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Qiao Sheng is from Lingling, Hunan. He was orphaned at the age of seventeen. His family was very poor and he had nothing to do, so he relied on his uncle to make a living by rowing a boat with him.

They used to sail between Xiangyang and Hanyang. Once, I was taking a few businessmen to Jingmen and passed the Golden Gorge. Because the beach was dangerous and it was getting dark, I didn't dare to go any further, so I parked the boat in front of the ancient city.

The uncle asked Qiao Sheng to go to the mountains to cut some bamboo to use as a boat. Along both sides of the river, bamboo is very lush. Qiao Sheng went ashore and walked into the mountains to cut down bamboos. After a while, he cut down several bamboos, and then he was ready to go back. However, when he saw dense bamboos everywhere, he didn't know where to go out, and he hesitated here and there.

After a while, I saw an old woman walking in the forest. She was about seventy years old. She was walking on crutches along a mountain road in the forest, heading west.

When Qiao Sheng saw someone, he immediately chased after him and asked the old woman, "Old man, where can I get to the shore?"

The old woman smiled and said: "The river bank is in the east, but you walked towards the west. The difference is too far. It is getting dark, and you took the wrong road again. At night, tigers and wolves come out to move around. You are a young boy, do you think you can still Can you go back? Why don't you stay at my house for one night and go back early tomorrow morning."

Qiao Sheng lost his way in the mountains and was already frightened. After hearing what the old lady said, his fear subsided a bit and he was secretly happy. However, he still had to decline politely: "I just met the old lady." If we don’t know each other, how can we make mistakes?”

The old woman said: "You kid, you don't mean what you say and make people feel bored. What else can you say? Come with me!"

So, Qiao Sheng followed the old woman to the deep mountains and walked for several miles before arriving at the old woman's house. The old woman's house is backed by a high mountain, and in front of the door is a deep mountain stream. The house is a decorated cave against the cliff.

The old woman knocked on the door and called, "Xiang Yun."

A woman agreed and came out. She was a beautiful woman in her twenties. Her complexion was like a newly blooming lotus. The fragrance exuding from her body was more fragrant than musk. When the woman saw the guest, she was very shy and wanted to come. avoid.

The old woman said: "Why is my son so coquettish? This young man has lost his way. It would be unworthy of a landlord if he didn't have a bowl of sesame rice to entertain him. Besides, my son often asks me, so since I agreed , How can I regret my efforts and not do my best for you? Today, I have found a romantic husband, and I can finally rest. "

The old woman said this, Xiangyun felt even more shy, turned around and ran in, never to come out again.

The old woman asked Qiao Sheng to sit down and said to him with a smile: "I'm used to being pampered. When I see a stranger, I act like a child. Fortunately, my husband doesn't mind either."

Qiao Sheng said: "How dare you, how dare you!" He followed the old woman into the room. The rooms are all caves opened on the cliff, but they are very beautifully and cleanly decorated. There are only three rooms. The middle room is regarded as the hall, and the west room is covered with dark curtains, which is Xiangyun's boudoir. , the room on the east side, with the stove, chopping boards, knives, etc., should be the kitchen.

The old woman asked Qiao Sheng to sit down and went to the kitchen to light the fire to cook. She entertained Qiao Sheng very attentively.

Qiao Sheng asked the old lady her surname. The old lady said: "My husband's surname is Gu. I have been a widow for sixteen years. I only have one daughter, Xiangyun, who just came out. She has not been married to anyone yet. My family has lived here for generations. Today I am destined to When I see Mr. Lang, I will let you sleep in the kitchen for the time being."

Qiao Sheng said: "I have a place to stay, that's all."

It was getting dark at that time, so Qiao Sheng went to sleep in the empty space in the kitchen.

When Qiao Sheng got up the next morning, it was already dawn. He went to see Gu La and wanted to say goodbye to her. He stood outside the curtain and shouted: "Mrs. Gu, I'm going back. Thank you for taking care of me."

After a long time, there was no response. Qiao Sheng said it again, and then he heard Xiangyun say: "Mom had something to do and she went out a long time ago. I think she will be back soon. Please wait a moment!" Xiangyun's voice It is clear and sharp, as melodious and melodious as the call of a young oriole, which makes people feel loving and loving when listening to it. Qiao Sheng responded only and then sat down silently, his mind rippling like a stone dropped in still water.

After a while, I suddenly saw the ancient woman and another old woman and girl, who seemed to be mother and daughter, coming back together.

