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Grace is obsessed with vampire novels and movies.

From "400 Years Old" to "The Twilight Saga" and many other vampire movies, she has watched them over and over again. Related novels have become a must-have in her schoolbag. She reads them whenever she has time, and often shares them with her deskmate and friend Joey.

Last night, she read vampire novels until early in the morning. Since she became addicted to vampires, her grades have plummeted, and she often hides in her room secretly watching movies until late at night, so her parents simply moved her computer to the living room.

But without seeing the movie, Grace can still secretly read a book. She changed the cover of the novel she bought, and at first glance she seemed to be studying hard.

My mother was making coffee. There was a band-aid on her right index finger. She probably cut her hand while cooking last night. Grace's throat suddenly rolled, imagining the red blood flowing out of her fingers, she actually swallowed quietly.

At this time, the voice of a woman announcing the morning news came from the TV.

"The body of a woman wearing a high school uniform was found on the embankment of the Dona River near Rock Street. It is initially estimated that the back of her head was hit by a stone and she bled to death. Since there are no items left around the female body that can prove her identity, it cannot be determined for the time being. The identity of the deceased.”

Although the news broadcast was mosaic, it still made people feel that the scene must be very bloody.

As if she was worried that Grace would be frightened after watching it, her mother said to her father in an angry tone: "It's true that TV shows are showing this kind of news so early in the morning. Aren't you afraid of scaring children?"

"It's okay, it's mosaic." My father was reading the morning newspaper and had little interest in TV programs.

Grace glanced at her father. In fact, the morning newspaper had a more detailed report on this case, and photos of the female corpse were published.

The morning newspaper said that in addition to the fatal injuries, the female body had wounds caused by being bitten multiple times, and the teeth marks left by the killer resembled those of primates such as orangutans, so the possibility of a perverted killer could not be ruled out.

Maybe…it was a vampire.

Grace began to think again, holding the spoon in her hand and unconsciously paused in mid-air, and the spoonful of porridge she had just scooped dropped diagonally into the bowl.

Her mother immediately caught her distraction and said angrily: "Stop thinking! Look how much your grades have dropped! How can you get into college if this continues? Starting next month, your pocket money will be gone!" Look how you still buy these messy books!”

Grace wanted to beg for mercy, but her mother ignored her completely. Thinking about it, during this period of time, Grace's grades dropped from the top ten in the class to the bottom three, and she failed more and more subjects, but she ignored her completely. Didn't take it seriously.

Compared to her mother's strictness, she would rather go to school.

Whenever the teacher was in class, the class was extremely quiet, and she would have a lot of thoughts, constantly replaying the plot she read last night in her mind.

Vampires are such a wonderful species. While the teacher was turning around to write on the blackboard, she whispered to her deskmate Joey. They have eternal life, but they also endure eternal loneliness unless they develop their own companions. I also want to be their companion! At least I can stay away from this annoying math class.

Shh! Joey raised his index finger to his lips. It's class, don't think too much about these unreal things.

The voice of the math teacher's lecture seemed to be hypnotic. Although Grace was looking at the blackboard, a man with red lips and white teeth seemed to appear in front of her eyes. His face was as sharp as a knife. He was wearing a pure white shirt under a black tuxedo. He was thin and tall. He invites her to dance on the dance floor, the liquor rushing down her throat with a rush of excitement. Then the man aimed at her neck and bit her deeply.

ah! Grace let out a moan, earning an angry look from the teacher.

The teacher ordered her to stand outside the door and reflect. The laughter of her classmates was still in her ears, but she was thankful that she could indulge in her fantasy alone in the corridor.

"There are no make-up classes today. You have to come back right after school, you know?"

Before going out, my mother made strict demands. Recently, the police discovered two mutilated corpses whose heads were smashed and then bitten by teeth. They were male and female, both middle school students under the age of 18. Since these victims have no contact with each other and have not suffered sexual assault or property damage, they can only be temporarily treated as perverted killers.

