Bloody Omen: Horror Waiting For Money?read Online

【1】Mysterious woman

My wife works in a rural hospital and is often away from home. My daughter lives in school. After work, she is not strict about money and is always bored, often wandering on the streets.

One day, Qian Bugou played several rounds of mahjong at a mahjong parlor called "Haorenyuan". His luck was so bad that he stopped playing and stood at the door of the parlor, not knowing where to go. At this time, a woman walked out of a beauty salon nearby. She was very pretty, and she immediately caught Qian Bugru's eye. Qian Bugou didn't expect that the woman suddenly raised her head and looked at him. The woman greeted her with a smile and said, "Let's go shopping." "Yes." Qian Bugou responded with a smile. The woman took a few steps forward, then turned back to look at Qian BuGou, her face with a slight smile, and her charming eyes had a little more unique charm. "Smile back and you will be charming." This smile attracted Qian BuGou.

In the next few days, Qian Bugou hung around the door of "Haorenyuan", but he no longer met the woman he met that day. This made Qian Bugou obsessed with him and made it difficult to sleep at night.

People always look at flowers and hate the passage of time, and they can't bear to look back on their good looks.

Don't let your heart become so filled with panic, seize the good times of your youth.

Hold my hand quickly, don't wait for the black hair to turn gray.

If you don't drink the wine of love, how can heaven and earth last forever?

The sound of singing came from the window, lingering and faint, like wisps of enchanting smoke, entangling people's hearts. Qian Bugou got up and looked out the window. A woman lingered under the big tree for a moment, and then slowly left. Under the dim light, her face could not be seen clearly, but her figure was graceful and her light gait was as airy as a fairy.

Qian Bugou saw this woman for several nights in a row. Who is this woman? Why come here every night to sing? Qian thought carefully.

Do you hear that? There was a woman singing under the big tree at night. Ask a neighbor about money. The neighbor said he didn't hear it. He said he had been playing on the computer all night long and didn't hear any singing.

Qian Bugou said: "It's strange." I thought, is it a ghost? No, I obviously saw it with my own eyes, and not just once or twice. Even the lyrics are familiar to him. Qian Bugou doesn't believe in ghosts.

At night, Qian Bugou heard singing again, and he got up to watch again. Still the same woman. The woman looked at Qian Sugao, smiled sweetly, and waved to him gently. Qian Bugou put on his clothes and went out, following closely behind the woman, but he could never keep up with her. After walking a long way, when we arrived at the gate of a garden, the woman suddenly disappeared. Qian Bugou stood at the gate of the garden feeling melancholy and regretful.

Qian Bugou woke up and found himself lying on the bed, and then he was sure that he was dreaming. But in the past few nights, he heard and saw things so clearly that it couldn't be a dream.

When Qian Bugou met his neighbors, he asked again: "Do you hear singing at night?" The neighbors shook their heads. How strange! Could it be that he is really a ghost? Qian Bugou had never seen a ghost before. Of course, not everyone could encounter a ghost, and nine out of ten people who encountered one would soon suffer disaster. Although Qian Bugou didn't believe in ghosts, he was still a little scared. He thought about it all day long and was frightened. Recalling the woman's appearance and voice, Qian Bugou felt that the woman seemed familiar to him, and the road and the garden he walked in the dream also seemed to have been seen before.

A few nights later, the singing started again. Qian Bugou was so frightened that he quickly covered himself with the quilt, but he couldn't stop the erratic singing. This singing is so real. Is it really a ghost? It's a blessing, not a curse. It's a curse that can't be avoided, Qian Bugou thought. He bravely got up and leaned against the window to look outside. The woman lingered in the shadow of the big tree, and then quietly left. At this moment, Qian Bugou suddenly remembered that this woman seemed to be the woman he met at the door of "Good Popularity" that day. He is obviously a human being, where is the ghost! Qian's meticulous heart was activated again.

【2】Yiqihua Orchard

On the weekend, Qian Bugou followed the memory of that night and actually saw a garden beside the highway on the outskirts of the city. The plaque reads "Yiqihua Orchard" in five characters. It should be here, where the woman disappeared suddenly, Qian Bugou confirmed.

