Cat Yin Yang Face Chapter 39 Confucianism

"Husband, with your current skill, you can't escape. Hurry up and throw this hot potato to someone else. It's important to save your life." Peng Gu's urgent voice came from next to my ear.

Secretary Xing didn't know, but the ghost pot was stolen by himself. If Mao Yin Yang's face was taken away by others, how would he explain to Han Sheng and Lan'er in the future? Even if he could escape now, he couldn't leave Ke'er behind. Don't care about Song Laoguai.

At this moment, Xian Shengzi found that the ghost pot was being transferred out of the hands of the Hakka mother, and immediately shouted: "Secretary Xing, quickly hand over the ghost pot." Even though he knew that this object was originally brought by Secretary Xing.

"Run!" The Hakka nanny said hurriedly, then turned around and stepped forward to stop Xian Shengzi.

"Sanggong, we seem to be unable to escape," Ke'er said quietly.

At this moment, Professor Wudeng approached him like a ghost, snatched away the ghost pot without saying anything, then turned around and left.

"Look at the sword!" The Immortal Son leaped about Zhang Xu in the air, and stepped over the head of the Hakka Nanny.

The real martial arts seven-star sword suddenly swelled red, and a blood-red light blade whizzed towards Professor Wudeng.

"There is righteousness in the world, and it is said to be awe-inspiring to people." Professor Wudeng calmly recited "Song of Righteousness" in his mouth, and with a loud fart, his body suddenly rose into the air, and the sword light swept across his feet and fell. null. But after hearing a "creak" sound not far behind, the blood-red light of the Zhenwu Seven Star Sword cut a deep mark on the stone wall from the air.

It was amazing, Secretary Xing was so frightened that his hair stood on end, this sword can fly out of the sword to hurt people, it is hard to guard against.

"Once it's foggy and dewy, it's filthy." Professor Wudeng lifted his gown in mid-air, and a stream of steaming yellow-brown liquid squeaked out from the small hole in front of him, and when it flew above the Fairy Son, it suddenly dissipated. It's like a light rain pouring down your head.

With a sound of "hissing", white smoke rose from the nine-beam scarf and Taoist robe on the head of Xian Shengzi, and it had already eaten through countless small holes, penetrating through the flesh and emitting a burnt smell. The smell, the pain made him scream.

What Professor Wudeng shot was extremely strong and corrosive urine, which caught people off guard at all by surprise. Immortal Son, a famous Taoist priest of a generation, was caught in this way, and a few drops were poured on his face, and he burned immediately. There was a blister, which almost blinded my eyes.

Although the urine is so corrosive, Professor Wudeng's bladder is not damaged at all. This is the mystery and magic of Confucianism.

"Sir, it's really weird that Professor Wudeng has practiced advanced martial arts even in his piss." Ke'er watched from the side in shock.

"I don't know if he will be more wicked when pulling papa," Song Laoguai muttered behind him.

"Amitabha," the old monk Wuyu stepped forward to stop Professor Wudeng's retreat, and said disdainfully, "You have even used the shameless tricks in the Jianghu. Is this the "Confucian skill" that is unique in the world? 'What?"

"Heaven and man are one, all things are nurtured, and human nature is fully realized. Only by fully human nature can we fully realize the nature of things, and finally 'connect with heaven and earth'. The way of martial arts, you don't have to stick to it. The old man's pissing fart is 'the record of heaven'. Silent and odorless, to the point', this is the highest state that a saint and martial arts must achieve." Professor Wudeng talked eloquently, with no sense of shame or guilt on his face.

"Since that's the case, wait for this old monk to learn about your mediocrity and supreme knowledge." The old monk Wuyu said as he shortened his body, and with his fingers like hooks, he used the mighty "Vajra Fingers" and grabbed at Wuyu like lightning. Professor Lamp has big and small meat holes in the front and back of the buttocks.

"Shameless, obscene!" Professor Wudeng yelled sharply, then moved sideways and dodged the old monk's two lightning strikes in time, and the timing was perfect.

Unexpectedly, before Wuyu's finger arrived, Zhifeng had arrived earlier, which greatly exceeded Professor Wudeng's expectation, so it was a little bit late in time.

With two "chi chi" sounds, the hem of the professor's gown was torn off by the wind of the "powerful diamond finger", exposing his white and fleshy buttocks.

"Puff" a burst of righteousness exploded in front of the old monk's face, because the distance was too close, the old monk Wuyu had no time to dodge, so he simply "hooed" a cloud of true energy and collided with it.

How strong is the masculine energy of Buddhism, solemn and stern, extremely cold, full of the pure natural taste of vegetarians. The awe-inspiring aura of Confucianism is the combination of yin and yang, meat and vegetables, neither fragrant nor stinky, full of a moderate atmosphere of peace and humility. But after all, it comes from the dung door, so it is inevitable that some sticky stars will fly out along with it.

Under the impact of two different gases, the two each took two steps back.

The old monk Wuyu rubbed his nose, feeling a little itchy on his nose hairs. But a master can't tolerate the slightest hesitation, but seeing him rushing forward again, he raised his hands and quickly drew circles in front of him, with his ten fingers twisted into fingers, he used the martial arts unique skill he was most proud of in his life "Thousands of Swords" Hand Avalokitesvara".

Professor Wudeng also didn't care that he was already naked. Since he still held Fenghou's skull in his hand, he could only fight with the old monk with one hand, which was not a small disadvantage in comparison.

