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On the bank of Heilongjiang, there is a small mountain village called Huaishuling. Although the village is small and unknown, the name of the little-footed old lady Jiu Po, who is over eighty years old, is very famous. Usually, the courtyard door of her house is always closed tightly, and neighbors are rarely invited in to chat or drink tea. It is said that Jiu Po ​​never married, so she naturally had no wife and no children. But what made everyone more puzzled was that every ten days and a half, she would go to the market with a basket on her back to buy wine and meat, as if she wanted to entertain people from far away. Distinguished guests. But there were many neighbors living there, and no one saw anyone coming through the door. One day, Hei Niu, a young man who lived next door, was really curious, so he sneaked into the yard while Jiu Po ​​was out. I looked around inside and out and found nothing out of the ordinary. However, from that day on, Black Bull changed. In the past, he didn't even know how many points there were in the dice. After climbing over the wall and wandering around in the hospital, he came out on the gambling table and didn't play every game. He was gambling in a dark way.

This morning, while walking on the mountain road to Huaishuling, when Cuihua told Chen Shun the story exactly, Chen Shun laughed loudly: "Have you become a gambler? If that's the case, I would like to talk to you. He plays a few tricks.”

Chen Shun is the current mayor of Qingfeng Town. He divorced his wife five years ago and has been single ever since. Last year, Cuihua met him and had a good impression of him. But her parents blocked her, saying that Chen Shun was a "second-hand product", that she was 12 years older than her, and that she had a lot of gossip. In terms of character, she could never catch up with Hei Niu, who grew up with you; besides, Hei Niu rejected so many people. Many matchmakers have been waiting for you for six or seven years to propose marriage. If you don't marry someone, they won't marry you.

To be fair, Hei Niu was a simple man and good-looking. If he hadn't participated in the bet, the good relationship between the two of them would have probably happened long ago. Fortunately it didn't happen, otherwise, I would have missed Chen Shun. Cuihua secretly cried out for joy. This time I went back to my hometown of Huaishuling to attend a relative's wedding, and I had a showdown with my parents: Chen Shun is talented and bold by nature, and I just want to marry him.

Seeing that Chen Shun was speaking openly, Cuihua said angrily: "Don't talk nonsense. When you get home, you have to put down the mayor's airs and behave well, and try to make your parents like you."

"Don't worry, this time, I will definitely take care of the future father-in-law and mother-in-law." Chen Shun promised, patting his chest.

While talking and laughing, Huaishuling arrived. Upon hearing that the mayor was coming, the village chief and women's director who had been waiting at the entrance of the village welcomed him directly into the village committee. At noon, when the banquet was about to start, Chen Shun was nowhere to be seen.

Without the mayor, who dares to use chopsticks? Cuihua hurriedly walked out of the hospital and opened her mouth to shout when she saw Chen Shun emerging from the mountain col and running back in a hurry.

"The neighbors are waiting for you, where are you going and what are you doing?" Cuihua asked.

Chen Shun rubbed his belly and said, "People have three urgent needs. The latrine is too smelly——"

"Drink more to empty your stomach, right?" Cuihua grabbed the opportunity to speak and urged, "Hurry up, don't forget what I said."

"I haven't forgotten, hehe, I'll show you now." Chen Shun quickened his pace and ran into the courtyard. As soon as he sat down, he stared at the table full of wine and meat with bright eyes, swallowing his saliva. Look at that posture, like a hungry wolf eyeing a fat lamb!

Chen Shun's actions immediately made Cuihua blush to the root of her neck. Although the big pot dishes in the northeastern countryside are fragrant and fragrant, he has eaten bear paws and drank ginseng soup. He has not seen the world, and he should not be so worthless. Thinking in her heart, Cuihua pinched him secretly and whispered: "Are you a starving ghost? Don't embarrass me."

"Hehe, we are all family members, there is no need to see outsiders, right?" Chen Shun laughed at all the villagers, quickly grabbed the fat but not greasy big elbow, and stuffed it into his mouth without hesitation.

Where did life come from? Where does death go?_The dead go to life_Death goes back to life

"Yes, the mayor is right." Everyone enthusiastically advised Chen Shun to eat more while pouring wine for him. Chen Shun was also really rude. He blew two bottles of Shao Daozi in a row and swept the dishes in front of him like a whirlwind, leaving no trace of soup left. Seeing him stretching his arms to carry the big pot of pork and vegetables across the way, Cuihua couldn't sit still anymore, so she picked him up and dragged him out of the courtyard.

