May Robbery

As a result, my marriage was delayed day by day, and it became a major event discussed in the town. Fifteen years ago, I respected my parents’ orders, married Wanmei, and left her. Afterwards, I never heard anything about her again. In the spring of this year, when I went up the mountain to worship my ancestors, I met a fortune-telling old man. He chased after me and said a word: “Zhuangyuanlang, doom is inevitable in May this year. I didn’t take his words to heart at all. I didn’t expect that this May would be doomed. This year is really full of disasters.” In this year, from May of last year to now, many important people in the town have passed away. The Taoist priest on the mountain said that the year is not good. … Continue readingMay Robbery

The White Fox Romance

“Huang Sheng was very surprised. He thought to himself: “I usually read the scriptures and books, and I believe in the old master’s way, but I don’t believe in the old man’s words. The appearance of ‘Wenquxing’. Huang Sheng’s consciousness gradually became clear. He thought of the snowy land, the little white fox, and the cliff. Huang Sheng first got a general understanding of the situation of the young man in white: the surname is Bai, the single character, the word Qingshi, and the fragrance of books. Family status. “The book has its own Yan Ruyu, and the book has its own golden house. … Continue readingThe White Fox Romance

Who Is The Murderer Author: Chen Mingqiang

That night, Chen Bingda ordered Fang Butou to stay outside her house to see if he could find anything. When Luo Yuzhu saw Chen Bingda, she burst into tears: “My lord, my brother was killed! Chen Bingda originally thought that Luo Yuzhu came to report that someone was going to assassinate her. How did it turn out that her brother was killed?” Chen Bingda thought. Doubts abounded, why did this gangster commit murder three times here? After a while, Chen Bingda asked Chu Zuo to come to see him, and made inspection records. The butler’s words made Chen Bingda understand three points of the reason. The butler quickly said, my master He doesn’t know how to paint, but he likes to appreciate it. These few paintings were painted by a painter at home. … Continue readingWho Is The Murderer Author: Chen Mingqiang

Murderer Peach Blossom

He remembered what the fortune teller said at the beginning, “Young master, you are a rich and powerful person, but there is one thing, you must remember that your eyes are full of spring, and you are guilty of peach blossoms! Mr. Feng is already blind, and the person who is with him is His childhood sweetheart’s cousin Yingying, Yingying cried secretly for her cousin’s eyes many times, but she had to force a smile when she saw her cousin. Mr. Feng said: “Yingying, there are too many peach blossoms. It’s a disaster, not a blessing.” , because I had the most beautiful peach blossom in my heart when I was very young. … Continue readingMurderer Peach Blossom

Ancient Temple Zombies

I was thinking of not using this saber at all, and buying another one at the front market, but then I thought about the dead people in the temple just now being eaten by monsters, leaving only clothes and a head, and if someone sees this situation in the future, they must report it to the police , thinking that he was murdered by a strongman. Chen Hao turned his head to look, and there was a person standing in the temple courtyard, holding a sword in his hand and staring at the monster intently. This person was none other than the bearded old man from last night. … Continue readingAncient Temple Zombies

The Love Of The Demon

The young man in white showed a look of embarrassment and remained silent for a while. Chu Yan is a very smart girl. Seeing this, she already understood most of it. She sighed quietly and said slowly: “The family is broken, and people are dead. I would rather die than live.” What? “Chu Yan was so ashamed that his ears were red, and he was very happy in his heart, looking forward to the arrival of this little life.” After speaking, Sanlang reluctantly let go of Chu Yan’s hand, turned into a puff of white smoke, and flew away. … Continue readingThe Love Of The Demon


Nuwa is a goddess with the head of a man and the body of a snake. Back then, after she repaired the sky with five-colored stones, she sat on the back of a turtle in a daze. When she raised her head and saw the beautiful sunset in the sky, she could not help but smile. With a smile, she flew to the sky to pick up the five-colored clouds, and weaved two colorful god clothes, one is a blue man’s robe with a long robe and long sleeves, and the other is an elegant and delicate red dress for women. The kind-hearted Nuwa prayed to heaven, if she Meet him wearing the five-colored divine clothes, then they will be in love for the rest of their lives, and nothing in the world can separate them, except death. … Continue readingWucaiyi

The Folk Tale About Xu Wenchang

Xu Wenchang is a well-known witty character in folk tales. He is known as “there is Avanti in the north and Xu Wenchang in the south”. So Xu Wenchang took the two friends to a watermelon field. He pointed to the melon field and said to Li Si: “Brother Li, look how well this piece of gourd grows.” Xu Wenchang shook his head and said, “It’s a gourd. “Xu Wenchang said repeatedly: “Gourd, gourd, gourd!” So, how did Xu Wenchang know that there are black circles on the buttocks of Minnv? Xu Wenchang’s real name is Xu Wei, and “Wenchang” is his character, which has an interesting origin. But the little guy said: “Not necessarily. According to my opinion, Xu Wenchang’s chanting is more like these scholars!” … Continue readingThe Folk Tale About Xu Wenchang

Ghost Stories At Home

The old people in the village often say that ghosts are also very romantic sometimes. They will run out of the grave after dark and come to the village to desecrate those young and beautiful girls and daughters-in-law. This kind of situation is called ghost rape. From this point of view, that black shadow is Liu Ermao’s ghost. It turned out that Liu Ermao was very romantic when he was alive, and he didn’t want to be lonely after death, but even came to be a ghost. Li Shen discovered the reason, and immediately invited a yin-yang Taoist priest who knows yin and yang to come to the house. Yin-yang felt that the yin energy was very heavy, so he asked Li Shen to refine the oil. Liu Ermao’s ghost caught him and killed him. … Continue readingGhost Stories At Home

Snake In Dream

Sister Liu hesitated for a moment and said, “Remember, your mother probably won’t live long. If you dream about that snake next time, don’t be afraid. The snake is hungry. You must give it something to feed.” Feed it, must remember! After the snake ate the apple, he looked at her helplessly, saw that she didn’t continue to feed him apples, waited for a while, and then left… Sister Liu couldn’t stop saying that Li Fen was so stupid, why didn’t she take the apple in her hand? The snake eats all the apples? Finally, my mother said, if you dream of that snake again, just beat it to death. I don’t believe there will be any results. … Continue readingSnake In Dream