At this moment, he was surprised to find that countless arms suddenly appeared on both sides of Wuyu old monk's body, and they kept shrinking and shrinking.

After all, Professor Wudeng is also a master of martial arts. He knows that no matter how different the opponent is, only two arms are real, and the others are phantoms that disturb the mind, but which two will they be?

"For the head of General Yan, for Ji Shi's blood" as he chanted, Professor Wudeng was shocked, his whole gown burst into pieces suddenly, the sweat pores on the outside of his right arm suddenly opened, and "swish swish swish" shot out instantly Countless bundles of true energy as thin as hair came out, straight towards the pile of arms of the old monk.

The old monk Wuyu was taken aback, he didn't expect that this Confucian skill could even shoot hidden weapons from the pores of his pores, it was simply unimaginable, there are such weird skills in the world.

It was too late, but it was soon, when he heard his bones "crack", one of the arms of "Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara" suddenly doubled, and the finger was still running towards the little meat in front of Professor Wudeng. Poke the hole. The old monk seemed to be determined to fight for a little injury, but also to abolish the professor's excretory port that could spray the venom, which is why the fairy son and Taoist priest were seriously injured just now.

"嗤嗤嗤" Most of the zhenqi beams were shot empty, only a few dozen hit Wuyu old monk's upper arm, and bright red drops of blood oozed out of the hole the size of a needle eye.

After Professor Wudeng shot out the qi beam, he swept back quickly to prevent the opponent from counterattacking, but he never expected that one of the old monk's arms would soar and follow him like a shadow. The two brown flesh folds were still torn off abruptly by Wuyu old monk's fingers.

"Ah" he yelled in pain, "Deng Deng Deng" stepped back a few steps in a row, his whole body was naked, and blood oozed from his crotch.

Immortal Son got a chance now, and regardless of the burning pain of his flesh, he held up the True Martial Seven-Star Sword and slashed down viciously from behind him.

"Taking advantage of people's danger, the head of the Supreme Harmony Palace is really so despicable." The old woman Qiubo suddenly opened her eyes, flew up from the big blue stone, and slashed at the wrist of the fairy son with a slanting stab.

"Don't hurt Master Uncle." Xuanjizi shook his hand and rushed forward with a loud cry.

The Hakka nanny sneered in her heart, pointed her hands at Professor Wudeng, and said quickly: "Tanga Aja is angry, duh, chiha, pregnant…" and performed the second move of Zhu You's magic skill "transferring flowers and trees". That Professor Wudeng has a grudge against him, so we must first work together to deal with him to avoid future troubles.

Xuanjizi's dust tail stood upright like steel needles, suddenly turned a corner on the way, and involuntarily rushed towards Professor Wudeng's ribs, and the other arm of the old monk Wuyu suddenly swelled, and the flower The finger changes into a "powerful diamond finger" and directly pokes Professor Wudeng's plump chest.

At this moment, Professor Wudeng is under attack from both sides, surrounded by three sides, and the danger seems to be everywhere.

Xuanjizi's fly whisk hit his right side first, the professor let out a yell, the hairy armpit skin of his armpit suddenly opened a small mouth, and spewed out a beam of true energy with a "huh", "beep beep bobo "The white static electricity flashed, and the dust tail like steel needles instantly turned into fine powder and drifted down.

Immediately following the Wuyu old monk's Vajra Finger wind came again, but seeing the professor's white and fat right breast suddenly opened a big mouth, which was full of dense teeth, "click" bit the old monk's finger and did not let go. The old monk Wuyu's complexion changed suddenly, and he retreated forcefully, but those small sharp teeth did not let go, and blood flowed down from the gap between his fingers.

At this stalemate, the blood-red light of the sword in Xian Shengzi's hand fell from the sky, and Professor Wudeng felt that something was coming over his head, and it was extremely powerful. But at this moment, he couldn't get away from his body anymore, so he had no choice but to make a dangerous move, raising his left hand above the top, and using the ghost pot in his palm to meet the sword glow of the real martial arts seven-star sword.

This was a last resort. Professor Wudeng deduced that the attacker behind the scenes, Xian Shengzi, would inevitably withdraw his sword halfway in order not to damage Feng Hou's skull.

Sure enough, the Immortal Son was surprised to find that the sword light was about to hit the ghost pot, and quickly twisted his wrist to withdraw the Zhenwu Seven Star Sword, but although the sword was withdrawn, the sharp blood-red sword light could not be retracted

But there was a sound of "bang", black light radiated everywhere, and a cloud of pitch-black smog shrouded the top of Professor Wudeng's bald head, and there was a faint scream of ghosts and wolves screaming from inside.

Fenghou's skull reacted naturally after being cut by the sword light. The ancient Zhuyou skill contained in the ghost pot instantly eliminated the blood-red sword light, and issued a warning to shock the world.

At this moment, the strength of the old woman's palm came, and with a "click", the fairy son's sword-holding wrist was cut off, and the Zhenwu Seven-Star Sword fell to the ground with a "bang".

Immediately afterwards there was a slight "click" sound, and the small mouth on Professor Wudeng's chest had already bit off two fingertips of the old monk Wuyu.

A tragic melee finally came to an end.

"You're bothering the old man's cleansing, please stop." A simple and old voice suddenly came from inside the stone wall.

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