Gu Yu said: "Xiangyun, your Aunt Du and your eighth sister are here."

Qiao Sheng immediately stood up and stood bent over, not daring to look up. Du Yu stood and looked at Qiao Sheng carefully, then thinking about the girl, she said: "He is indeed a handsome husband! Your Aunt Gu has really good taste. "The girl also looked at Qiao Sheng twice, then smiled and walked into the inner room.

Then, I heard the girl Xiang Xiangyun jokingly say: "Sister, you are so rude. My mother came here specially for your big event and didn't even go out to greet you?"

However, I didn't hear Xiangyun's answer, I only heard low laughter.

Then, Du Yu also walked into the inner room and said with a smile: "I have nothing to do with my niece. She came early before dawn, stepping on the dew. She was anxious and walked slowly, climbing over the cliff and across the uneven terrain. The mountain road was bumpy and bumpy, and I almost fell into the cliff several times. If it weren't for your sister's support, I would have fallen off the cliff and shattered into pieces. How should you thank me!"

Qiao Sheng heard Xiangyun whispering with a smile outside, as if he was asking Du Yu about her daily life.

After a while, Du Yu came out to see Qiao Sheng and asked, "What's your surname, Mr. Lang? How old are you?" Qiao Sheng said, "I'm nineteen years old."

The old woman said: "Two years older, just right! Do you have any parents or brothers?"

Qiao Sheng said: "My parents are both dead."

The old woman asked: "Are you married?"

Qiao Sheng said: "Not yet."

The old woman asked again: "What do you do for a living?"

Qiao Sheng said: "Sail with uncle."

Du Yu said: "Young orphan, you can use it as a support! You can give up the hard work. The owner of this place, Gu Yu, is my sister, and her daughter Xiangyun is my niece. She is naturally beautiful and gentle. I think your husband has already seen it! My sister has asked me to be a matchmaker and wants to marry you. Can you condescend to agree?"

Qiao Sheng suddenly heard this and was secretly happy. He was so happy that he could not speak.

Du Yu said with a smile: "There is nothing to hesitate." Then she asked Gu Yu to sit down and asked Qiao Sheng to pay her respects. She said to the side: "That's it, it's settled in this mountain home. There are no scruples. Wait. Once the wedding dress is ready, it’s time to get married.”

The next day, Du Yu said goodbye and went back, leaving her daughter to accompany Xiangyun and help her make clothes. In the house, the sound of scissors cutting cloth never stopped. After a few days, it was sewn.

Du Yu came again and held a banquet to entertain her relatives. The people attending the banquet came one after another. They were all young and old women in pink, white and dark green. There was no man. They all laughed happily and joked with each other. What's even more strange is that there are more than a dozen tables in the room. The room is not spacious to begin with, and it doesn't feel narrow at this time.

At the wedding, the girl from the Du family took the jug and poured wine to Xiangyun, and then said: "The glasses are both right, I will be a bride tonight." Then she poured the wine to Qiao Sheng and said: "The glasses are right, there is no need to die tonight sleep."

Both Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun couldn't help laughing. Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun drank a little of the wine in their glasses, but didn't finish it. The girl smiled and said, "What should I do with the rest of the wine?" They drank it themselves, and then went out with a smile.

At around midnight, everyone dispersed, and the girl opened the curtain again and walked in: "Sister, take care of yourself. When you come to present food in three days, please thank me again!" After that, she ate. He went out with a smile.

From then on, Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun were like glue and paint, enjoying the joy of fish and water. I think this life will be lived happily and comfortably.

More than a month later, Gu Yu fell ill and couldn't get up from her bed. Du Yu brought her daughter to visit. Before she could sit down, she suddenly heard someone coming in and reporting: "The little lady came to visit Emmu in person." coming."

Du Yu and the girl felt a little panicked and hurried out to greet him. Xiangyun was in the kitchen and also straightened up his appearance and went out to welcome him.

Qiao Sheng didn't know who the distinguished guest was. He stood by the window and peeped, and saw a carriage outside. The carriage was covered with red curtains. There were more than ten female slaves standing on both sides to wait on them. They embraced a woman and got out of the carriage. The woman was about fifteen or sixteen. She was wearing colorful clothes. She had an extremely fair face and was very gorgeous, just like a fairy painted on paper by a painter.

Ghost Stories_Ghost Stories_One-Sentence Ghost Stories

Du Yu, the girl, and Xiang Yun all knelt on the roadside to greet her. The girl got out of the car, pulled Du Yu up and said, "Is Eminem here too?"