"What are you doing? I haven't eaten or drank enough yet." Chen Shun broke away from Kai Cuihua, turned around and rushed to the nearby dining table, grabbing and eating. What was even more shocking was that Chen Shun tore open his shirt with a "stab" sound, revealing his white belly. Then he took the roasted chicken in his left hand and the wine bottle in his right hand, shouting at the top of his lungs: "Young and old men, drink, don't get drunk." Return—"

How can you, the leader of a town, be so virtuous? For a time, the villagers were all dumbfounded.

Cuihua was so embarrassed that she finally dragged Chen Shun back to her parents' home after a lot of effort. However, the drama continues. Even though Chen Shun's belly was as bulging as a ball about to burst, he was still noisy and hungry. He didn't take care of it at a glance, and he emptied the leftovers stored in the refrigerator. Cuihua hurriedly rushed to stop her, but unexpectedly, Chen Shun grabbed her arm and opened his mouth to gnaw: "This pig's elbow is fat and tender enough, hey, it's just a little raw, not stewed yet-"

Cuihua struggled to break free and slapped him across the face: "Chen Shun, are you possessed by evil spirits? Let's go back to the town. Don't embarrass yourself here!"

"You can't leave." Cuihua Niang, who had been watching coldly, seemed to have figured out where Chu Ni Sheng came from and died , and urged, "Go and invite Ninth Po. Remember, she won't let you in, so don't go in. ”

After trotting all the way, Cuihua stood in front of Jiu Po's closed courtyard door 10 minutes later, knocking on the door with a "dong dong" sound. After a while, the courtyard door opened, and Jiu Po ​​came out with her waist bent.

"Jiu Po, I am Cuihua. My mother invites you to come over."

"I recognize you, you are the girl of the old Zhang family."

Jiu Po ​​squinted her eyes, and while looking up and down at the green flower, she raised her arm like a dead branch, and pulled it behind her a few times, seemingly intentionally or unintentionally.

There was nothing behind Jiu Po, but her movements seemed like she was chasing something away.

Soon, Cuihua helped Jiu Po ​​into the house. At this time, Chen Shun was salivating and was catching chickens all over the yard. The small courtyard that was originally neat and tidy has been turned into a mess by him.

"Ms. Cuihua, who is this?" Jiu Po ​​asked.

"It's Cuihua's… no, it's the mayor." Cuihua's mother said.

Death goes back to life_The dead go back to life_Where does life come from and where does death go

"What's the decency of the mayor to come to your house and make people hungry?" Jiupo scolded, "Go and make a fire and cook a big pot of good three-meter porridge."

Cuihua Niang nodded hurriedly and hurried into the kitchen. Jiu Po ​​looked at the neighbors who were crowding in the courtyard to watch the excitement, and there was a lot of movement: "Where is the black cow? Come out!"

Jiu Po ​​invited her, but Hei Niu didn't dare to neglect her. He took three steps at a time and rushed out of the crowd. Jiu Po ​​then shouted: "Tie him up and tie him to a bench!"

The black bull was tall and thick, as strong as an ox. He threw Chen Shun to the ground in three swipes, and tied his hands tightly behind his back. Ninth Po raised his little foot and kicked it away, scolding in a cold voice: "You evildoer, you dare to act stupid in front of my Ninth Po, I think you are too courageous! Cuihua mother, please add more fire to the three meters The worse the porridge is, the better.”

The three-meter porridge cooked by Cuihua Niang contains glutinous rice, sticky rice and rice. When these three are mixed together, after a certain period of time, it will stick to your teeth and stick to your throat. But as soon as the explanation was finished, Chen Shun was seen twisting his body and yelling incoherently. As for what was shouted, no one could understand. On the other hand, Po Jiu listened intently for a long time and couldn't help but tighten her face.

"Everyone should disperse." Jiu Po ​​said.

Cuihua felt something was wrong: "Jiu Po, what happened to him…?"

When the neighbors left the hospital, Jiu Po ​​ordered Hei Niu to open the door, looked at Cuihua intently and asked, "Is he your boyfriend? Listen to Jiu Po, this kind of person is not worthy of your marriage."

