folk Ghost Stories

The old monk laughed loudly and said: "I have been dead for hundreds of years. I never thought that today I can eat fresh human hearts. After eating these two, I can transform into the devil world and become an immortal demon body." Su Sheng saw that it was right. I met the Taoist priest at the inn." The old Taoist smiled and said: "Get up, don't blame those who don't know, that little monk is also a ghost, and has been killed by the poor Taoist. I have been fighting with this old ghost for hundreds of years, and the poor Taoist disciples Both disciples died at his hands.

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long Ghost Story

I am a timid person, and such a simple story scared me for years. It's really unfair to God, for letting me, a timid person like me, encounter a particularly terrifying thing. Therefore, the process of each massacre by Guan Laosi seems to be a wonderful performance that the people of Changshou Town never tire of watching. A famous horror novelist in our country once said: “Digesting terror becomes the nourishment of courage.

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The Shroud Part 2: Ghost Pot

Song Diweng frowned and said, "It's strange. From what the young monk said, he didn't come to the Grand Canyon to meet Jia Shiming. He seemed to want to meet some 'noble person'?" Youliang nodded and said truthfully: " She was first abducted by a bad guy named Daozhang Jia in Tongguan. Later she fell from the cliff of Yuzhu Peak and survived the catastrophe and fell into the navel of Guanzhong. She somehow ended up in the "Fenghou Tomb" and then burrowed into the secret Tao escaped from an ancient tower…"

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Evil Spirits In Ancient Temples (3)

They learned from the robbed pilgrims that there was a beautiful Miss Liu in Hengfa Temple, who looked like a fairy who had left the blue sky. The thief saw that the mountain gate was tightly closed and the high wall was difficult to climb, and he did not bring any climbing equipment. The monks inside were already on guard, and it was difficult to break in for a while. Donate it, otherwise all the garlands will be burned, the monks and laymen will be beheaded, and no one will be left alive.

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The Third Part Of The Green Skull Shroud: The Remnant Eye

"Master, what is a 'jade corpse'? Thinking of Sister Du's sallow complexion and the red light all over Xue Daochan, could it be because of inhaling the cold air of the 'yin-eating needle' that raised the vaginal eyes to a higher level to see the spiritual energy?" Conquered the devil? "According to the old Zen Master Gukong, the reason why these fireflies are flying in the spiritual field is because there is a thousand-year-old corpse buried underground, and it is not necessarily a human corpse.

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Chapter 38 Zhu Youshu

"Haha, 'Baosi's Fragrance', the fourth form of Zhu You's magical skill." The second form of Zhu You's magical skill is 'transferring flowers and grafting trees'. Professor Wu Deng was also slightly startled at this moment. This Hakka nun actually transferred the "aura of awe" she emitted to others. It seemed that Zhu Youshu was really evil. "Buddhist martial arts are indeed very masculine, but they lack a bit of femininity. 'Those who are scratched are prone to breakage.' It is not as good as my Confucian martial arts, which combines yin and yang and works both ways.

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Immortal Evil God 4 Chapter 40 Weird Sound

"Immortal Saint Son," Shibi Nei interrupted him with a very stern tone, "You actually used the Zhenwu Seven-Star Sword to kill the 'Ghost Pot'. Do you know what serious consequences this will have? Immortal Saint Son "Hmm" He made a sound and said: "The asura insect is so small that it can't lift the ghost pot, so it should still be in the hole in the stone wall."

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The Mighty And Ghostly Wife Continues Her Career

Xu Huangliang, his adopted son or distant relative, would ride on the carriages and horses of the post station when he went out, and he was as majestic as the wind and thunder. The minister was wary and afraid day and night, not daring to live in peace, risking death, listing all kinds of sins, and reporting to the emperor to hear them. After a while, he saw someone dragging his beautiful concubine out of the room. Her hair was disheveled and she was crying sweetly. Although she was beautiful and beautiful, no one loved her. Zeng's soul was still wondering, when two ghosts came over immediately, tied his hands behind his back, and drove him forward.

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I heard that zombies are most afraid of red beans, iron filings and glutinous rice. You might as well wait for it to go out tonight and sprinkle these three things around the coffin first. When it comes back, it will not be able to enter the coffin. You can take a look at the good things in the coffin, and maybe you can make a fortune. Wouldn't this kill two birds with one stone? I just wonder if you have the courage? When he took a closer look, he saw that the coffin's lid was placed on the ground. It must have been closed every time the zombies came back. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Folk Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Folk Ghost Stories