Du Yu said: "I know that my mistress is still thinking about my mother. When she heard that she was sick, she would definitely take the trouble and come to check on her in person. That's why I brought Cuicui to wait here."

Only then did Qiao Sheng find out that Du Yu’s daughter was named Cuicui.

Cuicui and Xiangyun bowed to the woman several times, and the woman said, "Get up!" before they got up.

Xiangyun stood on the left and led the woman into the house. When the woman went in and saw Gu Yu, she held her hand and asked, "How is Eminem's illness?"

The old woman said: "My old maid is almost twilight. She is like a dog or horse with all its teeth. She has been sleeping on the bed for more than twenty days. She cannot respect herself and tells a ghost story , which makes the mistress worried. Even if she is dead, she should be treated as a ghost." I will repay my aunt by holding the knotted grass in my mouth.”

The woman said: "Ever since I became sensible, the previous Amu are gone. Now only you and Dumu are still alive. I heard that if a person can see his true nature, he will see through life and death. There is neither birth nor death. Although joy, anger, sorrow, and joy cannot be stopped, they can be controlled and taken care of by yourself. Just don’t let your mind fade away.”

After saying that, he came out and sat in the hall, and asked Du Yu to sit next to him. More than a dozen female slaves were lined up and sitting around, and no one dared to play.

Xiangyun offered tea with a very respectful etiquette.

The woman took the tea and said: "Xiangyun is getting more and more beautiful. Doom should find a good husband for her, so that Gumu can rely on her for the rest of her life."

Du Yu left her seat and reported to the woman: "The mistress mentioned that I just want to apologize to the mistress! Xiangyun already has a good wife."

The woman asked: "When will the marriage take place?" [Haunted House Ghost Story]

Du Yu said: "I did not report to my mistress in time. It is an unforgivable crime. It has been more than a month."

The woman asked in surprise: "Where is Mr. Lang?"

Xiangyun was shocked and looked at Du Yu to see what she would say.

Du Yu said: "Niece, please call your husband to come out and pay homage to your mistress."

Before Xiangyun had time to answer, Cuicui had already urged Qiao Sheng out of the room, and then kowtowed to the ground.

The woman covered her face with her sleeves and asked Qiao Sheng to stand up. Then she looked askance at Qiao Sheng for a while and asked him to step back.

The woman became angry and said: "Dum and Gumu are old fools and do not deserve to be blamed. How dare you, my maidservant Xiangyun, be so bold and marry someone without telling you, and you have been married for more than a month?" If you don't meet me, aren't you bullying me into being in a secluded boudoir, childish and weak, not qualified to be your mistress?" Immediately ordered the maid to prepare a stick to punish Xiangyun.

Du Yu was shocked and knelt on the ground with Cuicui to plead for mercy. The woman's face became gentler. Xiangyun also kept kneeling on the ground, kowtow and confessed.

The woman stood up, flicked her sleeves, asked Qiao Sheng to come out, then pulled him away.

We walked to a cave deep in the lush forest, which was also built against the mountain. There were more than a dozen houses connected in a row, with splendid doors and gorgeous windows, just like a big summer house. The tables and beds in the house are all made of white stone. The utensils are very strange and elegantly arranged. All kinds of flowers are listed in front of the corridor. It is really a paradise.

The woman's maids also numbered dozens, all of them extremely coquettish, obedient and obedient to her, vying to serve her.

Qiao Sheng was imprisoned there by the woman, and she was enslaved by her all day long. Moreover, the woman's temperament was very arrogant. If he was slightly dissatisfied, she would hit him with the whip in her hand.

It was not a good place. Qiao Sheng missed Xiangyun all day long, but how could he see Xiangyun's face. Qiao Sheng privately asked the maids about the relationship between the mistress and Xiangyun, but the maids just smiled and did not answer, which made Qiao Sheng even more confused.

One day, it was the woman's birthday, and all the relatives Qiao Sheng saw came to congratulate her, treating her like a servant and a servant.

Du Yu and Cuicui were also among them, but they no longer dared to talk to Qiao Sheng.

After a while, Gu La and Xiang Yun also came.

When Xiangyun saw Qiao Sheng, she burst into tears. When the woman came out and saw them, she said angrily, "You slutty little maid, you are flattering me again. Are you still thinking about your old relationship?"

Then, he asked the maid to pull out the fragrant cloud and tie it to the tree, and then said: "Today is a happy day, and it is not convenient to torture people. Wait until tomorrow, and you will die!"