"Why?" Cuihua asked.

Before Jiu Po ​​could answer, Chen Shun suddenly jumped up, fell heavily to the ground, and then squirmed towards the guard dog lying on the wall, clamoring for braised dog meat. "Get down!" Ninth Po snorted, "The general's forehead can run a horse, and the prime minister's belly can punt a boat. With your belly, how can you be considered a man? Because when you urinate, you act nonsense, are you so embarrassed? Hey? Niu, go and drink a big ladle of cold water and hold a big pee!"

The black cow responded, scooped up a ladle full of water and drank it all. Cuihua saw it clearly, and Chen Shun's eyes were suddenly filled with indescribable panic.

"Are you afraid? Don't talk about you, no matter how domineering the master is, he will be afraid of the black cow." After saying that, Jiu Po's tone softened, "Forget it, considering that you didn't make a big mistake, Jiu Po I will spare you this time. Go with Po Ninth, and I will ensure that you have meat to eat and wine to drink.”

Strange to say, Chen Shun suddenly trembled, as if waking up from a dream: "Hey, why are you tying me up? Ouch, let me go quickly, my stomach is bloated and I can't hold it in any longer -"

Next, Chen Shun became the "overlord of the thatched house" and fell into a trap, vowing to fight to the death with the thatched house!

What happened in the middle? The green flowers fell like clouds and mist five miles away. Hei Niu scratched his head and talked about his participation in gambling. Chen Shun guessed correctly, he was a gambler. As she listened, Cuihua suddenly remembered that Chen Shun had been to Shan'ao for convenience before the banquet started.

I remember that when she was a child, her parents warned her more than once not to play in the mountains. The reason is simple, it's not clean there. Chen Shun was so greedy that he nearly starved himself to death. Could it be that he defecated everywhere and caused starvation? But why did Jiupo persuade me to leave him?

While frowning and thinking, Hei Niu seemed to see through her thoughts and said: "You will not be so stingy if you die of hunger. Yes, yes -"

"Tell me, what is it?" Cuihua asked.

"People are hungry too. Both the top and bottom are hungry, but the mayor still does that to covet him. It would be strange if he doesn't cause trouble!"

Heiniu hesitated for a long time and finally spat it out. Cuihua finally realized: As soon as she arrived at Huaishuling, Chen Shun was asked to leave, including the female director. This is probably what happened. As soon as the village chief left, the two of them changed places and continued to "talk about work." You just urinate on someone else's "roof", but you also perform a "living erotic palace" for others. Their eyes are blue from hunger. If you don't torment them, who will torment them?

When she thought about this, Cuihua was angry and resentful. She grabbed a shovel and kicked Chen Shun out of the door. At the moment when Chen Shun fled, Jiu Po ​​said sarcastically: "As a human being, if your heart is not clean, you will definitely attract evil spirits. Just take care of yourself."

"Cuihua, don't go back to town." Cuihua's mother pulled Cuihua aside and whispered, "Do you know why Jiupo asked Hei Niu to hold back his urine?"

Cuihua was confused and shook her head.

"I heard from the elders that if a boy urinates and kills all the yin, the yin will not be guilty——"

Damn it, in order to wait for me, Hei Niu is still a child. For this reason alone, it's worth considering…

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This story combines elements of rural legend and real life, showing the influence of traditional beliefs in modern society through the character Jiu Po. Jiu Po ​​in the story is not only a mysterious figure, but also a symbol of rural wisdom : where life comes from and where death goes . Her words and deeds reveal respect for nature and tradition. The changes in Black Bull and Chen Shun reflect people's possible weaknesses and struggles when facing temptations and challenges.

The mysterious behavior of the mountain col and Jiu Po ​​in the story, as well as the legend of child urine, all add a layer of supernatural mystery to the story. These elements not only make the story more fascinating, but also trigger readers' thinking about faith, tradition and morality. At the same time, the story also reminds people that inner impurity and greed may lead to adverse consequences.

Overall, this story is a showcase of rural life and traditional beliefs. It explores the complexity of human nature and the importance of morality through a series of mysterious events and character interactions. Through this story, we can see that respecting tradition and nature and maintaining inner purity are important ways to avoid disasters and obtain happiness.

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