Chapter 131 Song Laoguai

"Jianguo…" Mingyue seemed to have touched the depths of her heart, she couldn't help sighing, and said sadly, "In the world of mortals, I don't know how many people have been harmed by greed, hatred and ignorance. No matter what, the poor nun and Ping'er will enter the valley with you."

Han Sheng nodded with a smile, and finally felt relieved.

Mingyue ordered Ping'er to inform Yuanmu to make preparations, and soon went to the Blue Moon Valley with the little macaques, and she began to arrange matters such as the candidate for the successor abbot of Tabalin Temple.

At this moment, a nun in red came to report that Secretary Xing and others had arrived at the gate of the mountain.

"Hehe, this secretary is back. This journey not only saw the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland, but also saw the thriving socialist economic construction. It can be said to be very fruitful…" Secretary Xing held Ke'er's hand and smiled He strode forward, although his face was full of dust, but his spirit was very hale and hearty.

Behind him are the old woman looking at the violin box, Gu Shu Yunping, Mr. Yan and his son, Lu Taiguan, and a blind elderly man wearing a yellow military cap and wearing liberation shoes. Kappa servant.

This person was wearing a colorful collarless gown with four sides slits around the waist, and two first-rank military officer unicorn squares were patched on the chest, but there was a big hole in it, revealing the green and fluffy chest hair.

"It turns out that the admiral has arrived." Han Sheng smiled immediately, the old man was still wearing the same props and costumes that he had in Hong Kong back then, and the big hole in his chest was still burnt by the unmelting bone grass.

"Hey, Xiao Hansheng, I have been reluctant to wear this court uniform of the admiral, and I just took it out of the bag and changed it today. How is it, is it still as majestic as before?" Wu Jiabang walked forward with square steps, He kept looking at Han Sheng through the hole in the yellow military cap on his head, and said in surprise, "Hey, you haven't seen the old man very much these years, did you also secretly learn the old man's 'controlling women'?"

"Han Sheng," Taiguan Lu stepped forward and squeezed his hand tightly, "I have already disposed of all the property in Hong Kong, so I came to join you with my ancestors."

"Mr. Lu, now we are preparing to fight the Great Nightmare, and then we can return to the Blue Moon Valley." Han Sheng told him.

"The kappa is the servant who has been with the ancestors all the time, so he brought it along with him." Taiguan Lu pointed to the kappa standing behind.

Gu real Zhao Lianyun_Is Gu real Zhao Lianyun dead? Gu real Zhao Lianyun is dead

"It doesn't matter. The Kappa's family and the suckers have already entered the valley. They can also be companions. They will live carefree in the blue lake in the valley, and they don't have to worry about human harassment anymore." Han Sheng said with a smile.

"These two are…" Han Sheng caught a glimpse of the old and the young standing at the back, as if he had never seen him before, so he asked.

"Grandpa Yan's origin is also from Huanglong Mansion. He joined the revolutionary team directly after breaking out of the tomb, and went south with the four fields…" Secretary Xing briefly introduced the origins of their father and son, and this time in Xiangxi. encounter.

It was the first time Captain Yan saw so many high-level people in the world, and he seemed a little cramped.

"Oh, welcome, Master Gu, is Zhao Lianyun dead ?" Han Sheng smiled at him understandingly, "Captain Yan, we are also from all corners of the world, and we escaped to the Blue Moon due to various reasons. Gu. Take Secretary Xing as an example, he was originally the leader of the county party committee…"

"The secretary of the county party committee of a large grain-producing county in the northeast, the leader." Secretary Xing hurriedly corrected it, which caused a burst of laughter from everyone.

That night, Taoist Jia took Elder Fang, Qing'er and Twelve Toutuos, and quietly left Tabalin Monastery.


At 3:00 pm on April 3, 1992, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the Fifth Session of the Seventh National People's Congress was in progress.

At 3:20, the subtitle "Resolution on the Construction of the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River" was played on the big screen, and the delegates were asked to press the voting devices to vote.

Gu real Zhao Lianyun is dead_Gu real Zhao Lianyun is dead

Suddenly, at the delegation seat on the west side of the conference hall, Huo Di stood up. A white-haired old man shouted: "I have asked to speak many times, why don't you let me speak?" It reads: The Three Gorges Project should be treated as a major bill, and it must be passed with a two-thirds majority. How can it be handled rashly as a general bill?

This person's name is Huang Shunxing, originally from Taiwan, he served as a member of Taiwan's Legislative Council twice, and was named "Huang Dapao" because he dared to speak out. He returned to his hometown and settled in the mainland, and was proposed by Comrade Xi Zhongxun to serve as a deputy to the National People's Congress.

In an instant, the hall was stunned. Foreign reporters, Hong Kong and Macau reporters all flocked to him to ask questions, and the scene was chaotic.

At this moment, the sound system of the entire conference hall was cut off in an instant, leaving only a microphone on the rostrum.

"You are a dignified National People's Congress, how dare you do this? Turn off the power and use technical means to suppress the exercise of rights by the representatives. The flood will not flood Taiwan. I stand on the standpoint of the people of the whole country…" Huang Shunxing left the stage angrily .

