Chapter 748: The Identity Of The Tomb Owner

()The top floor of Dahai City Pearl Building.

"Mr. Ye, the latest news is that Yang Jian, Sun Rui, and the newcomer from the headquarters named Li Yang took a taxi to Fushou Garden and are now there. Fushou Garden is a cemetery. This incident revealed something. An unusual taste."

"The three people were originally at the headquarters, one in Dachang City, and one in Dahan City. They were in three different places. Now they are going to a cemetery together. It is obviously purposeful. Do you want to send someone to check? "

The mature and steady manager in his thirties was reporting the situation to Ye Zhen.

You can put other things on hold for now.

Only the movements of Yang Jian should be paid close attention to. After all, such a number one person is in Dahai City. Once a trouble occurs, the consequences will definitely be very serious.

Ye Zhen was sitting on the boss's chair in front of his desk, with his back turned, legs crossed, and facing the window, as if he was overlooking the metropolis. Facing the manager's report, he said nothing, as if he had changed from before. It seemed a little silent.

The manager received another message on the tablet in his hand at this moment. He said: "Just now, the administrator in charge of that area sent the latest news. There will be a burial ceremony in Fushou Garden today. The deceased is Liu's company. The boss’s mother, Mrs. Liu’s slick grandson’s avatar , is a small company with an annual profit of less than 100 million…”

"So, it is possible that Yang Jian came to attend the funeral, but this possibility is very small."

"The death of an ordinary person is not enough to invite Yang Jian, and the two leaders Sun Rui are here to support them. Moreover, the configuration of their three members is a standard team configuration. In addition, Sun Rui's special plane flew to us early in the morning. It can be inferred from the time that they came here because of some urgent matter, and it was a temporary action, not part of the itinerary."

The manager continued to report and analyzed a lot of information: "I have reason to suspect that the visit of Yang Jian and the three of them to Dahai City is related to supernatural events. We must pay great attention to it. After all, it is absolutely not something that Yang Jian cares about so much. It would be a small thing that could cause us huge trouble.”

"It is recommended that Mr. Ye take a few administrators to go there in person to understand the whole story and to guard against some special situations. I think Lin Luomei is a good candidate. She has been in contact with Yang Jian before and participated in the project together. The supernatural events at Caesars Hotel have a certain level of trust with each other and can play a very good role in communication."


The manager paused for a moment, waiting for Ye Zhen's response, but after waiting for more than ten seconds, Ye Zhen was still sitting on the boss's chair, with his back to him, without saying a word.

"Mr. Ye? Are you listening? Are you asleep?"

The manager's face darkened, and he didn't know why he suddenly felt the urge to hit someone.

If he couldn't beat this Ye Zhen, he would have wanted to beat this guy several times.

Moreover, it is not unprecedented for Ye Zhen to fall asleep when he is giving a report. This has often happened before.

However, the manager guessed wrong.

Ye Zhen was not asleep. At this moment, he moved and turned the chair over.

But I saw that his neat hair was now messy, his tie was untied, and his whole figure suddenly looked haggard and decadent: "Tell me, are the nails in the coffin in Yang Jian's hands?"

"…" The manager's mouth twitched.

After working on it for a long time, are you thinking about this issue?

"Mr. Ye, it doesn't seem to matter whether you are here or not. There is no need for a conflict between you and Yang Jian. After all, he is the captain of the headquarters. If you have this status, a conflict will do no harm to us. At the moment, the circle of friends It’s gone just now, and the headquarters’ goal is focused on ghost paintings. If something happens to Yang Jian at this time, the headquarters’ attention will immediately shift to our supernatural forum.”

"This will seriously affect our development."

Ye Zhen said: "I don't have to fight with him, but I can't defeat him."

"Originally, I tortured Xiao Yang like I tortured a dog. It was as easy as a piece of cake to kill him, but it was different when he had that coffin nail in his hand. I didn't want to be like a starving ghost, being pushed to the ground like a dead dog. In that case, I would Where should I put my face?"

He is confident, but not brainless.

Most people in the circle know the file information of the Starving Ghost. After all, it has been so long since it happened and it is no longer possible to hide it from each other, so they also know the role that the coffin nail played in that supernatural incident.

Even the S-level ghost was nailed to the spot.

If this was nailed to the ghost controller, the ghost in the ghost controller's body would lose all movement in an instant.

And once the power of ghosts is completely suppressed, then the ghost controller is likely to lack the maintenance of supernatural power and will die suddenly. Even if it does not die suddenly, the ghost in the body is suppressed, and the ghost controller will also die suddenly. There is no difference between ordinary people.

Therefore, this coffin nail is not only the nemesis of ghosts, but also a powerful weapon against ghost masters.

Ye Zhen is obviously afraid of this.

