Wenzhou Ghost Village Monk's Bones Turned Into Monsters

In the late Liang Dynasty, wars were frequent and the world was in chaos. In the troubled times, monsters were rampant and the people were in dire straits. There was an old monk in Nanhua Mountain, whose name was Dubei.

On this day, Du Bei passed by a village. He looked from a distance and saw the dark energy in the village soaring into the sky. He was shocked and knew something was wrong. When he came to the village, he suddenly felt a gloomy wind blowing against his face. Although the sun was shining brightly above his head, he could not Dispel the gloomy atmosphere in the village.

There are many pedestrians on the road, all of them are sallow and thin, walking hobblingly, as if they are seriously ill. After careful observation, we can see that everyone has heavy yin energy. It must be that the yin energy in the village has eroded into the human body, causing the yin to rise and the yang to decline. If this continues, Afraid of risking one's life.

Du Bei couldn't help but let out a long sigh, mourning the suffering of the people. At this moment, an old man suddenly fell to the ground on the road and couldn't stop shivering. He hurriedly stepped forward to help the old man up, and when he touched the old man, he felt that the old man's whole body was cold.

Du Bei used the Buddha's power to circulate in the old man's body, trying to dispel the Yin Qi, but unexpectedly the Yin Qi had already reached the end of his life, and the Buddha's power could not reach it, so he had to disperse the cold air from his body. The old man felt his body getting warmer, recovered, and stood up. Thank you to Du Bei for saving my life.

Du Bei waved his hand and said, "I'm ashamed, your yin energy has reached the end of your life. I only helped you dispel the cold energy on your body, but I didn't cure you."

After hearing this, the old man said: "If it hadn't been for the help of Master, I would have died. Master, why should I be ashamed?"

"Amitabha." Du Bei said the Buddha's name, and then asked the old man why the Yin Qi was so strong in the village.

The old man said: "Ten years ago, a river appeared inexplicably in a depression in the village. The water in the river was turbid and yellow, ice-cold to the bones, and emitted cold air day and night. Since then, people in the village have suffered from a strange disease called cold syndrome. , with this disease, it can occur once in a few months or in a few days in severe cases. During the attack, no matter whether it is cold or hot, you will feel cold all over your body, and your heart will be cold. No matter how much clothing you wear, it will not be enough . , if you can’t survive it, you will die.”

The old man let out a long sigh and added: "The winter and summer seasons have changed. Ten years have passed in a flash, and nearly half of the people in the village have died due to this disease."

After hearing this, Du Bei was filled with compassion, and then said, "My father-in-law, can you take me to the river to have a look."

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"Of course you can." The old man replied.

Under the leadership of the old man, Du Bei came to the river. When he looked into the river, he was surprised. The water in the river was extremely turbid, steamy and cold. It was not like a human river. Du Bei put his Zen staff on it. On the ground, he sat down cross-legged, clasped his hands together, and recited the Buddha's name. His eyes suddenly bloomed with brilliance. He opened his heavenly eyes and looked towards the bottom of the river. When he looked at it, he was shocked again. He saw a deep and dark cave at the bottom of the river. There was a shadow in the cave. The air is permeating the air, and the water in the river flows out from the dark cave, and the dark cave actually leads directly to the netherworld and is connected to the underworld's yellow spring.

Du Bei suddenly realized that this place should be the junction of Yin and Yang. I was afraid that the boundary would be loosened, so that the Yellow Spring water would seep into the Yang world and gradually form a dark hole. Fortunately, he was able to see it. Otherwise, over time, the boundary between Yin and Yang would be broken. When it collapses, hundreds of ghosts will appear, and the world will be in another catastrophe.

Du Bei stood up and threw the string of rosary beads in his hand into the river. The rosary beads floated on the surface of the river and kept spinning. The water in the river also turned with it, forming a huge whirlpool and flowing back into the dark cave at the bottom of the river. Within a moment, , the river water receded, and the rosary beads hung in the dark cave at the bottom of the river, blooming with brilliance, emitting spiritual essence, and repairing the barrier to prevent the yellow spring water from seeping out again and making the same mistake again.

Then Du Bei inserted his Zen staff into the earth and recited the six-character mantra. In an instant, the ground shook and the mountains shook, and the soil on the bank surged, burying the river pit.

The old man stood aside, dumbfounded. Du Bei told the old man the reason for the formation of the river, and then said: "I have repaired the barrier, and the negative energy in the village will soon dissipate."

The old man knelt down and thanked Du Bei, and then said: "The power of the master is no different from that of an immortal. I wonder if there is a way to save the lives of hundreds of people in my village who are suffering from cold syndrome?"

Du Bei let out a long sigh, with a troubled look on his face, and said: "The Yin Qi has been permeating the village for many years. Over time, I am afraid that the Yin Qi has reached the point of death, and there is nothing I can do."

After hearing this, the old man was very disappointed and said: "This is our destiny. We should not force it. On the contrary, it will make things difficult for the master."

