It was so easy to get in, and you can enter the main tomb immediately."

"Don't move!" A huge blue stone on the ground caught my attention. This stone was square and square, estimated to weigh half a ton. It had a "nose buckle" cut out on the front, and half of an iron chain was tied to it. .

Dunzi knelt down and looked at the ground, then stood up and said to me: "There are drag marks on the ground, which should be the blocking stones of the main tomb."

"Didn't you say that no one knows about this tomb except you?" I turned around and looked at Boss Sun.

"Someone has come in. Where is he?" Boss Sun was suddenly very excited. He stepped over the stone and walked towards the main tomb chamber. It was as if he suddenly heard that a thief had entered the house and couldn't wait to get in and see what was missing. something.

"Gudong!" Boss Sun stepped in the air, and a trap about ten meters deep appeared below, filled with densely packed daggers. Fortunately, I was prepared. The moment Boss Sun stepped into the air, I grabbed his ankles, and the huge inertia led me to slide towards the trap.

Dunzi hugged me, and I pressed my body against the stone to stabilize myself.

Boss Sun hung upside down in the air and shouted for help. This kind of mechanism is called a chain flipper, which appeared in the late Western Zhou Dynasty. It is similar to a seesaw. Once you step on it, people will immediately roll into the trap, and then the chain flipper will quickly return to its original state.

Dunzi and I pulled Boss Sun upwards with all our strength. At this time, Boss Sun's cry for help turned into a scream of terror. I leaned over and took a look, and there was a man's body under the trap: he was tall and stretched out. Lying on the dagger, his body was pierced into a bloody hole. The dead body stared at Boss Sun with its eyes motionless.

No wonder Boss Sun was so frightened, but then he thought about it and felt something was wrong: Boss Sun was already used to selling ancient corpses, so how could he be scared?

Dunzi analyzed: "This was an unlucky tomb robber. He entered the main tomb chamber from another direction. After finding that it was blocked, he tried his best to chisel the 'nose buckle' and tied it with an iron chain. He finally pulled the blocking stone to the tomb. In the front room, he stepped on the switch and fell into a trap."

After Boss Sun was pulled up by us, his eyes were always on the male corpse under the trap. His eyes were red and he seemed sad.

I stared at Boss Sun without saying a word, and suddenly asked in a cold voice: "Stop hiding it. What does this male corpse have to do with you?"

"What?" Dunzi looked at me puzzled, "Boss Sun knows this unfortunate guy?"

"Let him speak for himself." A person who deals with corpses every day will not be emotional about the male corpse that appears in the trap. I have reason to believe that the corpse that appears under the trap must be someone belonging to Boss Sun.

Sure enough, Boss Sun sighed and said, "I won't hide it from you anymore. This person is my bodyguard Ahu. I asked him to go to the tomb alone to get the bracelet. After a few days of not seeing him back, I knew something had happened. That’s why I invited you here.”

Dunzi snorted: "Do you think this is a big house in your own backyard, where you can come and go when you want? No matter how talented a person is, once he comes in, there is no place for heroes to show his strength. Not to mention your bodyguard, even the bodyguard of a big shot comes in. , is also practicing Tai Chi in the crotch, which is pure nonsense."

"Who said I wasn't here? I knew something was wrong when Ahu didn't come back, but there's no point regretting it. I invited you all here." Boss Sun's tone seemed very sincere, "Actually, I'll follow you I came in not just for the pair of bracelets, but mainly because I wanted to see if Ahu was trapped inside. After all, human life is a top priority. Besides, Ahu and I have been together for many years, and this relationship cannot be easily broken up. "

"Follow me and watch my footprints." I don't want to listen to Boss Sun's words anymore. He definitely didn't follow us into the tomb because of Ah Hu, but because he was worried about the pair of bracelets. He was afraid that we would get the right ones. Take it back to fool him.

I have already understood that the main tomb chamber is on the right side of the front chamber. As long as I put my feet on the traces of the blue stone being dragged on the ground, I will not hit any traps again.

Ahu's death was not in vain. Without him, we would probably be the ones lying under the trap.

Since the blocking stone was gone, we successfully entered the main tomb chamber.

The main tomb chamber is large, dark and cold. I can't explain why, but I felt like something wasn't right in the atmosphere.

"Give me a black donkey's hoof." I said to Dunzi.

Dunzi took out a black donkey's hoof from his bag, walked over and handed it to me, but he tripped over something on the ground and was startled. He looked down and saw that it was a broken bottle.