All the relatives were trembling and frightened, and no one dared to stand up and persuade him. After the woman tied up Xiangyun, she turned back, and no one dared to go up and untie Xiangyun.

Qiao Sheng was heartbroken with grief. He went out to see her. Xiangyun cried and said, "Can't you even sacrifice your life to save me?"

Qiao Sheng felt very sad and went up to untie the rope that tied her. As soon as he untied it, he heard a maid calling Qiao Sheng.

Xiangyun took the opportunity to escape.

The woman asked Qiao Sheng, and when she learned about the situation, she became even more angry. She raised her whip and hit Qiao Sheng more than a dozen times. Normally, she just whipped Qiao Sheng gently twice to vent her anger, but now she was beaten so hard that blood flowed and he fell to the ground. .

The ancient woman cried loudly: "My aunt killed me like this, how can I feel sorry for my aunt? Even if I don't miss my mother-in-law, don't you remember that Hu Julang did evil wantonly, and it was me who covered my aunt with my head and bumped him Did Hu Juro capture Yu Ruyi and save the mistress from humiliation and embarrassment? Why can't we let this small mistake separate our family's flesh and blood? Isn’t it heartbreaking to be insulted by thugs?”

The woman still said angrily: "Old woman, what do you know? You're going to die soon!"

The old woman cried and screamed, not afraid of violating the woman. The woman did not give in, became even more angry, and wanted to whip Qiao Sheng again. Qiao Sheng lay on the ground and could not get up. The woman felt a little pitiful in her heart, and the anger in her heart calmed down a little. At one point, he asked: "I know I made a mistake, can I correct it?"

Qiao Sheng said: "There are mistakes that should be corrected."

"Do you still miss Xiangyun?"

Qiao Sheng said: "Even if you die, you can't forget it."

The woman didn't expect him to say this, so she nodded unconsciously. After a while, she sighed: "You idiot, you also know the kindness!" Then she apologized to the ancient lady and comforted her again and again. She felt that she had done something wrong. Immediately send people out to look for the incense cloud, and those who find it will be rewarded with a magic spell. All the maids rushed out to look for her, and the old lady stopped crying.

The next day, a maid came back and reported: "Xiangyun went out and hid in the valley, and was captured by Hujuro. Hujuro was forcing her in every possible way and wanted to taint her. Xiangyun refused to obey, and now she is being captured." He has been locked up in a stone house for one day and one night without food or water."

When the old lady heard about it, she cried again and said, "My son has a chaste temperament and will definitely not be willing to be insulted."

Hu Juro is the woman’s cousin.

The woman asked Du Yu to go and ask for it. Hu Julang said: "It's not difficult to ask me to let go of the incense cloud. I need the mistress to exchange it in person."

Du Yu was angry and came back to tell the woman. The woman was also very angry, took the sword and mounted a white deer. The other maids also followed behind wearing tight clothes and holding short weapons, looking for Hu Julang to argue.

Ghost Stories_Ghost Stories_One-Sentence Ghost Stories

The woman asked Qiao Sheng and Cuicui to lurk in the woods as suspects, while she went to ask for them in person.

Hujuro has a bow and arrow hanging on his waist, a painted halberd in his hand, and there are many guards.

The woman said: "Let go of the fragrant cloud quickly, or you won't blame me for being rude."

Hu Juro said with a complacent look: "It's not difficult to release the incense cloud, but you have to keep the girl."

The woman said: "Stop talking nonsense, am I afraid of you?" Then she waved her sword and charged towards Hujuro to cover him up.

Hujuro was so brave that the other maids could no longer hold on and scattered like birds. The woman also hurriedly retreated. The white deer she was riding was hit by Hujuro's arrow and died. The woman's hair was disheveled and she was injured. She suffered several injuries and ran away with her shoes, so she couldn't run anymore. Just when Qiao Sheng came running, he carried her back on his back.

The maids gradually gathered around, all of them frightened. The woman was very sad and grateful for Qiao Sheng's kindness, so she called him brother, and made Qiao Sheng the same as her in daily food and utensils. They also gathered people to plan and prepare to rescue Xiangyun. Everyone said: "The powerful enemy is really difficult to resist."

Only Cuicui said: "Because he is strong and I am weak, he must be saved. If he wants to succeed, he must invite the prince to come."

That night, Cuicui was asked to invite Taijun. Before dawn, Cuicui came back and said, "Taijun is here."

The woman led everyone to kneel on the ground to greet her, and Qiao Sheng also followed everyone to greet her.