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Du Bei looked at the old man's desperate look and felt endless compassion. He suddenly remembered some Wenzhou ghost village , with a look of determination on his face, and said to the old man: "Well, I still have one more party who can save your life. You can save the lives of others in the village." People are summoned here to find another cauldron.”

After hearing this, the old man was overjoyed and quickly followed the instructions.

Du Bei sat down cross-legged and clasped his hands together, "All living beings are suffering. Since I have entered Buddhism, I should save all sentient beings. I am worthy of Buddhism and worthy of the Tathagata. Amitabha, if I don't go to hell, who will go to hell?"

After about half an hour, everyone in the village had arrived. They were all very happy to hear that someone could save their lives.

Du Bei asked the villagers to set up pots and boil water, and then said: "I have practiced Buddhism since I was a child, and I have Buddha nature. If you eat my flesh and blood, you can dispel the yin energy from your body. As a disciple of Buddhism, I wish I will use my flesh and blood to save your lives, Amitabha.”

After Du Bei said the words, he recited the Sanskrit sound, walked to the boiling pot, jumped into the pot, and died in Du Bei, but the Sanskrit sound did not die out, echoing in everyone's ears for a long time.

When the villagers saw this, they all knelt on the ground to express their gratitude for the grace of saving their lives.

After a while, after the villagers finished eating the flesh and blood in the pot, the Yin Qi in their bodies was indeed dispelled and they recovered as before.

To thank Dubei for saving his life, the villagers built a temple for him, named Dubei Temple, and enshrined Dubei's bones fished out of the pot in the temple. People came to worship in an endless stream every day, and the incense was flourishing. .

Wenzhou Ghost Village_Wenzhou Ghost Village Ma Fuman_Wenzhou Ghost Village Luoyang Village Incident

Monk Bones Transformed into Demon

In ancient times, there was a temple in Chenjiacun called Dubei Temple. The temple did not enshrine Buddha or Bodhisattva, but instead enshrined a skeleton. People came to offer incense and pray in an endless stream every day, and the incense was very prosperous.

However, now this temple is facing a disaster. The world has been settled, and the new emperor has ascended the throne. He excludes Buddhism, destroys Buddhas, kills monks and destroys Buddhas, and burns all scriptures in the world. Anyone related to Buddhism will be punished, even Pilgrims who went to the temple to worship were all implicated. The regulations were strict and unprecedented. The whole country was in panic. Under such circumstances, Dubei Temple was naturally unable to escape the disaster.

On this day, a local official in charge of Chenjia Village called the villagers together and said: "The emperor has a destiny. The monks are deceiving the people with their evil words, deceiving the people, shaking the country and the country. They want to integrate the Buddha and burn scriptures, and drive the monks to break the pagoda. How can we overcome the sorrow?" The temple is a place that harbors filth and evil, and must not be left here. I order you to go and demolish the temple and destroy the Buddha in response to the emperor's order."

After hearing this, all the villagers were silent. Then an old man stood up, bowed and said, "Sir, that temple cannot be demolished."

"Huh?" The local official raised his eyebrows, looked at the old man, and said coldly: "Why not?"

"My lord has just taken office, so I don't know something. Chenjia Village is located in Fengdu, where yin and yang intersect. Twenty years ago, the barrier between yin and yang was loosened, and the yellow spring water overflowed into the village and formed a river. As a result, the village was filled with yin energy, and all the villagers were affected by the yin. The qi eroded, and more than half were killed or injured. Fortunately, an enlightened old monk passed by, learned about this, repaired the barrier, and wanted to expel the yin qi from the body of the villagers and save our lives, but…"

The old man shook his head and sighed: "However, the yin energy has invaded his body, and there is nothing the old monk can do. In desperation, he has no choice but to exchange his life for his life. The old monk has practiced Buddhism since he was a child, possesses the Buddha's nature, and eats his flesh and blood. , it can expel the yin energy in the body. He asked someone to set up a pot to boil water, jumped into the pot resolutely, sacrificed his life, and saved the lives of the villagers with his own flesh and blood. The Dubei Temple was built for the old monk, and the temple is dedicated to him. The bones are the remains of the old monk, and the name of Dubei Temple is the name of the old monk. The old monk was as kind as a mountain to the villagers, how can we, the villagers, do such ungrateful things!"

"Oh?" The magistrate sneered, his sinister eyes scanning the crowd, "Is this the case?"

Wenzhou Ghost Village_Wenzhou Ghost Village Ma Fuman_Wenzhou Ghost Village Luoyang Village Incident

Everyone was silent.

"You…" the old man looked at everyone in the village, unbelievable, "You have all been favored by the old monk and eaten his flesh and blood, but now you don't even dare to say a word? When you were rescued, you knelt down and shed tears of gratitude. After building a temple, you burn incense and make vows with great respect and piety, but how can you remain silent at this time? If you should not repay kindness from others, how is it any different from an animal?"