"Huh?" Dunzi picked up a fragment, "There is a dragon pattern on this bottle. Oh, this tomb is extraordinary!"

I was about to see what kind of dragon pattern it was when I suddenly saw Boss Sun carrying a bag and running toward a coffin with a golden shimmer in the middle of the tomb.

Dunzi and I ignored the broken dragon-patterned bottle and walked to the coffin. Unexpectedly, the coffin lid has been opened.

"Has Ah Hu already come in?" The thought just came to my mind when I saw Boss Sun leaning down impatiently to see what was inside.

Dunzi turned on the flashlight and scanned the inside of the coffin. The coffin was empty. Not only were there no rare treasures such as bracelets, there were no corpses either. Dunzi and I looked at each other, feeling incredible: there were no burial objects, so someone took them away before we came in, but why were there no corpses?

At this time, Boss Sun was holding the coffin with one hand and holding the bag with the other hand. He jumped in and groped around inside the coffin with both hands. A possibility suddenly occurred to me: after the mummies in the coffin were taken away by tomb robbers, they were traded with Boss Sun. Perhaps, the missing mummy is hanging in the secret room of the living room at this time.

However, the stone blocking the main tomb was pulled away by Ahu. He fell into the trap in the front room before he could enter the main tomb… Ahu did not come in alone, he must have found a helper. After the blocking stone was removed, Ahu's helpers opened the coffin and took away everything inside, including the thousand corpses. This helper must be the person A Hu trusted the most. A Hu would never have imagined until his death that the person he trusted the most ignored his body at the last moment and swept away the contents in the coffin. The most ironic thing is that the helper A Hu found found Boss Sun and sold him the mummy in the coffin.

Boss Sun groped for a long time, but got nothing. He stamped his feet angrily and murmured to himself: "How come there is no bracelet? Trouble, now I'm in big trouble!"

What he said made people laugh. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t. What’s the trouble? I just think that Ahu's companions did an incredible job. Not only did they leave no visible artifacts inside the coffin, they even took away the body.

"What is this?" Dunzi said softly, and the flashlight light fell on the inner wall of the coffin.

Boss Sun, who was squatting in the coffin, and I both looked over: a yellow talisman paper was firmly fixed on the inner wall of the coffin with a bone needle, and there were several strange symbols drawn on the talisman paper. The bone needle is about an inch long, silvery white in color, and as thick as a human finger.

"This thing seems to be made of human bones." Boss Sun said, holding the bone needle involuntarily with his hand, and pulled it out with a strong force.

"Bang!" The coffin lid suddenly lifted up automatically, slamming the coffin shut.

Dunzi and I were startled at the same time, what happened?

"Maybe it has something to do with that yellow talisman…" Before Dunzi could finish his words, he heard a "click, click, click" sound, and the coffin lid made a dull sound, slowly opening a gap.

"Boss Sun, don't panic, I'll help you open it." Dunzi said, holding the lid with both hands and just about to lift it up, when suddenly, a bloody human hand poked out from the coffin.

Before I could understand what was going on, the lid of the coffin was pushed open with a bang, and a stranger jumped out from inside: his facial features looked majestic, but his facial muscles were very stiff.

I was stunned, as if I had seen this face somewhere. At this time, Dunzi shouted "Wow". It turned out that the man who jumped out of the coffin suddenly opened his arms and hugged him tightly, biting his nose. He turned his head suddenly and bit off half of Dunzi's nose.

Dunzi screamed in pain, and then punched the opponent in the chest with all his strength. The power of this punch was so great that the opponent groaned and flew several meters away.

"Grandma, even if you are a zombie, I will still practice with you!" Dunzi's face was covered with blood. He pulled out the short knife from his waist angrily and shouted while rolling up his sleeves.

I glanced at the coffin subconsciously. It was empty except for the deflated bag that Boss Sun carried with him. It's really strange, why did Boss Sun disappear out of thin air?

The stranger immediately stood up from the ground, completely ignoring the dagger in Dunzi's hand, raised his two bloody hands above his head, and rushed towards Dunzi.

"Run!" I quickly grabbed Dunzi and quickly left the tomb, running into the corridor next to it.

The stranger was pressing behind him, and Dunzi screamed in pain as he ran, insisting on stopping and fighting with the other person. I looked back and felt something was wrong: because I was running too fast, the skin of the person behind seemed to be peeled off from the body, fluttering, like a person running with a piece of skin.