Taijun was also a hunchbacked old woman.

The woman cried and told the reason for being bullied. The Taijun said: "As long as the grandmother is here, my son will not have to suffer." He took out a pouch from his sleeve, called Cuicui to him, and said, "Take this." Go and get Juro and come back as soon as possible with Xiangyun."

Cuicui agreed and went.

After about a meal, Cuicui and Xiangyun came back together. Cuicui was holding a bag in her hand and opened it in front of Taijun. Suddenly a black fox jumped out from behind and trembled on the ground, with its back raised as if begging for mercy.

Taijun scolded: "You ungrateful scoundrel! Your muscles, bones, and hair have not yet fully grown, and you want to be presumptuous? If you don't respect your ancestors, my old lady will beat you to death with a stick."

Hu Juro kowtowed and thanked him.

The woman stepped forward, whipped her with a whip, and said: "You are a wanton thing. Where is your usual majesty? How come you don't show your roaring look now?"

The Taijun stopped the woman and said, "My son, it's okay. I'll just punish him severely." He then said, "My son living here is not a long-term solution. Why don't you bring your whole family and come with me? Xiangyun He and Qiao Lang have a pre-existing relationship and cannot get rid of it, so let them go!" Then he said to Xiangyun, "You go, your mother stays with me, and you should come back in thirty years. ”

Xiangyun knelt down and kowtowed, accepting the Taijun's words.

Taijun asked Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun to go first. The woman gave them many valuable items, dressed them up and carried them into the car. He asked the maid to escort them out of the mountain first. Then he, Cuicui and Gu Lao Du Yu took Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun down the mountain behind. , sent to the intersection, cried goodbye, and then went back.

Qiao Sheng took Xiangyun to Xiangyang and used the capital to build a ship called "Manjianghong", which was specially designed to carry traveling officials and officials between Jiangzhou, Huangzhou and Wuchu.

One day, the son and his family of a certain prefect's family were traveling to the south of the Yangtze River, and the ship docked at Hankou. Xiangyun occasionally went out to fetch water, and was seen by the prince of the prefect's family. The young master was immediately fascinated by Xiangyun's beauty. When Qiao Sheng was away, he secretly sent two maids with Wu Yue's silk to tell Xiangyun: "Young master is a young and passionate man. He is rich and powerful. He is really popular." Yes. I admire your appearance so much that I don’t hesitate to give it to you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you can’t miss. It's an unexpected disaster. If you let it go, you will be surrounded by pearls and emeralds, wearing brocade shawls, and eating delicacies like rice and meat. You will have endless clothes and food in your life. You will be a boatman's wife, wearing rough clothes and eating light food. The sky is buried in the cabin, isn't this a pearl in the dark? Moreover, there is a saying that adhering to the scriptures is the key to establishing oneself, but adaptability is also a way to deal with the world. It is also like the cattle and horses of Makino. It is impossible to control them. Let people cover their mouths and pierce their noses, and then they can be controlled. According to the current situation, Qiao Sheng is like an ox and a horse, and the master is a human being. If you want to avoid being forcibly controlled by the master, is that okay? It's out of pity that we care about you that we tell you the pros and cons, see for yourself!"

Xiang Yun smiled sweetly and said, "Sister Xian is right. The young master is elegant and charming. I have envied him for a long time. Fortunately, I can get two sisters to help me today. Tonight, after everyone goes to bed, I will go to the young master." Go up to the boat and knock on the side of the boat as a signal to ask the young master to open the door so that I can meet him."

The two maids were very happy and went back to boast to the young master. The young master was also very happy and rewarded the two maids generously.

At the third watch of the day, everyone in the state was asleep.

But the young master was in the room, he couldn't stand up or sit up, as if a deer had hit his chest, he was so excited. I listened carefully in the room, and after a while, I heard the sound of tapping on the side of the ship, once, and then again.

The young master hurriedly opened the window to admit him, and sure enough, it was Xiangyun who came without wearing a coat. At this time, the young master seemed to be in a dream. Without saying a word, he let Xiang Yun into the room and made love to her.

Xiangyun suddenly exclaimed: "Who is it?"

The young master had just finished enjoying himself and leaned down, as if he hadn't heard. Xiangyun screamed again, and everyone in the family was awakened. Suspicious of a thief, they walked into the young master's room with candlelight and saw two people sleeping naked on the ground. He walked in with a candle and saw that The young master and his wife were wrapped together, but they wisely avoided it.

