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Today, I would like to share two short stories about killing animals and reaping the consequences.

The first story is provided by an old friend in the building who "remembers the banned tuba" (look at this ID, and I don't know what kind of tragic love-hate relationship this friend and Uncle Ya have experienced). It is said that the father of "the forbidden tuba" had an old classmate who was close to him.

Life is good, this old friend is inevitably extravagant and depraved, and gathers a group of business partners for a small banquet on three days, and a big banquet on five days, with interlaced cups and chips, and singing every night. Ever since he tasted the fatness of the bear's paw at the feast, this old friend couldn't stop eating it.

Anyway, he is not short of money, whether there is a banquet or not, this old friend will eat bear's paws every day, and he will be greedy if he does not eat for a day. His family also advised him not to eat too much bear's paw because it is too angry, but his old friend always couldn't give up his tongue, so he ate it as usual.

A few years later, the old friend's daughter-in-law became pregnant, and the long-awaited grandson was coming. The joy and anticipation of the family goes without saying. Who would have imagined that misfortune would come from heaven, and the daughter -in-law went to the hospital for abnormality screening when she was more than five months pregnant, and found that the fetus was congenitally disabled without hands. Especially shocking.

The daughter-in-law finally went to induce labor, and the family all speculated that this was the bad retribution of an old friend who had been gluttonous for many years, and brought disaster to his children and grandchildren.

Another similar story is about a colleague in my dad's previous unit. The stories told by netizens reminded me of this old story.

Around 1995, my dad accompanied his unit to Shenzhen on a business trip to negotiate business. On the night of arrival, the other company hosted a banquet to show the friendship of the landlord. One of the hard dishes was the fresh steamed monkey brain that was once all the rage.

To show the grandeur and sincerity of the hospitality, the Shenzhen company invited my father and his party to personally select the monkeys to eat. Those monkeys were all locked in a big iron cage, and they were either lying down or lying down, and they were very dejected. Seeing the chef leading the guests close to the cage, the group of monkeys immediately blew up the nest, screaming and pushing a relatively weak monkey out of the cage.

The experience of watching their own kind being slaughtered for a long time has allowed the monkeys to figure out such a cruel way to protect themselves without a teacher. My dad and three other colleagues couldn't bear it and suggested not to eat this dish. Only one colleague felt that it was not worthwhile to come all the way to Guangdong without eating something new, so he insisted on eating monkey brains.

The monkey that was pushed out of the iron cage completely gave up resistance and struggle, and let the chef pull it into the private room and put it under a big round table with a hole in the middle, and the monkey's body was still in the cage under the table. In this case, only the top of the head can protrude from the hole to the tabletop.

After the red oil was boiled, the chef took advantage of the monkey's unpreparedness to suddenly hit the monkey's head with a small hammer, knocking out a hole in the monkey's skull, and immediately poured boiling hot oil into the monkey's head. The whole process was accompanied by the heart-piercing screams of the monkey struggling hard. My dad and his few Yankees who had never seen the world were all frightened and closed their eyes and held their breath, terrified.

The colleague who clamored to eat the monkey brain was very interested, and finally ate more than half of the monkey brain with a small spoon. My dad said that he was the only one in the group who ate the monkey brain with relish. .

A few years later, this colleague had a malignant brain tumor. After several craniotomies, the tumor still couldn't stop the crazy growth. Before he died, the tumor in his brain metastasized to the eyeball, pushing the right eyeball out of the eye socket, festering and pus, which was extremely terrifying. The female colleague who went to the hospital with my dad was scared and cried on the spot.

Several people on the trip to Lingnan that year saw the miserable situation of that colleague, and they all thought that it was because he insisted on eating monkey brains back then, and was finally eaten back by the monkey's hatred and resentment.

Food and sex are also, the world is difficult, there is nothing wrong with wanting to eat well. But if you torture and kill innocent animals for distorted pleasure under the guise of satisfying your appetite, then all the pain you inflict on others will one day be paid back to yourself, with profit and profit, just a lot more.

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