The door was open and Qian Bugou walked in. The garden is a small hill. When you first enter, you are greeted by a spacious concrete flat land with a stone staircase going up to the mountain. The surrounding evergreen trees are lush and green. There are also rockeries, fountains, various flowers and plants, and clusters of chrysanthemums are in full bloom, with a fragrant fragrance. What a nice garden! Qian Bugou passed by Guidao Xiaolu here before and seemed to remember that there was such a garden , but he had never been in it.

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This should be a place for fun. The weather is very nice. Although it is autumn, the sunshine is as warm as spring. Why is there no one there? There was only an old woman immersed in sweeping the floor, paying no attention to the visitors. The broom made a thin swiping sound on the ground. The cement floor was very clean, with not even a tiny fallen leaf on it. The old woman was still sweeping it.

Qian Bugou walked up the stone steps, passed through the shade of the trees, and came to the hill. The eyes suddenly become clear, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. The mountain is covered with various fruit trees, flowers and plants, there are many pavilions, and there is a pond at the bottom of the slope. It's late autumn, and oranges and kiwis are hanging on the branches, especially the oranges, which are so red. There are also swings and a basketball court on the grass between the trees. People’s discarded playing cards, fruit peels, snack packaging bags and the like were also seen on the tables and chairs in the pavilions. It is rare to have such a nice garden, such rare good weather, how can one bear to let down the warm sunshine? Qian Bugou lay on the stone bench on the grass and enjoyed it.

The breeze brought a scent – the smell of a woman, followed by the sound of soft footsteps. Qian Bugou stood up and took a look, and saw a woman walking slowly towards him, ah! It was that woman. Qian Bugou felt happy in his heart.

"Come and play." The woman greeted first with a slight smile.

"Well, you're here to play too." Qian Bugou looked at the woman intently.

The woman didn't answer and picked a leaf casually. The smile on his face disappeared in an instant.

"Did you come alone?" Qian Bugou asked, looking back and forth.

The woman didn't answer, she lowered her eyes to the leaves in her hands, her expression suddenly sad.

"What's wrong?" Qian Bugou asked.

The woman's eyes sparkled with tears, and she covered them with her hands.

Suddenly, streams of bright red blood slowly emerged through the woman's pale fingers, crawling downward like red earthworms.

Ah, Qian Bugou screamed and almost fell off the stone bench.

"What's wrong with you? What's wrong with your eyes?" Although Qian Bugou was frightened, he immediately kept calm and asked diligently. She is not a ghost. How can there be a ghost in the clear sky? Don't worry about money.

The woman moved her hand away, wiped her eyes with her fingertips, and said with a smile, "It's nothing. The sun has set and the wind has picked up. Come inside, be careful of catching a cold. There is a computer in the house. You can watch movies."

"Are you going too?" Qian Bugou asked. The woman nodded and walked away gently.

When we came down from the mountain, it was already dusk, the twilight was dim, and Qian Bugou felt chilly.

【3】Mysterious house

It got dark and the lights were turned on. Some people walked into the garden, men and women, one after another, silently, turning to the dark path on the right.

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Qian Bugou saw the woman swaying in the shadows, and he immediately followed her.

Crossing the path, I saw a large house, probably a villa, it was very grand. There was a red carpet at the door, which felt soft and light under your feet. Maybe Qian BuGou was a little slow, everyone went up, there was no one in the hall, it was quiet, and the dark green ground glowed with a cold light.

Qian BuGou went upstairs, but he took a walk upstairs and hurriedly came down. There was nothing upstairs. He didn't see any entertainment venues or anyone. It was quiet, only the wind blew the screens. the sound of. Returning to the hall, he saw an underground passage and walked down it. The basement is as spacious as the hall, but it is a bit messy with many product packaging boxes stacked up. There was no one around, and there was no trace of human presence.

Where have they gone? Qian Bugou was wondering.

Suddenly, a small sound came from the passage at the other end of the basement, and lights flashed.