Everyone bowed their heads, but remained silent.

"It seems that what you said is untrue! You dare to talk nonsense, deceive me, and prevent the demolition of the temple. You must be a remnant of the Buddhist sect."

The local official waved his hand, and the soldiers stepped forward and captured the old man.

"Impressed into a prison, questioned and beheaded after three days, the emperor has ordered that the remaining Buddhists can be questioned and beheaded directly without trial."

The old man sighed. In the age of the end of the Dharma, humanity no longer exists and conscience is gone. He broke away from the soldiers, knelt down and bucked three heads in the direction of Dubei Temple, and then hit a huge tree on the side of the road, killing him on the spot.

"You deserve to die." The local official snorted coldly, and then said: "I have already known that there are many remnants of Buddhist sects in this village, so I asked you to wait until the temple is demolished to test. Sure enough, someone showed the tail of a fox. I might as well tell you that the emperor has an order that every place must have Find five people from the Buddhist sect and hand them over to the court. If you hand them over, it will be a meritorious service and you will be promoted and make a fortune. If you cannot hand them over, I will not be able to protect you. As for who is a member of the Buddhist sect, it depends on who perverts the orders of the official and protects the Buddhist sect. heart."

Before the local official finished speaking, a man stepped forward and said: "Sir, when the Dubei Temple was built, it was a waste of money and people, and after it was built, it attracted demons and gathered evil spirits, which was of no benefit to the people. I have long been unable to see it. Your Majesty, you can order the demolition of the temple. It is really a shame." Fortunately for the people of my village, this little man is willing to go and demolish the temple and destroy the Buddha to do the work of the dog and horse.”

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"Okay." The local official said, "You are commendable for your loyalty. I will never forget it. Let's go!"

The man said "yes" and ran towards Dubei Temple.

Seeing this, everyone was afraid of being regarded as Buddhists and losing their lives, so they rushed towards Dubei Temple. When they came to Dubei Temple, they rolled up their sleeves and smashed them, saying insulting words to show their loyalty to the Buddha.

Everyone entered the inner hall and saw the old monk's skeleton. The skeleton was sitting on the altar. They were not cautious, but solemn. Everyone did not show mercy to the old monk for saving his life. They stepped forward and grabbed the old monk. The bones of the Buddha were pulled off, thrown to the ground, and trampled on at will. Then someone took off the Zen staff that the old monk had used on the altar, and threw it at the bones of the Buddha, trying to break them. Unexpectedly, the bones of the Buddha were extremely strong. No matter what, No matter how hard they were beaten, they were all unscathed and not even a trace was left.

Everyone had no choice but to give up and throw the Buddha's bones in the corner. Then they brought axes, shovels and other tools to dig out the walls and demolish the temple. Within a moment, they heard a loud bang and Dubei Temple was turned into ruins with broken bricks everywhere. Wa, everyone returned with great excitement.

Late at night, under the bright moonlight, among the ruins of Dubei Temple, a skeleton peeled away the rubble that was pressing down on him, slowly climbed up, surrounded by black energy, and held a Zen staff in his hand. He was very cautious. The skeleton was in the ruins of the temple. He stood there for a long time, making strange jiejie sounds, and then walked as fast as flying towards the village.

When he came to the door of a house, he struck at the door with his Zen staff. The skeleton was so powerful that it knocked the door away several feet, and then broke into the house. As the Zen staff rose and fell, blood flowed all over the floor. Everyone in the room died instantly. , we still don’t know what happened.

The skeleton walked out of the room. The white bones had been dyed blood red, and there were still blood drops on the Zen staff. At this time, dark clouds covered the moon and heavy rain poured down, but it could not wash away the blood red color on the skeleton. The skeleton was like Shura in the world. , the murderous intention was not extinguished, and he ran to another house.

It is originally the remains of an old monk. It has Buddha nature but no Buddha mind. The nature of the mind depends entirely on the thoughts of living beings. If living beings believe in it, worship it, and enshrine it, it will be able to feel the thoughts of living beings and be compassionate. , eliminate disasters and solve problems, and protect the common people. If the sentient beings have malicious intentions, curse it, scold it, and want to destroy it, it will also be infected by it, have evil thoughts in its heart, fall into the devil's way, turn into a demon, and kill the common people.

Dawn was approaching, the heavy rain gradually stopped, and the village was filled with the smell of blood. At this time, there was no survivor in the village. The blood-red color on the old monk's skeleton faded. He came to the ruins of Dubei Temple, crossed his legs and fell into meditation, and woke up again. At that time, whether it is good or evil, whether it is a Buddha or a demon, all depends on the thoughts of sentient beings.

Less than ten years later, the emperor was overthrown by the rebels because of his cruelty and excessive plunder. When the dynasty changed, many former ministers of the previous dynasty who had been domineering and oppressed the people by relying on their power were killed by the people. The local official was also among them. .

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