Ghost Wilderness Black Dog

Wang Furen is a wealthy family in Guangfu Town. He is twenty-five years old this year. His family was wealthy, with hundreds of acres of fertile land, a darling wife and concubines, and flocks of mules, horses, cattle, and sheep.

On this day, Wang Furen led many servants out of the city to hunt. Wang Furen rode first, followed closely by his servants.

Suddenly, Wang Furen saw a sika deer hidden in the trees from a distance. He was overjoyed, rode his horse to chase after him, and rushed into the depths of the forest alone, leaving all the servants far away.

When they chased him deep into the deserted jungle, the sika deer disappeared in a flash. Suddenly there was deathly silence all around, the birds were silent, and the chirping of insects disappeared.

Wang Furen turned over and dismounted, stepped on the grass, and stood there blankly, with the bow and arrow in his hand hanging unconsciously. He raised his eyes and looked around, listened carefully, and suddenly there was a warning sign in his heart.

Suddenly, a hissing sound came from the grass. Wang Furen's heart tightened, and he scanned the swaying grass tips with sharp eyes.

He saw a brightly colored yellow-spotted poisonous tongue, slowly crawling towards him with its slender body. From a huge mouth, sharp teeth protruded, and the tip of the red forked tongue was thrown into the air, shaking from side to side, making a creepy and piercing sound.

Wang Renfu was startled, his face turned pale with fear, his legs were shaking, his palms were cold, and he fell to the ground with a plop.

The poisonous tongue approached, staring at Wang Furen with yellow eyes. The snake's head was raised high, ready to pounce.

Renguishen_Tang Dynasty Liu Rengui_Guiren

At the critical juncture, a dog barked suddenly, and a black shadow swooped over, instantly entangled with a poisonous snake.

There was a sound of exclamation behind him, and many of Wang Furen's servants arrived. Everyone hurriedly helped the frightened owner and watched the black dog bite the poisonous snake to death.

Wang Furen wiped the cold sweat from his face and quickly asked the butler next to him about the origin of the black dog. The butler told the truth. It turned out that this black dog was an ordinary stray dog ​​on the streets of Guangfu City. It somehow escaped into the woods today and happened to save Wang Furen.

At this time, the black dog had already killed the venomous snake. Because it often wandered the streets of Guangfu City, it was quite humane. He usually makes a living by picking up leftovers from people's garbage on the streets. He knows how to beg for mercy when he meets people, so he is considered well-behaved and sensible.

At this time, surrounded by people, the black dog knew that he had saved people's lives. From the smiling faces of the people, he could see the love they had for him. He also happily stretched out his long tongue and gasped.

When Wang Furen faced the black dog that saved his life, he immediately gave it the name Rourou, which was quite precious. The black dog seemed to understand human speech, and when he saw all the servants shouting about his fleshy name, he acquiesced in this name, and immediately followed Wang Furen back to the palace. From then on, he became a loyal dog of the palace, and lived a worry-free life with food and drink. I stayed in the palace like this for ten years.

That night, the black dog suddenly started barking inexplicably. It barked into the air from time to time, its black fur disappeared into the darkness, and its two bright eyes glowed strangely.

Guiren_Tang Dynasty Liu Rengui_Ren Guishen

The black dog Rourou's barking disturbed Wang Furen so much that he could not sleep, so he was ordered to be imprisoned in a deserted courtyard. But the barking of the black dog still rang out under the night sky, and Wang Furen could still hear the barking in the distance.

Wang Furen was very upset. He was already feeling dizzy , but suddenly his neck became stiff and he had a splitting headache. The housekeeper's wife and concubines prayed to gods and Buddhas everywhere for him, and dozens of amulets bought from the temple for a lot of money were hung all over his body.

When sleeping, the silk thread of the amulet is hung around the neck, and the paper charms pile up in front of the chest, rustling all over the body. I am also afraid of being crushed, so I am cautious, which will make it even more difficult to turn over. The already fat body became increasingly difficult to move.

Wang Furen's wife and concubines invited Sun Weimin, a famous doctor from Guangfu City. The famous doctor prescribed several medicines for Wang Furen, but they seemed to have no effect.

Finally, the famous doctor advised Wang Furen to eat less fatty meat and lard, saying that people are blessed with food, but eating too much food will also affect their longevity.