At this time, a female representative sitting in the first row also stood up and said angrily: "You are passing the law illegally, and I have already voted against it." Then she also left her seat, and a total of 25 people left the venue.

After the venue quieted down, voting on the "Resolution on the Construction of the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River" continued, and finally passed with 1,767 votes in favor, 177 against, 664 abstentions, and 25 people who did not press the voting device.

The Gu man looked at the representatives who voted for it with joyful faces, and finally heaved a sigh of relief, knowing in his heart that the corpse worm had successfully seized the house.

Ten years later, Huang Shunxing passed away in Beijing at the age of 79.


Gu real Zhao Lianyun_Is Gu real Zhao Lianyun dead? Gu real Zhao Lianyun is dead

In Yangjiao Hutong in Beijing, at midnight, the lights in Ah's room were still on, and there were only a few people.

Xiao Jian on the bed was still in the bardo. His bristling hair and distorted muscles had returned to normal. He had a peaceful appearance, lying quietly on the bed like a Sleeping Beauty.

The Gu still wore a mask, staring at her silently through the glasses, while Ah He stood aside with his hands down.

"Sure enough, she looks like a Xi Shi, and she is naturally carved, so she can be called the beauties of the Chinese nation. If women in our country can be born like this, this is the good fortune of the party and the country, the good fortune of the nation Ah…" Gu Ren couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Ah's face turned red, she knew very well that she looked as ugly as her mother, and thought to herself that she was a bit ashamed.

"My lord, I see that your face is radiant and energetic tonight. You must have something very happy." Ah He said cautiously.

"Well, that's right," Gu Man said with a high spirited smile, "The prophecy of Li Chunfeng's "Water Dragon Breaking the Situation" has finally come true…"


The Gu people were still not satisfied, waved their hands and said: "Ah, go and call Song Laoguai."

"Yes, my lord." Ah He responded and left.

Gu real Zhao Lianyun is dead_Gu real Zhao Lianyun is dead

Not long after, Song Laoguai came in with a stack of large-sized satellite photos.

"How is it, did you find anything?" The Gu asked eagerly.

"My lord, my subordinates have found the location of the cave that enters the Blue Moon Valley." He pulled out a photo and put it on the table, pointing to it and explained, "This white snowfield like a waterfall is the Mingyong Glacier you mentioned. There are some large and small hidden caves hidden under the ice, one of which is the passage of the Blue Moon Valley."

The Gu man glanced at the photo and frowned slightly: "Then which cave is it?"

"My lord, this photo was taken from the sky, and I can't see the bottom of the ice rock, so my subordinates are not sure which one it is, anyway, it should be right here." Song Laoguai's tone seemed not too sure.

"Sigh, it's a pity that the time of the 'Lacrosse' spy satellite passing through the west of Yunnan was not right, so I couldn't take pictures of people entering and leaving the cave," Gu said regretfully, "I have already sensed the general situation of Youliang in Meili Snow Mountain. He hasn't moved since he arrived in the west of Yunnan, so he should have stayed in the nunnery of Tabalin Temple."

"My lord is wise," Song Laoguai said with flattery on his face, "the abbot of Tabalin Temple, Mingyue Wu Bo Tuana, has an extraordinary relationship with Blue Moon Valley, and basically all the people in the valley stay in the temple when they go in and out."

"Well, how much do you know about this abbot of Mingyue?" the Gu asked.

"My lord, that's a beautiful woman. Her life is extraordinary, and she is as glamorous as a fairy who doesn't eat the fireworks of the world…" Song Laoguai was full of admiration, and the corners of his mouth were drooling. After the worm seized the house, the originally suppressed human nature was completely released uncontrollably.

"How does this person compare to Miss Xiaojian?" The Gu person also became interested when he heard the words.

"Each has its own merits," Song Laoguai glanced at Xiaojian on the bed with wretched eyes, swallowed, "It's just that Abbot Mingyue is more feminine, mature, slim and plump…"

"Oh, then the real deity needs to see it." The Gu said with a chuckle.

Song Laoguai nodded and bowed in agreement, since his primordial spirit was swallowed and fused by Huang Fuchong, he has completely transformed.

"Song Laoguai, you set off immediately to Tabalin Temple in Northwest Yunnan, and serve as an undercover agent placed next to Youliang by the deity, keeping track of their every move at any time," the Gu man ordered, "7749 days is about to expire, After Xiaojian wakes up, the deity will take her to Meili Snow Mountain together."

"Your subordinate obeys…" Song Laoguai clasped his hands, he hesitated for a moment, and then asked cautiously, "My lord, I don't know how the original nine insects are doing now?"

The Gu replied indifferently: "Basically, they have successfully seized the house."

"I wonder if I will see them in the future?" Song Laoguai asked cautiously.

"What are you doing seeing them?" The Gu man stared at him sternly.

"The subordinates know that these nine worms are always greedy, especially stomach worms…" Song Laoguai hesitated.

Gu Ren rolled his eyes and said with a sneer, "Although in the future we will all become some corrupt officials, prostitutes and unkind rich men, it doesn't matter, as long as they are obedient."

"This subordinate understands." Song Laoguai quickly bowed and saluted.

In the early morning of the next day, Song Laoguai boarded the express train from Beijing to Kunming alone.

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