Oh, so they are here. Qian Bugou thought so. He strode towards the passage at the other end. The lights in the passage are getting darker and darker, some street lights may have problems, they are flickering on and off, and the audio and video are suddenly silent. At the end of the passage is a door. Qian Bugou knocked lightly on the door. "Is anyone there?" he asked. There was silence inside the door, and there was deathly silence all around. Qian Bugou wanted to knock again, but he immediately felt something was wrong. How could this be an entertainment venue? It's such a dark and silent place, and the door doesn't look like that kind of door. It should be a warehouse or a factory. Even the lock on the door is a big open lock. Qian Bugou subconsciously touched the lock.

When his fingers touched the lock, the lock suddenly started to tremble, and even the door latch was shaking. Qian Bugou turned around and ran away, his whole body numb with fear.

Qian Bugou held his breath and ran to the stairs of the hall. When he saw the lights coming on, he stopped to take a breath. He lowered his head, bent over, and put his hand on his chest. His heart was beating fiercely, as if it was about to jump out of his chest.

What a way! It was so scary, my mind calmed down and I didn’t think about money. At this time, he heard the squeaking sound again in his ears, and Qian Bugou became nervous again. He raised his head and glanced, and in the center of the hall, an old woman was kneeling on the ground and cleaning the floor. At this time, what to mop the floor? It was so scary. Qian Bugou felt that the old woman was an eyesore. He walked over and asked the old woman: "Old man, where have they been? Where is the Internet cafe?"

"Upstairs, it's all upstairs." The old woman said without even raising her head.

"When I went upstairs just now, there was no one there." Qian Bugou thought to himself, it was really strange.

"They're all up there. They're all up there," the old woman said.

Qian Bugou went back upstairs. Sure enough, several rooms were full of people, the lights were not turned on, and only rows of fluorescent screens were visible, reflecting pale and indifferent faces. Qian Buluo thought, they must have come in when he walked to the basement.

Qian Bugou entered a room next to the stairs. There was no one there and a computer was on. He took a sneak peek. The QQ profile picture was that of a woman. Qian Bugou took a closer look and saw that it happened to be that woman. He felt excited and immediately remembered her QQ number.

Qian Bugou immediately turned on another computer, logged into QQ, looked up the number he had just written down, added it as a friend, and then happily thought about how to chat with her and how to make her laugh.

I browsed many web pages and thought of many sweet words, but the woman hadn't come back yet, and Qian Bugou felt very disappointed. He leaned back in his chair and kept thinking, where did she go? Why haven't you come yet? The more I think about it, the more upset I feel.

There were footsteps in the corridor outside the door, which sounded like the sound of high heels, from far to near, but after passing the stairs, they went straight down. Qian Bugou felt even more disappointed. He walked out to see what the woman looked like. But when he came out, there was no woman walking up the stairs. What I saw was still the old woman. She was still cleaning and wiping the handrail of the stairs. I clearly heard the woman wearing high heels walking down the stairs just now, why was there no more? This staircase is quite long. Could it be that she can fly?

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"Old man, a woman just came down here, did you see her?" Qian Bugou wanted to prove his ears.

"She is my eldest daughter, the owner of this house. She passed by. She just passed by." The old woman wiped the handrail and started to wipe the floor of the stairs.

"Your daughter is so rich, but you are still cleaning the floor by yourself at such an old age. It's so late and you can rest." Qian Bugou thought this old woman was really weird.

"What a nice home, what a nice garden, dirty–dirty!" said the old woman.

"It's so clean, why are you saying it's dirty?" Although the lights are not very bright, everything here seems to be quite clean. Qian Bugou guessed that the old woman has a mysophobia.

"Dirty – dirty – look, here – here." The old woman said, pointing to the money carefully.

Following the old woman's fingers, Qian Bugou saw eye-catching blood stains. Qian Bugou was so frightened that he took two steps back and stumbled on the stairs. After getting up and returning to the room, he suddenly felt that the lights in the room were much darker. Qian Bugou looked around for the headlight switch, but he couldn't find it.

Thinking about the trembling door in the basement, thinking about the old woman cleaning the floor, thinking about the blood on the floor, thinking about the high heels that he had just walked past but couldn't see, Qian Bugou felt a hair in his heart and had goosebumps all over his body.

