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Cockroach Movie_Cockroach Movie Comedy_Cockroach Movie 2020

I personally have always hated cockroaches, almost to the point of mental allergy. To borrow a classic line from Li Ke in the movie "Love Is Not Blind", I really mean "I can't even look at them." I was on the phone with my classmate a few days ago, and I heard her tell some interesting things, which actually made me change my mind a little about this disgusting little bug.

My junior high school classmate is the same age as me and is still single. She was a top student when she was in school, and she went on to become a postdoc with high scores, crushing the second place. Yes, that's right, a female postdoc.

Last year, when she was interning at the postdoctoral mobile station of a well-known university in Jinling, she rented a small apartment near the school with a fellow master's student to facilitate her coming and going.

Cockroach Movie_Cockroach Movie Comedy_Cockroach Movie 2020

The apartment was located in an old community in the old city, and the pipelines and facilities were old. My classmate and junior sister simply tidied up the apartment and then moved in and lived there.

But within a few days of staying there, the two junior sisters were disturbed by the cockroaches that came and went and acted arrogantly, and almost collapsed. When you suddenly open a drawer, when you go back to the bathroom in a midnight dream and turn on the light, or when you just open the small cupboard where snacks and dried fruits are stored and want to eat something to satisfy your craving, you will definitely see these disgusting little bugs waving their legs and feet very fast. Running wildly.

My classmate and her junior sister were frightened and annoyed by the "serial surprises" concocted by cockroaches all day long. They also tried the popular Japanese cockroach house on the Internet, but southern cockroaches are generally larger in size and have higher physical and mental abilities. Although they set up cockroach houses in their apartments, very few people caught them.

Cockroach Movie 2020_Cockroach Movie_Cockroach Movie Comedy

One day, the junior sister came back to the apartment and happily said to my classmate: "Senior sister, I heard someone told me a way to eradicate cockroaches, to ensure that the weeds are eradicated without leaving any future troubles!" It turned out that the junior sister wanted to seal the doors and windows and fumigate them with dichlorvos for two days. It can kill all the cockroaches hiding in every corner of the room.

When my classmate heard this method, he hesitated. Her mother is a lay Buddhist who converted to Buddhism and practiced at home. She has been immersed in the compassionate and benevolent thoughts of "I advise you not to kill birds in spring. The son is in the nest looking forward to his mother's return." Since she was a child, she is very opposed to committing murder.

But the cockroach infestation in the apartment was really annoying. Seeing that the junior sister was determined to kill, she persuaded the junior sister to wait for three more days and take action on the weekend.

Cockroach Movie Comedy_Cockroach Movie 2020_Cockroach Movie

When night fell that night, my classmate took out the "Great Compassion Mantra" that she had brought with her and chanted and recited the mantra according to the familiar ritual she had followed her mother to participate in releasing animals since she was a child. Then she silently recited the prayer in her heart, so that the cockroaches in the apartment would take advantage of these three days to escape. Leave and never stay. After three days, they will go on a killing spree.

For three nights in a row, my classmates kept sending ultimatums to the cockroaches in their minds. By Friday night, she had a very strange dream.

In the dream, my classmate was in a strange city. She was surprised to see all the men, women, and children in the city packing and moving in a hurry, as if they were trying to escape some unknown and huge disaster. All kinds of luggage were packed into one cart after another, and they were pulled to unknown distant places one after another.

Cockroach Movie 2020_cockroach movie comedy_ghost cockroach movie

My classmate just watched with a blank look on her face for a long time. Suddenly, the scene changed and everyone in the city gathered around her. At the same time, a thought came to my classmate's mind very clearly: They were not human at all, but they did not mean any harm.

A leading old man stared at my classmate with a smile for a long time without saying a word. He immediately led the entire clan to bow respectfully to my classmate three times.

Early the next morning, my classmates' junior sisters went on a killing spree as planned. After they arranged the dichlorvos, they locked the doors and windows and went to a nearby hotel for two nights. On the evening of the third day, they returned to the apartment to clean the "battlefield". To their surprise, after careful cleaning, they only found a few corpses of cockroaches that had been smoked to death. I deeply doubt whether this expensive method of mine will work.

Cockroach Movie 2020_cockroach movie comedy_ghost cockroach movie

My classmate, on the other hand, breathed out a sigh of relief as she recalled the inexplicable and bizarre dream the night before. She sincerely hoped and believed that the cockroaches in the apartment had received the early warning signal she had sent through her spiritual thoughts and devoutly evacuated in advance. Survived.

A classmate told me the last time she saw a cockroach in her apartment was when she found a giant tan cockroach on the windowsill of her room early the morning after "Slaughter." When she was hesitating whether to fight or not, the cockroach waved its tentacled ghost cockroach movie at her, then turned around and climbed out of the window quickly. At that moment, my classmate seemed to understand. It felt like the cockroach was saying goodbye to me.

It has been almost a year now, and no cockroaches have been found in the apartment shared by my classmate and junior sister. The junior sister proudly took credit and said that her method was to avoid past mistakes and fix the problem once and for all. The residual smell of dichlorvos must have deterred the cockroaches from coming again. My classmates didn’t understand it either. It was just a dream. Who would believe it if I told it?

It is difficult to tell how much influence being kind has on a person, but if the benefactor does not see himself inside and does not see people or ghosts outside, then the benefactor can be regarded as a blessing. To those cockroaches who managed to escape, my classmates were already like Bodhisattvas.

Only when you do good deeds without thinking about rewards, will the recipients feel the most sincere and moving gratitude from the bottom of their hearts. When such kindness is accumulated, it becomes a person's blessing, which will benefit his descendants for thousands of generations.

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