Wang Furen relied on his good fortune, ate and drank excessively, and indulged in wine, meat and beauty. How could he listen to the lies of a poor man? Immediately, he ordered people to expel Dr. Sun from the house and gave him a good beating. The doctor had a bruised nose and face, covered his head and left in tears.

The next day, Wang Furen's concubine invited a fortune teller for Wang Furen with the advice of relatives.

Guiren_Ren Guishen_Tang Dynasty Liu Rengui

The fortune teller has a celestial spirit and sharp eyes. After he looked around the palace, facing Wang Furen who was lying on the bed, he narrowed his eyes slightly and stretched out his hands to calculate quickly. Suddenly his eyes widened and he said loudly:

I heard that your black dog has been barking for several days, which is unlucky!

The concubine quickly told the dog's name: Rourou, and begged her husband to give him some advice so that Wang Furen could get rid of his misfortune.

The husband solemnly said: Your name is Ren, which means human. What is the best supplement for people? Of course it’s meat!

Wang Furen and his wives suddenly realized this and immediately gave him a large sum of money. After sending the master away, Wang Furen immediately ordered the old housekeeper to kill the dog and eat its meat to cure the disease.

The old housekeeper followed the instructions and caught the dog, brought the black dog back from the deserted yard, and ordered the cook to sharpen his knife and prepare to kill the dog.

Unexpectedly, when the cook was ready, he found that the black dog had already bitten the rope and escaped.

Guiren_Tang Dynasty Liu Rengui_Ren Guishen

Wang Furen was furious when he heard this, and ordered his slaves to buy three big dogs from the market, kill them, and eat the dog meat for three days. Unfortunately, not only did the condition not improve, but the headache became more severe.

After the black dog escaped from the Wang family's residence, it wandered the streets of Guangfu City, its barking often echoing in the dark night. The voice was quite sad, almost like sobbing, which was touching.

The timid people began to say that someone must be dying. As a result, everyone in Guangfu City was in danger and would hide from dogs during the day. Some households even abandoned their dogs and drove them away from their homes.

For a time, the team of stray dogs on the street grew, led by a black dog, and the barking became even louder at night. People are panicking.

One month later, Wang Furen suddenly suffered a stroke and became speechless. When his wife and concubines found a miracle doctor from other places, it was too late. Wang Furen was already seriously ill and died.

After Wang Furen was buried in great glory, because he was young and had no offspring, his family property was divided among his brothers, and his wives and concubines were expelled from the house and scattered.

Since then, the barking of dogs at night suddenly disappeared. People are convinced that the barking of the black dog is the cause of Wang Furen's death.

Guiren_Ren Guishen_Tang Dynasty Liu Rengui

In order to avoid harm to themselves, Wang Furen's brothers mobilized the villagers to catch the dogs. Unexpectedly, the black dog seemed to know everything, never showing up during the day and disappearing without a trace.

That night, in the desolate cemetery, the old housekeeper stood alone in front of Wang Furen's tombstone, with the black dog Rourou standing beside him. A man and a dog were crying in front of the tombstone.

It turned out that the old housekeeper was ordered to send his men to kill the dog that day. He knew full well that the black dog had saved his master's life. He didn't believe that the master could cure his disease by eating dog meat. He couldn't bear to see the loyal dog killed by the knife, so he secretly cut the rope and killed the black dog. Dogs released.

After the owner died of illness, the tree fell and the hozens scattered, and the old housekeeper was kicked out. Then he took the black dog hidden in the cemetery with him and prepared to return to his hometown for retirement.

Afterwards, the old housekeeper met with Dr. Sun in Guangfu City alone. When talking about his master’s condition, Dr. Sun said frankly:

There is no such thing as a barking of a dog being unlucky. Instead, a black dog has a sensitive nose and can smell the special odor caused by the disease in its owner, so it keeps barking out of fear for its owner's safety.

Unexpectedly, the dog owner not only fails to actively treat the disease, but also blames the disease on the innocent loyal dog. This is really putting the cart before the horse and unfairly punishing kind people. If Wang Furen could control his diet and eat less meat, he would not be covered in fat and die of a stroke at a young age.

Hearing this, the old housekeeper suddenly realized.

After that, the old housekeeper and his loyal dog sneaked back to the countryside to live overnight.

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