Suddenly, there was panic among middle school students, and all make-up classes were cancelled, even high school graduates. This makes Grace very happy, she has more free time again. Since her mother withheld her pocket money, she could only stay in the bookstore and read.

In addition to being interested in the latest vampire book series, she is vaguely looking forward to meeting what the police call a "perverted killer". Isn't the act of biting out the throat of the deceased the best proof of vampires?

When school was about to end, the head teacher gave Grace a task – to hand an important note to her classmate Joey, who was going to class in a week. She knew that Joey lived about ten minutes' walk from Grace's house, and the two often went together.

Thinking about it, Grace had indeed not seen Joey for a long time, which made her somewhat bored and missing. In the past, she would retell any special vampire stories to Joey the next day. She said she wanted to share it, but actually she wanted to relive it in her mind.

Joey's home is located on the second floor of an old building. Climbing up the stairs, the sensor light on the third floor is broken. The entire corridor is dark, and the only light that diffuses vaguely from the first floor can be used.

I heard Joey say that his father passed away very early, and his mother had to endure all the hardships to bring him up since he was a child. Although the family conditions were very poor, his mother tried her best to give him the best.

The woman who opened the door was supposed to be about the same age as Grace's mother, but she looked at least ten years older. Her face was sallow, her expression was tired, and her outstretched hand was like a dead branch.

"Give it to me, I'll just leave it to Joey." She pressed against the door, obviously not wanting Grace to go in.

Since Grace also had the important responsibility of visiting the patient requested by the head teacher, she explained: "Can I go in and take a look? The teachers and classmates are thinking about Joey very much."

Joey's mother hesitated, and Joey's feeble voice came from the room: "Mom, who is it? Is it Grace? Let her come in."

The room was very dark, the curtains were tightly closed, and only a small lamp on the top of the kitchen barely illuminated the bottom of the room. Joey curled up on a small bed near the balcony. The quilt covered him from head to toe, leaving only a pair of twinkling eyes exposed.

"Joy, are you feeling better? Everyone is worried about you." Grace handed him the note, but he didn't reach out to take it. Instead, he shrank further into the bed.

"Grace, it's not peaceful outside now. Please go home quickly."

Although the room was dark, Joey's teeth were dazzlingly white. He licked his teeth lightly with his tongue, only for a fleeting moment, but Grace still saw a fierce look in his eyes.

Fear and uneasiness, fear of light, and a tightness in the throat…

All kinds of familiar descriptions emerged in Grace's mind. Thinking about it carefully, the place where the first victim was found was very close to Joey's house. It was an empty embankment. She once heard Joey say that whenever he studied When I feel too stressed, I will run on the embankment at night. Often, after a few trips back and forth, my mood will feel much better.

Could it be that after a night run, Joey was attacked by a "vampire"? Looking back on Joey's symptoms, they were indeed very similar to those described in the novel. His body had just begun to change, and he felt very uncomfortable, so he felt uncomfortable all over, as if he was sick.

Grace was very excited. No wonder he told her not to go out at night. It turned out that she was already suffering from it. But as everyone knows, isn't this kind of "hurt" exactly what Grace eagerly expects?

Thinking of this, Grace sneaked out of the house after her parents were asleep for several nights and wandered alone under the moonlight. Sometimes it was just the wind blowing, and she would imagine that a vampire in a black tuxedo was following behind her, and when she turned around for a moment, the sharp teeth would "kiss" her neck.

There seemed to be real footsteps coming from behind.

Just as Grace was about to turn back, her neck was immediately strangled from behind. She couldn't turn back and only felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck.

Although this kind of pain has been described countless times in novels, Grace still felt the pain was unbearable when she actually experienced it. She thought she would only make a coquettish "嘤嘘" sound, but in fact it was a loud scream.

