Ancient Horror Stories: Short Stories From Northeast China Read Online

In the past, many people in the Northeast were hunters. As soon as winter comes, I carry my shotgun and carry dry food on my back and go hunting in the forest.

One day, a Northeastern Han man named Jiao Fengyuan went hunting. After walking in the mountains for several days , the ghost who lay down and said he was going home during Lan Keer's trip didn't even see a rabbit, but he was almost out of food. So he had to turn around and go back. At dusk, the sky was gray and snowflakes were falling. He walked down the mountain step by step with difficulty. Suddenly I found someone in front of me. When he got closer, he saw that it was Ge Laosan from the same village. He was very surprised because Ge Laosan was old and in poor health, so he never went hunting in the mountains.

So he stepped forward to answer, and the two separated. Walk and talk. Jiao Fengyuan walked in front and Ge Laosan walked behind. As he was talking, suddenly there was no sound behind him. Jiao Fengyuan looked back and saw that Ge Laosan was gone. Looking again, there was only a set of footprints in the snow, which were his own. After all, he is a Northeastern man, and Jiao Fengyuan is not afraid of ghosts. He thought Ge Laosan had left long ago and walked all the way down alone, so now he only saw a series of footprints. So we continued walking down the mountain. It's night , and the ghost in Lan Ke'er's journey is lying down talking about going home , but the snow on the ground reflects the surroundings very brightly. Jiao Fengyuan saw a dark figure on the ground in front of him. It turned out to be a bear!

He raised his gun and started shooting, but the bear ran away. He chased again, but the bear was gone, but he saw a deer. He struck again and the deer died. Jiao Fengyuan was very happy. He lit a bonfire, roasted a meal of venison, and pulled off a large piece of deer leg and put it in his bag. Fell asleep on the spot.

The next day, he woke up and was frightened. There was a bloody corpse lying on the ground. It was Ge Laosan, and it was dismembered. One piece to the east and one piece to the west. incomplete. Jiao Fengyuan ran as if he was dead. He fell down in the snow, got up and ran again. After running for a long time, I felt hungry, so I took out yesterday's roasted deer leg and ate it. As soon as I took it out, I was even more scared. Not a deer leg, but a human arm. I think it was Ge Laosan's arm. Thinking that he had killed and eaten Ge Laosan like a deer last night, Jiao Fengyuan vomited a lot. But I can't figure out how everything happened.

I ran down the mountain again when I was hungry, and finally reached the entrance of the village. A person walked towards me, it was Ge Laosan! Jiao Fengyuan was even more confused. He ran up and asked him when he came down the mountain. Ge Laosan glared at him and asked him why he was crazy, because he never went up the mountain. Then he walked away.

Jiao Fengyuan panicked even more, but kept running, and met another group of people with sad faces. At first glance, everyone was gathered around Aunt Ge San, Ge Laosan's wife. He hurriedly went up and asked what was going on and whether the old couple were having an argument. A person told him that Ge Laosan died suddenly and mysteriously last night. In the morning, it was found that Ge Laosan's body had an arm cut off and his stomach had been emptied and cleaned. And the people keeping vigil at night were all together, and no one knew how it happened.

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