What Does The Horse Ghost Refer To? Chapter 14 Missing

The prairie with long yellow grass looks like an undulating yellow-green sea. The grass is about the same height, but the sand dunes under the grass are undulating, and the terrain is uneven. , It is difficult to distinguish from a distance or from a high place. There are also rocky mountains or sandy mountains on the grassland. .

The traces of the cattle running away happened to disappear on an uphill. We hurriedly took the horses to search carefully, and saw that the hoofprints on the turf were messy, and there were signs of gnawing on the surrounding grass, which indicated that the cattle had fled here. Afterwards, he had already recovered from the frenzy and stayed here to eat grass.

But the strange thing is that the large herd of cattle disappeared out of thin air here. Even if the cattle are attacked by wolves here, they will leave traces such as hoofprints. What force can make the herd disappear in a short period of time? I immediately asked Ding Sitian: "Is there a tornado on your grassland? The wind swept away all the cattle?"

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Ding Sitian said: "I heard that there are occasional tornadoes in Outer Mongolia in Mobei, but our grasslands are very rare, and how big is the tornado that can take away hundreds of cows? If there is a tornado, the sky is clear today, we are far away. You should be able to see it from a distance, and besides, there is no sign of wind damage in the nearby grassland." After she finished speaking, she turned to ask Lao Yangpi, after all, Lao Yangpi has lived on the grassland for decades and has far more experience than us educated youths.

Lao Yangpi didn't speak, he got off the horse, touched the hoof prints on the ground and looked at them for a long time, and finally sat down on the ground with tears streaming down his face. The demon dragon swallowed it, and Lao Yangpi wept, wiped his tears, beat his chest and stamped his feet: "Why does Changshengtian punish the poor shepherd like this?" His brother disappeared after arriving here decades ago, and now the cattle are gone here Now, these cows are collective property of the brigade. If it wasn't for getting drunk yesterday and not strengthening the stables, this kind of thing wouldn't have happened . What is it ? I can't explain it clearly. Who would believe that the herd of cattle was swallowed by the dragon, and there was not even a single hair left?

Fallen Concubine_What do horse ghosts refer to?Which ghosts do they refer to? Ghost king favors his wife. Which ghosts_what do horse ghosts refer to?

Ding Sitian was so anxious that she shed tears. She has a strong appearance, but she is sensitive inside. She is as fragile as an ordinary girl. Yangpi said: "I see things so far, if we don't find the whereabouts of these cattle, we can't do the job. It's useless to worry now. Let's search around quickly. Even if we turn the grassland upside down, we still have to find them." In addition, I don't believe in the legend of monster dragons devouring humans and animals. Taking a step back, even if there is a beast that looks like a dragon hidden in the depths of the grassland, it is impossible for it to swallow so many cows in one gulp. Appetite? Take another ten thousand steps back and say, if you swallow it, you have to spit out the bones, right? If you find the bones of the ox, you can have an explanation. There are so many hats these days, and you can't find the whereabouts of the ox. If you put a hat on the old man and Ding Sitian, you can't bear the sin of walking around. Even if you are afraid, you can't hide. You can only grit your teeth to hold on at critical moments. If you have the time to cry, you might as well go on looking for a cow.

The fat man also persuaded: "Sitian, don't cry. In my impression, you are not the kind of big girl who can only cry and complain, and is useless. I think back then we were all stirring up the five continents. Churning clouds and water, sweeping away all monsters, ghosts and snakes . What is the Red Guard horse ghost referring to ? You also said that you want to be a soldier of the PLA Art Troupe full of outstanding wisdom and foresight, profound theoretical thinking and unyielding fighting spirit in the future. Don't be like Hu Bayi who chanted the innocence of vulgar taste all day long, and don't forget that death does not belong to the working class."

Ding Sitian laughed at what the fat man said, wiped away her tears and nodded, "Yes, death does not belong to the working class." She and Lao Yangpi, the old and the young, finally recognized the situation under our persuasion, The only person in this world who can save your own destiny is yourself. Blaming others is meaningless. There is no other way now. If you lose the cow, you can only rely on yourself to find it. It is impossible to cry the cow back .

In fact, I still have an idea that I haven’t shared with everyone. Yesterday Lao Yangpi talked about how his brother was forced to lead the way to the "Hundred Eyes Cave" decades ago. He once mentioned the bandits who came from the mountains. I took a big mouthful of the box, and I felt that this incident was very strange at that time. The time when this incident happened was very consistent with the time that my aunt said. The things were brought to the grassland. I can't guess the reason why they chose the grassland, but there is probably valuable gold in that Huang Daxian's box. Sitian and Lao Yangpi will pay off their merits.

Because I have heard too many legends about gold mines in Xing'an Mountains, the idea of ​​imagining the "Hundred Eyes Cave" as a gold treasure house for bandits has already been preconceived in my mind and formed a subjective impression, so all subsequent imaginations Guesses are all based on this premise. I think that those who disappeared were probably killed by the horse bandits guarding the treasure. In the end, there was an internal struggle in the "Ni'er Society". The Four Olds in ancient tombs beat you to death and you died together. It was likely to be the case. At that time, I was still ignorant, and I didn’t think deeply about everything. I was very satisfied with my deduction. thing.

There is a mountain depression on the side of this grassy slope, and along the road is a ghostly place with hills and ridges – "Hundred Eyes Cave". We are not giving up yet, so we ride our horses again and wander around to continue searching for clues.

Fallen Concubine_What do horse ghosts refer to?Which ghosts do they refer to? Ghost king favors his wife. Which ghosts_what do horse ghosts refer to?

It’s past noon now, and not long after we got on the horses, the horses suddenly became extremely restless, neighing “咴儿,咴儿”, and there seemed to be something unusual in the surrounding air that made them anxious and panicked. Worried about getting off the horse and throwing me off, I hurriedly grabbed the rein with one hand and the saddle iron ring with the other, but the horse didn't buckle, just circled in place, and I saw the other three horses too. In this situation, the crowd shouted at Lao Yangpi: "Old man, what happened to these horses?"

Lao Yangpi tightened the reins and forced the panicked horses to hold him back. He told us that horses on the prairie are spiritual and much more sensitive than human intuition. They must have sensed something terrible nearby, and these things are People can't feel it. Lao Yangpi's mount is a retired army horse, which is a head taller than ordinary Mongolian horses. Although this horse has long teeth, its psychological quality is much calmer than ordinary horses. With it, the other three horses It wasn't a mess for a while.

The mood of the horses stabilized slightly. We took the opportunity to look around, wanting to see what was going on in the surrounding grasslands. Maybe it had something to do with the disappearance of more than a hundred cattle. For a while, everyone's nerves seemed to be fully twisted. The spring of the string was tensed. In order to guard against the prairie wolf, Lao Yangpi also brought an old-fashioned shotgun. Lao Yangpi had a Kangxi sword for self-defense, so he asked the fat man: "That fat boy, can you shoot?"

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