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During the Daoguang period, due to the empty treasury, officials of all sizes were cut off, as were the eunuchs and eunuchs who had lived in the palace for a long time.

As the saying goes: Is it enough, three thousand six! In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the number of eunuchs in the palaces almost always maintained this constant number, and the cost involved was naturally not small. But now even Emperor Daoguang himself has to live frugally, so how can he have the spare money to support so many useless servants? Therefore, in the autumn of the 23rd year of Daoguang, nearly two thousand eunuchs and maids were released from the palace!

Song Jiaxing, whose ancestral home is Suzhou, Jiangnan, originally had a prominent family and was richer than a prince. Unexpectedly, he was dissolute, arrogant and addicted to gambling. At a young age, he angered his parents to death and ruined his family fortune. In desperation, he gritted his teeth, castrated himself, and became a eunuch in the palace. I thought I would die of old age and live in a palace, ending my life. Who would have thought that now, at fifty-sixty, he would be released from the palace by Emperor Daoguang.

Speaking of this, Eunuch Song is quite capable. Since entering the palace, he has served two emperors Gui Ren . In addition, he is more sophisticated than the others, so he has received many awards in the past few decades. Not only that, the emperor seemed to have another favor for him, and he also let out a maid in the palace who was "eating against him". These two people left the Forbidden City and did not go to Enji Village to live out their old age. Instead, they bought a house in Jiaozi Hutong and lived a happy life like a rich man!

Eunuch Song was nearly seventy years old, and the palace maid Qiumei was already in her early sixties. Now that her life was comfortable, an idea that had been gathering dust for a long time finally came to her quietly. There is an old saying: There are three types of unfilial piety, the greatest is not having an offspring! The reason why Eunuch Song's parents named him "Jia Xing" was simply because they wanted him to start a family and build a business and pass on the incense. But let alone raising a family now, even having a son and a half daughter is already a dream, so after discussing with Qiu Mei, they thought of asking for a stepson to come over and continue the relationship.

Looking for a son is no different than anything else. The first thing that Eunuch Song thought of was that this person must come from a poor background and must be filial and righteous. He must not be like what he did in the past. If so, then I am afraid that he is not looking for a son, but a father. . So after spending many days with Qiu Meisi, he planned to choose one of the servants in his house to adopt him as his adopted son. First of all, familiarity is a treasure, and one can have some understanding of temperament. Secondly, since Eunuch Song left the imperial city, he suddenly felt that his body seemed to be getting older day by day, and now he was like a candle in the wind, swaying and extinguishing!

Once the decision was made, the news spread. It is said that among the servants in Eunuch Song's house, there were two of them. One is called Song Ren and the other is called Song Li. They are both eighteen or nineteen years old, and both are smart, well-behaved and handsome.

As soon as Song Ren heard that the master wanted to take over his son, Song Ren immediately became interested. He secretly thought, there are mostly old people in this mansion, and Song Li and I are the only ones who are worthy of attention. If he doesn't compete with me, then the good things that will happen in this step will definitely fall on me! But people are separated from each other and don't know what to do. I can't help but be moved when I see this kind of family property. Who knows what Song Li will plan? Now there is no way to wait for good things to happen. It is better for me to find out what he has to say first, and then make further calculations! So, Song Ren invited Song Li to the street in the name of inviting him to drink.

The two of them found a small restaurant, ordered three or five side dishes, and sat down next to each other. After half a kilogram of soju was consumed, Song Ren said drunkenly: "Hey! You and I, brothers, were in our prime years. We were supposed to have a bright future, but instead we stayed in the house all day long, working as slaves. Think about it. , I’m so ashamed!”

"Who doesn't want to be rich and powerful with beautiful clothes and angry horses? But he was born in poverty, and he is still between hunger and full, so how can he have a future? Alas…" Song Li also groaned repeatedly.

"Recently, I heard that the master and his wife want to adopt a stepson to pass on the incense, and brother, you are young, promising, and handsome, why don't you recommend yourself? If you really make me your father, then the huge family property in front of you will belong to you. Are you ready?" Song Ren asked tentatively.

"Brother, what are you talking about? How can I, a seven-foot tall man, bend my knees to a eunuch? Being a slave now has already brought shame to my ancestors. If I really want to be a eunuch as my father, I'm afraid that The dead man will crawl out of his grave and strangle me alive…"

As soon as Song Li's words came out of his mouth, Song Ren couldn't help but feel happy, secretly thinking that you are the best, and it also saves me a lot of worries! Since you have no intention of fighting for it, I just need to buy everyone in the house one by one. If they speak more kind words for me, then the identity of this adopted son Gan'er will definitely not be lost to his family!

After returning home, Song Ren spent all his savings and greeted everyone in the house one by one. He invited the cook today, the accountant tomorrow, and gave many useless gifts to the maids and ladies for a few days. He took care of everything in the house! He didn't hesitate in front of everyone, and directly stated his intention to come, and everyone was full of promises, saying that the adopted son of the Song family must be him.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed. One day, Eunuch Song suddenly suffered a serious illness and suffered a stroke. He lay in bed unable to speak. Everyone in the mansion hurriedly ran around to help Madam Qiu Mei cook. The one who is most anxious about this is of course Song Ren. He thought to himself, this thing has not been confiscated yet, why did this happen to you? If you really go to the west one day, who will come to wrap your body in mourning and bury you?

Just as I was thinking about it, I suddenly heard a wailing sound from the upper room!



When Song Ren heard this, he couldn't help but screamed secretly, thinking that the lady's voice was so shrill, it must be the master who has already gone. But no matter how much thinking there was at this time, it was useless. I could only push open the door and run towards the upper room in a panic.

When he arrived at the upper room and took a look, he was immediately stunned! The door and window of the upper room were all open, and Eunuch Song was lying quietly on a bench, covered with a white cloth. The lady's autumn eyebrows were held by the maid, and she sat beside the bed and cried. But in front of the deceased's soul, there was a man kneeling there in mourning. Song Ren took a closer look, and it turned out to be Song Li…

This is exactly:

You have a good plan, and he has a ladder.

Song Renming took advantage of cleverness and benevolence , but Song Li was secretly unjust.

Ghosts have many plans, and monsters are even more invincible.

How can I wear gold-threaded clothes when I am an ant?

—Time Ghost—

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