Both husband and wife felt very embarrassed. After a long time, the young master asked his wife why she came outside his window naked. The wife said: "I was asleep in the back cabin. I really don't understand why I came here." The young master was ashamed. He was angry again, so he took Qiao Sheng to see the eunuch, saying that he used witchcraft to deceive people. The prefect was not an upright and honest man, so he imprisoned Qiao Sheng.

Qiao Sheng was imprisoned in prison. He didn't know why, and was suffering there. However, in the middle of the night, Xiangyun suddenly came and flicked the lock on the door with his hand, and the lock opened automatically. Xiang Yun pulled Qiao Sheng out of the prison, and the guards seemed not to see him.

As a result, Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun moved to Nanchang and became a wealthy local family. In two years, with just one ghost story , there were more than 20 large ships. Every boatman walking in the Jiangchu area was envious.

Xiangyun and Qiao have been together for thirty years, and they still look like seventeen or eighteen-year-olds. They already have two sons and a daughter. The daughter has Xiangyun's style.

Qiao Sheng also found time to ask about Xiangyun's origins. Xiangyun said: "At first, I didn't dare to tell my husband right away because I was worried that my husband would dislike me because I am a heterogeneous person. Now that I have a child, I am not afraid anymore." Then he said, She was originally a fox, and the woman called the aunt was also a fox, but she was the master of a mountain. Du Yu, Cuicui and other women are also foxes, but Taijun has become a celestial fox. Qiao Sheng suddenly realized it. Later, it was gradually leaked to others, and people came to ask to see Xiangyun. Sometimes Xiangyun was allowed to see her, and sometimes she was not. Everyone who saw her envied her beauty. Xiangyun hated others disturbing her, so she moved to Kuizhou again.

One night, Xiangyun was sitting and talking to Qiaosheng when Cuicui suddenly arrived. Both Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun were very surprised. They came down to welcome me and said, "Are you okay, my sister?"

Cuicui replied: "How long have we been apart? Qiao Lang's mustache is like a sword and halberd, and it is all gray. Can the previous style be restored? Life is like a fleeting moment. I heard that when you were in the mountains, your temperament was very good. He is indifferent and has no desires. Why should he abandon himself with such a good qualification?" Then he said to Xiangyun: "My sister has been with Qiao Lang for decades, but she is still stingy about her income and does not tell a way to awaken Qiao. Lang?"

Xiangyun said: "However, everything in his house is filthy."

Cuicui said: "That's not the case. Gold wine vessels and earthenware wine vessels are different, but they are the same as wine vessels."

Xiangyun sighed: "If it's solemn, it's not close enough. If it's not intimate, it's also mutually rude. Even a skilled craftsman can only hide his hands in his sleeves, and there's nothing he can do."

Cuicui shed tears miserably, and Qiao Sheng was also depressed.

That night, Xiangyun slept with Cuicui in the inner room. She didn't get up at noon the next day. Qiao Sheng went in and called, but there was no answer. He was confused and pushed the door in. She and she had already disappeared. When they heard that their mistress was missing, the whole family was disturbed. Qiao Sheng burst into tears and could not forget her.

Qiao Sheng is over eighty years old and is still alive. His two sons have given birth to sons, and their sons have given birth to sons. My daughter is married and has grandchildren.

Xiangyun came back to visit every five or six years, and then again every three or four years. Her appearance had not aged at all. Relatives who saw her for the first time often regarded her mother as a daughter and her daughter as her mother!

In the Gengwu year of Qianlong (1750), Mr. Xianzhai followed his grandfather from Shaanxi to Fujian and passed by Wuchang. He drank wine on a moonlit night and gathered people on the boat to eat and drink together. Everyone talked about the weird things they heard. The boatmen all said this They kept arguing about the matter, and pointed to a Hunan boat on the river and said: That is the thing of the Qiao family.

Mr. Xianzai wrote this down.

—Wonderful ghost stories are all in the ghost house:—

This story successfully creates a mysterious and classical atmosphere with its rich plot and fantasy elements. Through the encounters between Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun, readers are brought into an ancient world full of monsters and monsters. As the story develops, the emotional entanglements and moral choices between the characters are gradually revealed. Every turning point in the story is full of surprises and changes, especially the encounter and separation between Qiao Sheng and Xiang Yun, and their interaction with the Vixen family, which adds depth and complexity to the story. On the whole, this is a story with clever conception, compact plot, and full of fantasy and classical elements. It can well attract readers who like ancient legends and fairy tales, and leave a deep impression in their hearts.

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