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There is such a village in the old mountains of the Northeast. There are about fifty families living in total. In the southwest corner of the village lives a young widow named Li Layue. This person has bad conduct. He beats his father-in-law and scolds his mother-in-law all day long. Make short talk. When she borrows things from others, she always borrows a pound and returns eight taels, and borrows a big scoop and returns a small scoop. Therefore, she was given the nickname Li Xiaolin, and the villagers kept away from her as if they had seen a ghost.

On this day, Li Layue went to neighbor Wang's house to borrow noodles again, carrying a basket of noodles. Mrs. Wang is nearly seventy years old, blind and childless, relying on the little family property left by her husband after his death to survive. Since Mrs. Wang couldn't see, she asked Li Layue to go into the vat to knead the noodles by herself. Li Layue was not polite and went home with a basket of noodles. A few days later, when Li Layue returned the noodles to Wang's family, she was tricked. She turned over the basket and spread a layer of noodles on the bottom of the basket. Wang touched it with her hand and thought the basket was full of noodles, so she turned around and poured it into the noodle vat. . Li Layue stood aside feeling smug and thought to herself: This blind old woman is so easy to fool, I will have to borrow it a few more times tomorrow. There is a spirit three feet above the ground, and Li Layue's deception happened to be seen by the two ghosts of black and white who were patrolling the underworld. The two ghosts returned to Fengdu City, came to the Hall of the King of Hell, and reported the matter to the King of Hell. After hearing this, the King of Hell was furious and said: "Judge, check the book of life and death to see how many years this Li Layue has left?" The judge opened the book of life and death and looked through it carefully. After half a stick of incense, the judge closed the book of life and death. The report said: "Li Layue should have lived to be sixty years old, but because she beat her father-in-law and scolded her mother-in-law for being disobedient and unfilial, she had lost ten years of her life. The book also recorded that she bullied the weak, treated her neighbor Wang, and did not help the poor. The gangster always borrowed money from others and returned the food, and even added sand to it, which ruined Yangshou for ten years. Li Layue was exactly twenty years old, and now Yangshou still has twenty years left." After hearing this, the King of Hell shouted. "Are we still going to let this evil woman do evil in the world for twenty years? Black and white are impermanent. I order you two to go to the underworld and bring Li Layue's soul quickly!" The judge waved his hand hurriedly and said: "Your Majesty, please calm down. Although Li Layue has done many evil things, he is not worthy of death. If you forcefully take away Li Layue's soul, wouldn't it be against the rules of heaven? "Don't worry, I have my own clever arrangements," said the King of Hell. The judge smiled secretly.

That night, Li Layue was picking up the soles of her shoes under the lamp. She felt like her upper and lower eyelids were fighting, she was dizzy, and she was so sleepy that she couldn't sit still. She took a pillow and fell asleep. In fact, a gust of wind blew open the door, and Li Layue found out in a daze that two ghosts walked in from outside the door, one wearing a black coat and holding an iron chain in his hand; The other one was wearing a white gown, holding a seduction card, and their tongues were hanging out on their chests for more than two feet. When Li Layue saw it, he was so frightened that he fell from the kang to the ground. He stammered and asked: "Are you people or ghosts? Why did you come to my house in the middle of the night?" The two ghosts said: "We were ordered by King Yan to arrest him. Report your soul to Fengdu." Li Layue hurriedly knelt on the ground and begged: "You two chaps, please let me go! I will burn more paper and give you money…" Er Guicha shouted sharply: "The King of Hell asked you to do it three times. Damn it, how dare we keep you until the fifth night? Come with us quickly, don't miss the time!" With that said, Hei Wuchang put the iron chain in his hand around Li Layue's neck, and Li Layue tried his best to pull back. Bai Wuchang After waving the Soul Hook card in his hand at her three times, Li Layue felt light and airy and could not help but follow the two ghosts away.

Is the King of Hell dead or alive_The King of Hell wants you to die at the third watch_Who is in charge if the King of Hell is dead

It was pitch dark along the way and no stars, sun or moon could be seen. At this time, a strong wind suddenly blew up, carrying sand and stones, blowing Er Gui Cha and Li Layue around. Hei Wuchang dragged Li Layue in front and trudged. Bai Wuchang followed behind, punching and kicking Li Layue from time to time. He also muttered and cursed: "It's all you. You don't do good things at ordinary times. After you die, you still go out." It's going to be strong." Hei Wuchang turned around and said to Bai Wuchang, "Brother, she won't be able to reach Fengdu City until dawn. If the time is delayed, we two brothers can't afford it." Bai Wuchang! Said: "It's not that bad. I think it's better to open her eyes!" As he said that, Bai Wuchang wiped his saliva on Li Layue's eyes. Li Layue suddenly felt that his head was clear and his eyesight was bright. There was a road leading directly to the west.

After walking for another half an hour, we arrived at the foot of a city. Above the city gate were three large characters "Fengdu City". The city wall was shrouded in thick fog, making it look eerie and scary. At this time, Li Layue saw two ghost guards escorting five or six people approaching. The last person looked like her dead husband. When she got closer, it turned out to be him. Li Layue shouted in surprise: "Husband, stay! You really want to die as my wife." The strange thing is that no matter how she screamed, her husband just ignored her and kept walking forward. Li Layue asked Er Gui Cha, "Why is my husband ignoring me?" Er Gui Cha said, "Your husband has drunk the ecstasy soup and has forgotten everything about the earthly world. Now he is rushing to the earthly world to be reincarnated.