I grabbed a handful of glutinous rice from my pocket, stopped suddenly, faced the stranger's face, and pulled all the glutinous rice onto him. The stranger stopped, and the human skin slipped from his body to the ground. Boss Sun crawled out from under the human skin in a state of embarrassment. I suddenly remembered, no wonder the human skin looked familiar just now. I had seen it in the secret room of Boss Sun’s living room: hanging in a glass cover, the skin looked rosy and elastic, and there was a bloody human skeleton next to it.

Dunzi walked up to Boss Sun angrily, reached out and slapped him three times.

"Grandma, why are you so pretentious? Why did you bite my nose?"

"I don't know what happened. As soon as I pulled out the bone needle, the human skin flew out of the bag and trapped me." Boss Sun looked aggrieved and confused, "What happened next? Your nose is terrible Eyes of Fog Ghost , who bit your nose?"

Boss Sun didn’t look like he was lying. I thought of the yellow talisman fixed with bone needles and got the answer: when the owner of the tomb was buried, in order to prevent the corpse from undergoing corpse transformation in the future, he asked someone to ask a wizard to use bone needles and yellow talismans to seal the body. The soul was calm. The bone needles were pulled out, and the soul that had been suppressed for thousands of years was instantly freed and immediately attached to the human skin. The human skin that was well preserved by Boss Sun temporarily restored its short-term memory due to its soul possession, and launched an attack on the tomb robbers.

"So this is what you have in your bag. Why did you bring it?" I thought Boss Sun's behavior was simply unbelievable.

Boss Sun said awkwardly: "I heard that taking it to the grave can ward off evil spirits, but I didn't expect such an accident to happen."

Can human skin ward off evil spirits? First time I heard about it. Boss Sun had obviously done enough homework. The human skin he chose was definitely not from an ordinary ancient corpse. It might be the owner of the coffin in this tomb.

The world is so unpredictable, everything is a disaster, and you can't escape even if you want to. Boss Sun's hand was bloody, and he might have been pricked by a bone needle in the rush inside the coffin. He collected ancient corpses and started trading, but he finally suffered a lot, which can be considered a lesson.

It seemed that this trip was going to be empty-handed. The three of us continued walking along the corridor for dozens of meters and were forced to stop. A ghostly stone wall appeared in front of me, pitch black and exuding a rotten smell.

Just as I was about to turn on the flashlight, I suddenly saw tiny bits of light flickering on the surface of the stone wall. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be phosphorus fire.

"Oh my god, there are bones everywhere on this wall!" Dunzi exclaimed. I paid close attention to the stone wall, and saw the gray remains of corpses exposed in the gaps between the original stone bricks.

"Bracelet, here's the bracelet!" Boss Sun suddenly shouted crazily. I saw a pair of bracelets hanging in the center of the stone wall. They seemed to be made of a special material. They were engraved with strange symbols like blood vessels and emitted a blue and cold dark light.

Boss Sun couldn't suppress his inner excitement. He approached the stone wall, stretched out his hand to grab the bracelet, and murmured to himself: "The corpse-suppressing bracelet! I finally see you."

Corpse suppressing bracelet? When I was stunned, Boss Sun had already taken the bracelet off the stone wall and held it tightly in his hand. Almost at the same time, a black mist suddenly appeared on the stone wall, and hideous and terrifying faces emerged from the black mist.

With a "boom", the stone wall suddenly collapsed.

"Dunzi, run!" I quickly grabbed Dunzi's arm and ran out through a gap the moment the stone wall collapsed.

"Ah" Boss Sun screamed from behind. The moment I ran out of the main tomb, I took one last look back: Boss Sun was waving the bracelet in his hand and struggling painfully in the black mist. The ghosts with their teeth and claws surrounded him and kept tearing at his wrists. Body……

I now understand everything: the owner of the tomb was either a king or a prince. When the construction of the tomb was completed, in order to prevent the secrets in the tomb from leaking, his soldiers brutally killed the builders and built them into the stone wall. , becoming the last barrier to seal the tomb. The pair of bracelets that appear on the stone wall are corpse-suppressing bracelets. They have only one purpose, which is to suppress the souls of the deceased built into the stone wall to prevent evil spirits from causing trouble.

Dunzi asked incomprehensively: "Boss Sun is searching so hard for the corpse-suppressing bracelet. What is the use of it?"

I remembered the scene when I saw the fingers of the mummy slowly growing when I left the secret room, and I had the answer: the ancient corpses collected by Boss Sun had shown signs of corpse transformation, and he couldn't wait to find the corpse-suppressing bracelet in order to prevent the corpse transformation.

—Time Ghost—

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