Don't be afraid, there are many people upstairs. Qian didn't think twice and went to other rooms to take a look. The people in the other rooms were still sitting there, making no sound. There was no image on the computer screen, it was all blue. "There's nothing on the computer, what are you looking at?" Qian Bugou asked a person sitting at the door. The man remained motionless and paid no attention at all. Qian Bugou asked another person, but that person didn't move, staring at the screen that actually didn't exist. Qian Bugou touched him gently, but the man still didn't move, as if he didn't feel anything. Qian Bugou discovered that not only these two people, but also others were the same. They were either possessed by demons or had lost their souls, like stiff and soulless corpses.

When Qian Bugou came out, he could hear his heart swelling and beating violently, his scalp was completely numb, and his feet were completely soft, as if he couldn't stand accidentally.

"I have to leave this place right away." Qian Bugou said in his heart. He walked down the stairs. But he couldn't go down. As he was going down, the old woman who was cleaning the floor suddenly looked up at him. When he saw the old woman's face, he fell down and slid down the stairs like noodles. The old woman's face was like a mummy seen in movies, with empty eye sockets and no eyeballs.

Qian Bugou, trembling all over, as if he had been fished out of an ice cave, climbed into the room, immediately closed the door and locked it.

【4】Horrifying images

"It's over, it's over, I will be like them soon." Qian Bugou sat slumped on the ground, scared, regretful, regretting that he should not have come to this place. Is it too late to regret now? He can only wait for the devil to appear and steal his soul.

Time passed by, but the devil didn't come, and there was no movement at all. Qian Bugou breathed a sigh of relief. The computer is still on. Why not go watch a comedy or put on some music, maybe it can alleviate a little fear. Qian Bugou got up and wanted to continue surfing the Internet.

But all web pages cannot be opened. Moreover, the mouse moves around on the screen and does not obey orders. Suddenly, a cold hand grabbed Qian Buglu's hand and pressed it. Qian Bugou shivered violently as if he had been electrocuted, and then his whole body trembled, like a mouse coiled up by a snake.

The screen was opened, and a pool of black water slowly spread out, covering the entire field of view, and then spun up to form a huge whirlpool.

"He's here, let's go down and have a look." The cold hand pushed Qian Bugou down the black whirlpool with a gentle push.

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Qian Bugou fell into the jungle. The dense trees and vines blocked the sky. Only the hollow light of the moon could vaguely see the surrounding things. I don’t have enough money and I can’t tell the direction, so I walk blindly, hoping to find a way. There was a dead silence in the forest, only the sound of leaves and dead branches being stepped on underfoot could be heard. He looked around as he walked, eager to see some unexpected light. But he didn't dare to go fast for fear of falling into a trap or stepping on something else terrible. As he walked, he held on to the trees around him or clung to the vines around him. Suddenly, his foot slipped and he almost fell. In desperation, he grabbed a drooping branch in front of him. The trunk of the tree was cold and swayed, and a few drops of liquid dripped down and fell on Qian's lips. He licked it, and it tasted salty and smelled bad. Qian Bugou looked up and saw two corpses hanging above his head, their heads exploded, and what he was holding in his hand was the foot of a corpse. Qian Bugou was so frightened that he crawled backwards several feet.

Qian Bugou finally came across a path and walked forward shivering, hoping to get out of the forest. The woods were getting sparser and clearer, and there were fewer and fewer weeds. Qian Bugou thought to himself that someone must have been to this place, and he found that the trees around him were all fruit trees. This is an orchard, it should be an orchard. It turned out to be an orchard, so it was not far from his home. Qian Bugou felt much more relaxed and slowed down his pace.

Suddenly, something shook among the trees on the roadside. what is that? Qian Bugou took a closer look. A girl is playing on a swing with her hair falling around her face. "Girl, can you go out in front?" Qian Bugou asked.

There was no reply. The swing swung over, and the wind blew away the hair on the girl's face, revealing a bloated face, an open mouth, full of fangs, and almost bit Qian Bulu's neck. Don't worry about money and run away.

