Be Careful Tattoos Attract Ghosts

This thing did happen to a friend of mine.

My name is Xiao Xu, 23 years old, and my friend Wang Dong is 24 years old.

This is from the summer of last year. Last summer, we were also a group of young people who had nothing to do every day. Suddenly one day we remembered tattoos. We saw many people outside with Wenlonghuahu. We were very envious. That day We also drank too much wine and Wang Dong said Xiaoxu Xiaoxu, let’s go! Let’s get tattoos together!

I’ve said it for a while! After a few days, I couldn’t help Wang Dong’s softness, so we went to the ghost judge to get tattoos . It’s strange that the tattoo shop didn’t have a single picture, just based on what the tattoo master had in his mind. After tattooing us, he asked the young man what he wanted to ask?

I just said a tattoo of a dragon over the shoulder! The tattoo artist thought about asking about my birthday. At that time, I wondered if the tattoo still asked about my birthday? I didn’t think much about it. The tattoo artist was very happy to see my birthday. Got a tattoo for me, and after I finished asking, I saw the lifelike dragon, which is so beautiful!

The tattoo master asked my friend Wang Dong what he wanted to get tattooed. Wang Dong didn't even think about Zhong Kui. After the tattoo was finished, after a while I suddenly made a small fortune. I built a small car park for scrapped cars, but since my friend got the tattoo, he hit a wall everywhere and had nothing to do all day. I said you will give it to me at night. Come and see the stall! Just so you don't have a job right now!

He said yes! But the next morning he didn’t say anything and did it for me. I found out after I asked. He said that there was nothing to do at night, but at 2 o’clock in the morning, he suddenly heard Someone knocked on the glass outside the window! He was also scared, so he asked what are you doing so late?

Those two people said let's take a look at the car! My friend trembled and said that he would not let him see it at night, but those two people were so scared that my friend didn't dare to speak until dawn when the chicken crowed for the first time. Only two disappeared!!! Disappeared!

I asked why such a ghost judge tattoo , and later I found out that it was because of my friend's tattoo. A Zhong Kui fortune teller said that Zhong Kui beckoned ghosts, and you have a lot of yin, so you have been in trouble, and you have seen dirty things. thing.

So I advise everyone not to ask random questions about tattoos, otherwise you will bear the consequences yourself!!!

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