_Is the King of Hell dead or alive_The King of Hell wants you to die at the third watch

The two ghosts escorted Li Layue into the city gate, and a large hall appeared in front of him. There was a couplet on the door frame. The first couplet read: There is a road to heaven, but if you don't take it, the second couplet read: There is no way to enter hell. Horizontal comment: The crime falls to the 18th level. I saw many ghosts locked up in the room. Some were in ragged clothes and disheveled hair. Some were missing arms or legs. Some had their eyes gouged out and were dripping with blood. The ghosts grabbed the iron gate and cried and howled: "Let us out quickly! We want to go home." At this time, several ghost servants came from the side and whipped them randomly with leather whips, making the ghosts moan and groan. Weird scream.

Li Layue looked over there and saw two ghost agents holding sharp knives and cutting off the tongue of a female ghost. Blood immediately came out of her mouth, making the female ghost scream in pain. Li Layue asked with a trembling voice: "Why did you cut that woman's tongue?" Erguicha replied angrily: "Because she was not filial to her parents-in-law during her lifetime, and beat her neighbors to the east and scolded her to the west, so she will be punished like this after her death. "When Li Layue heard this, his face turned pale with fright, and he covered his mouth with his hands. His legs were like soaked noodles, and he could not move forward.

The King of Hell wants you to die at the third watch_Who is in charge of the King of Hell if he is dead_Is the King of Hell dead or alive

Li Layue was carried to the Hall of the King of Hell by Black and White Wuchang. She knelt down in the main hall and peeked around, only to see the King of Hell looking at her with raised eyebrows, and the judge holding the book of life and death was also looking at her. There were also bull-headed and horse-faced people standing beside them, big ghosts and little ghosts, all baring their teeth and staring, which made Li Layue lower her head in a hurry. When the King of Hell saw Li Layue, he became very angry. He slapped the table and shouted, "Li Layue, do you know your sin?" Li Layue quickly kowtowed to the King of Hell and begged for mercy, saying, "I know my sin. I shouldn't beat the father-in-law and scold the mother-in-law. I shouldn’t have sex with others, let alone bully the blind Wang. Please let me go! I will change my ways, be a good person, and do more good deeds.”

The King of Hell said with a "hehe" smile: "It's too late. If I had known today, why would I have sent you to the eighteenth level of hell in the first place, and you will never be reincarnated. The second is, let you give birth to a hen and return to the world to lay eggs for Mrs. Wang's family." "Because you owe the Wang family too much, I will repay it with eggs." Li Layue thought to herself: If I stay in the eighteenth level of hell, I will either have my heart ripped out and the King of Hell want you to die , or my eyes will be gouged, and my tongue will be cut out. It's better to return to the earth and become a hen. Thinking of this, Li Layue said: "Prince of Hell, I would like to be entrusted with the birth of a hen!"

Who is in charge of the King of Hell if he is dead_Is the King of Hell dead or in charge Living_The King of Hell wants you to die at midnight

After hearing this, the King of Hell said: "The two ghosts listened to the decree and took Li Layue's soul to Wangxiang Terrace and let her be reincarnated!" Hei Bai Wuchang took Li Layue straight to Wangxiang Terrace and saw an old woman passing by the Naihe Bridge. Walking towards her with a bowl of tea soup in her hand, Li Layue was thirsty. She snatched the tea from the old woman's hand and was about to drink it. Erguicha hurriedly knocked the bowl over and told Li Layue: "This is a tea soup." A bowl of ecstasy soup, if you drink it, you will forget everything about your life. The King of Hell has decreed that you must remember all the evil things you did during your life." After Erguicha finished speaking, he pushed Li Layue down the Wangxiang Terrace.

This morning, Mrs. Wang got up early. She had hatched a clutch of eggs twenty-one days ago. Today happened to be the day for the chicks to kick their shells. Mrs. Wang touched the eggs one by one with her hands, thinking that the time has come. Not hatched yet? Suddenly a fluffy little chicken jumped into Wang's hand. This little chicken was the reincarnation of Li Layue. Half a year later, the hens began to lay eggs. Day after day, year after year, one egg a day, and sometimes three eggs in two days, the hen was so tired that her combs were dry and her feathers were shrunk.

The King of Hell wants you to die at the third watch_Who is in charge of the King of Hell if he is dead_Is the King of Hell dead or alive

One day, the hen jumped onto the ancestral board of the Wang family and clinked the incense burner bowl. Mrs. Wang was so angry that she beat the hen with a stick. The hen hid here and there. Suddenly, it fell into the brazier on the ground. It burned until its skin split open and its flesh exploded, and it squealed wildly. She struggled hard and jumped out of the brazier, but her whole body hurt. It's like a needle pricking and gouging out. Li Layue woke up from the pain and found that she had had a dream. She recalled the scene in her dream and finally realized: good and evil will eventually prevail, and it is better to do good to others. Li Layue got up and walked towards Wang's house with a bag on her back.

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Evaluation: Li Layue's story vividly demonstrates the principle that good and evil are rewarded. Her various evil deeds eventually led to her unfortunate fate. The plot in the story is compact and full of horror and attraction, especially the description of the underworld which adds to the horror atmosphere. Through this story, readers can think about the choices and consequences between good and evil on the road of life, giving people a profound warning.

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