I don’t know how far I ran, there were fewer and fewer trees, and there was a little moonlight, and Qian Bugou saw a pavilion. Qian Bugou was hungry and thirsty. He couldn't walk anymore, so he picked a few oranges and walked into the pavilion to eat. When he peeled the orange, he felt another figure shaking. He looked back and forth, but he didn't see anything strange. He only heard the sound of dripping water. The pavilion must be leaking. There are drops of water dripping on the ground, and another drop falls every two or three seconds. If it doesn't rain, how can it leak? Could there be another corpse hanging above? Qian Bugou felt nervous again and didn't dare to look up, but he couldn't help but take a look. Seeing this, Qian Bugou was so frightened that he crawled out of the forest and then rolled down the mountain without eating a single piece of the peeled orange. It turned out that there was indeed a corpse hanging on the top of the pavilion, dangling leisurely, like a big toad that had been crushed, with all its internal organs protruding.

Qian Bugou tried his best to reach the door, but couldn't open it.

"Don't waste your efforts, you can't get away." The old woman stood behind Money Not Enough at some point. "Let's go and have a look again." The old woman said again.

Not having enough money, he followed the old woman to the hall cautiously. The hall was full of people, all wearing shackles and looking ashen. In front of these people stood four crosses, each with a person or four corpses tied to it. A girl held a bloody knife in her hand and walked back and forth in front of this man. When she walked up to a man with a split head, she stabbed the man in the chest and said: "This is Lots of money – lots of money – hehe." Then he walked up to a woman whose head exploded and stabbed her chest with a knife, saying: "This is wood vanity – little fox – hey." Then. When he walked up to a man who had been crushed, he stabbed him in the chest and said, "This is Qian Xiaobai – pretty boy." Finally, he walked up to a woman who had no damage and stabbed her in the heart as well. With a knife, he said: "This is Ai Xiaochun – my favorite name is Chun – haha."

Qian Bugou thought that the names of these people were really weird, and he could tell that the woman named Ai Mingchun was the woman he met.

The girl walked back and forth several times, pricking her every time and saying something. Suddenly, she turned around, stared at a pair of cloudy and empty eyes and said to everyone: "I am Qian Xiaodan, who are you?" Some people present were so frightened that they took a few steps back, and some were so frightened that they knelt on the ground. beg for mercy.

"Who are you?" She suddenly stared at Qian Bugou.

Qian Bugou wanted to escape, but he couldn't get rid of it. He found that his hands and feet were also hung with heavy shackles, and he couldn't move a step.

The bleeding tip of the knife was placed on Qian Bugou's chest… He fainted.

【5】Both fantasy and reality

When Qian Bugou woke up, it was already dawn and he found himself back in his original room. He couldn't stand it anymore, opened the door, and ran away, downstairs, through the hall, and across the tree-lined path, no one stopped him. But just as he was about to step out of the garden gate, the old woman suddenly came out of the reception room, grabbed his hand, thrust a plate into his hand, and said, "This is the movie you watched last night." , as a souvenir, let your friends and relatives see it." Qian Bugou didn't want to accept it, but he didn't dare not to accept it. When they were about to enter the city, it was already broad daylight, and Qian Bugou threw the plate into the river.

When he got home, Qian Bugou found that all his underwear was soaked with sweat.

His wife and daughter happened to be back home, and when they saw Qian Bugou, he was in a panic, his face turned white, and he quickly asked him where he was and if something had happened. If he didn't come home at night, he couldn't get through on the phone.

Qian Bugou didn't want to say it, but he couldn't hide it, so he had to say it, but he omitted the first part, and just said that he had nothing to do. He wanted to go to the countryside to get some fresh air, and when he saw a nice garden, he went in to take a look. He didn't expect that this would happen. What happened, I was scared to death.

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Normally, my daughter and wife would definitely say it was a ghost story and meant to scare people, but seeing Qian Bugou's soulless appearance, they were really frightened.

"Why did you go to that place if you didn't go anywhere?" the wife said, as if there was something in her words.

"What, what happened to that place?" Qian Bugou asked.

"Do you still remember that I had a high school classmate named Ai Xiaochun?" the wife said.