"If Mr. Ye wants to know if Yang Jian has a coffin nail in his hand, there are only two ways. One is to fight with him. Yang Jian is in a hurry and will use any supernatural thing, but Mr. Ye will also need to Taking a considerable risk, if he really has a nail in the coffin, Mr. Ye will probably not be able to defeat him and die in his hands."

The manager said: "So I suggest the second method, continue to observe. If Yang Jian has coffin nails in his hands, he will definitely use them again in future supernatural incidents. Before that, we should maintain enough restraint on Yang Jian and try our best to No conflict."

"How about finding someone to play with him?" Ye Zhen said.

"A test?"

The manager shook his head; "Mr. Ye, this is unlikely to succeed. If Yang Jian really has coffin nails, he can't just take them out and use them. Therefore, the cost of testing is very high. If the people in the past are too bad, it will be in vain." , after all, Yang Jian is also a top ghost controller himself, aside from supernatural things."

"His survival to this day is not due to luck or the nail in the coffin, but to his own strength."

He believes that Mr. Ye is the only person in the supernatural forum who is qualified to let Yang Jian use all his cards, and the others are a little behind, unless they rely on the number of people.

But sometimes a close call is a close call, and the number of people may not have the effect, and the cost is unbearable. If too many people die, the entire Dahai City may be destroyed.

Thinking of this, the manager sighed.

After all, Yang Jian is already the number one person, he can no longer be manipulated at will, and he has the confidence to flip the table.

In the beginning, Fang Shiming lost because of this. He had obviously won the battle, but he died inexplicably due to an unknown supernatural object in Yang Jian's hands.

"You can make arrangements for Fu Shou Yuan. I'll think about the rest."

Ye Zhen suddenly became serious: "But you have to remember that I am powerful beyond imagination, and no one is worthy of my full strength."

The manager's mouth twitched again.

at the same time.

Inside Fushou Garden.

Yang Jian and Sun Rui wandered around the cemetery separately to see if they could find any other clues and to determine the environment and possible abnormalities.

But it's a pity.

Nothing was found. This was a normal cemetery. The only thing worth worrying about was that Yang Jian discovered that there were many blank tombstones in the cemetery.

The cemetery has obviously been there for a long time, but the tombstones are empty.

And there’s more than one.

"Didn't you find anything?" Yang Jian asked as he and Sun Rui met.

"Although it is a cemetery, it is more normal than other places. Ordinary people may feel a little spooky, but that is just a psychological effect. If these graves are really dug out, they will just be ordinary corpses and urns, which have nothing to do with supernatural powers. Involved, I am becoming more and more suspicious of the intention of this red letter."

Sun Ruijie held his cane and said: "Maybe it's just an expulsion letter, deliberately driving us out of the post office. After all, we are all ghost masters, and we may interfere with the operation of the weird post office."

"The red letters are like a means of coping with those of us who have no control."

"Your guess makes sense." Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly. He even scanned the ghost world just now.

Nothing was found either.

"However, we will have to wait until we deliver this letter before we can determine the purpose of the post office."

"Li Yang is here." Suddenly, Sun Rui looked in the direction of the exit and saw Li Yang trotting over.

Li Yang gasped and said: "Captain Yang, Sun Rui, I asked just now. There is indeed a funeral today. At about four o'clock in the afternoon, Liu Weiming, the boss of Liu's company, will be buried in Cemetery No. 78. Mother, Old Mrs. Liu, the old lady on the tombstone also has the surname Liu, it should be unmistakable."

"But there will be a burial ceremony here in the afternoon, and many people will attend. The cemetery staff are already making arrangements."

"It's 11 o'clock in the morning. In about an hour, Mrs. Liu's coffin will be delivered."

Sun Rui said: "So we want to deliver this letter to Mrs. Liu in the coffin? We don't have to wait. We go directly to find Mrs. Liu's coffin and stuff the letter into it." Just go and that’s it.”

Yang Jian shook his head and said: "No, this will probably not accomplish the task. This letter should wait until Mrs. Liu buries it before sending it over. If the person is not buried, how can the dead person be regarded as the owner of tomb No. 78? What if it happens halfway? There is another change, Mrs. Liu no longer wants to bury her in this cemetery, what should I do?"

"Word games in the message?" Sun Rui frowned.

Yang Jian said: "It may not be impossible. It's best to take it step by step. There are only a few hours left now, so it doesn't matter if you wait any longer."

Sun Rui said: "I'm a little worried that people from the supernatural forum will make trouble and it will affect us. If it's in Dahan City, I won't be worried at all in front of you."

He thought it was not advisable to stay here for a long time, and it would be safer to finish delivering the letter and leave early in the evening.

Although the matter of the ghost post office is serious, the people on the paranormal forum are even more verbose.

And while they were talking and waiting.

On a road in Dahai City, in a stretched car, a black European-style coffin was being transported to Fushou Garden.

The coffin was heavy, containing a dead person who had just been encoffined.

That was an old woman in her seventies.

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