"Ai Xiaochun, I seem to have some impression, what's wrong with her?" After his wife mentioned it, Qian Bugou did remember such a person, and she was very good-looking in his memory.

"The garden you are talking about is their home. Their home was originally engaged in fruit processing. Because it was right next to the highway, there were many people passing by, so it also served as a farmhouse. They made a fortune and were very rich. Her husband's name is Qian. Manduo specializes in product sales and often travels outside. I heard that there are many women outside. Ai Xiaochun is responsible for product production and is at home every day. They have a daughter named Qian Xiaodan who has just entered junior high school. Not long ago, I heard that Qian Xiaodan fell into the fish pond in the garden and drowned. Later, I heard that Qian Xiaobai, a nephew of Qian Manduo, was crushed to death by a juicer in the factory. It was rumored that he was a pretty boy and had the same relationship with Ai Xiaochun. There was a leg. The employees in the factory said that the garden was haunted, and they had heard Qian Xiaodan screaming at night. Sure enough, something happened to Qian Manduo later. His car rolled over the cliff, and others died together. One of his little Sanmu was vain. I heard that both of them had their heads cracked. Once Qian Manduo died, the entire fruit processing factory collapsed."

"Where is your classmate Ai Xiaochun?" Qian Bugou asked.

"I heard she's crazy."

"Could it be that the woman I saw was the crazy woman Ai Xiaochun?" Qian Bugou pondered again. She was actually crazy, why did she still want to attract him? Why still scare him? He has never offended her! On the contrary, he admired her.

After some time, Qian Bugou could no longer tell whether some things were real experiences or dreams. He thought it would mean something if he hadn't thrown away the plate that day. But now when he told his friends about the strange garden, no one believed him.

Qian Bugou deliberately invited a few friends and boldly went to Yiqi Baiguoyuan again. He found that the garden was indeed not the same garden he had seen last time. The road was covered with broken branches and leaves, and there were no traces of any flowers or grass. The door of the villa was locked, there was no red carpet, and the ground was covered with fallen leaves. On the hill, all the pavilions collapsed and were scattered. The fruit trees no longer look like fruit trees, and the miscellaneous trees are taller than the fruit trees. The swing was still there, but one side was off, and the board was hanging on the ground.

The fish pond has dried up, and a group of people are standing next to it, some of them wearing white mourning clothes. Everyone in the group had seen it, and if Qian BuGou came alone, he would definitely be scared to death. It looks like they are burying someone. Qian Bugou and others walked down to take a look.

"Is it the old lady who was sweeping the garden who died?" Qian Bugou asked.

"No, it's his wife. She has been dead for many years. She said that they would be buried together when they die. She has been waiting here for a long time." The buryer said.

"Oh——" Qian Bugou seemed to understand something.

At this time, a woman wearing mourning clothes came over, smiled at Qian Bugou, thinking that Qian Bugou came specially to visit, and said some words of thanks. The woman then introduced herself as Ai Xiaoqing and was Ai Xiaochun's sister. Ai Xiaoqing also said that her sister and Qian Bulgou's wife were classmates, and her sister often mentioned Qian Bulgou and his wife to her before.

Seeing Ai Xiaoqing, Qian Bugou suddenly understood everything. It turned out that the person he saw at the door of "Good Popularity" that day was not Ai Xiaochun, but Ai Xiaoqing. The two looked a bit similar, no wonder they looked so familiar, and Ai Xiaoqing really knew him.

Ai Xiaoqing is indeed much younger and more beautiful than her sister, and she is mesmerizing at first glance. Not only Qian Bugou thought so, but everyone in the group also said that Ai Xiaoqing's eyebrows looked really like Pan Jinlian in the TV series. Starting from Ai Xiaoqing and Pan Jinlian, everyone talked about finding mistress and Xiaomi with great interest. Only Qian Bugou remained silent. He was in a daze and suspected that this was a dream again. Some people joked that he was scared by ghosts, and some said that he had "not enough money," but it was all in vain.

After that, Qian Bugou often fell into a trance, and his wife said he had schizophrenia.

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