Suddenly, the top of her head seemed to have been hit hard by Fantasy Killer and the Death Eye . She was in pain and could see stars. Just as she gradually lost consciousness, someone shouted in her ear: "No!" Then, she was put down on the cold concrete floor, and two messy footsteps fled.

When Grace woke up, she felt that the sun was dazzling. She subconsciously stretched out her hand to cover her eyes, feeling severe pain in the back of her neck and the top of her head.

My mother said that luckily a passing policeman found her and sent her to a doctor in time. What just confused the police was that this time it seemed that Grace was attacked by the same murderer like the previous victims, and the crime method was exactly the same, but this time the murderer showed mercy to her.

Because I am the vampire's chosen companion.

Grace said in her heart that she would not dare to say such things in front of her mother, as she would definitely be scolded as nonsense. But how could this be nonsense? Grace secretly thought that in a few days, you will be shocked by the changes in me, and I will leave you and start my journey to eternal life.

A few days later, Grace felt really uncomfortable.

She had a low-grade fever as if she had a cold, loss of appetite, nausea, headache, fatigue, and general discomfort. The wound on the back of her neck seemed like there were always little ants crawling around, making her extremely anxious. Later, she began to be afraid of the sun. The curtains in the ward were always closed and kept quite dark. Even turning on the lights at night would arouse her disgust.

Soon, I'm about to change.

Grace already hates garlic, and now she is nauseated by garlic seasoning. When teachers and students came to visit her, she was shocked by the cross around the head teacher's neck and yelled in the ward. Even once when the nurse's hand was scratched, Grace greedily grabbed her hand and started sucking it, which frightened the patients.

Soon, I'm about to change.

Although Grace is getting weaker day by day, she still remains in a cheerful mood. She couldn't sleep for a long time and was very excited. Sometimes she was jumping up and down with excitement, and sometimes she was so scared that she didn't even dare to drink a bowl of water.

Her face was very pale, but she thought, wasn't this one of the characteristics of a vampire?

On this day, when the nurse lowered her head to change her dressing, a white neck appeared in front of her. This young lady was very young, with pink blood vessels jumping faintly under the skin.

Grace stuck out her tongue and licked her teeth, then suddenly bit down hard on the nurse's neck.


The nurse lady reacted very quickly. As soon as Grace's teeth came into contact with her flesh, she immediately pushed Grace away, and the extremely weak Grace fell directly onto the bed.

The doctor and other nurses came after hearing the news. Grace struggled desperately, but still got a needle in her arm. After a minute, she gradually fell into sleep in a frenzy.

"The test results are out." The doctor sighed. "It turns out to be rabies. Those victims all have rabies virus. I'm afraid the murderer is a rabies carrier."

Today is the day Grace is discharged from the hospital. She seems to have had a dream.

When I got home, my mother had burned all the books about vampires long ago, and all items that could not be burned, such as CDs, were thrown into the trash can.

Not only was Grace released from the hospital today, the police also announced that they had caught the murderer.

After several nights of ambush by the police, Joey, who was infected with rabies, was finally caught.

About a few months ago, Joey was bitten by a mad dog while running alone at night. Logically speaking, he should go to the hospital to get rabies vaccine in time, but when he thought that the vaccine required several injections and was expensive, he had a sense of luck.

Maybe the dog didn't carry the bacteria?

Three days later, Joey started getting sick.

The condition was not serious at first and he could barely go to school. Later, he gradually became afraid of the sun, and became more fond of traveling at night, and couldn't help but bite those who returned at night. Because of his small stature, he would first smash the victim's head with a rock before starting to bite him.

When he attacked Grace, he suddenly discovered that she was his classmate, so he did not kill her.

After Grace learned the truth, she sighed slightly. She didn't want to investigate what was right and what was wrong, and now she only felt regret for delaying her studies. There is only one semester before the college entrance examination, but I am so confused and unable to make progress.

Therefore, now her parents have gone to a colleague's wedding banquet, but she is studying hard at home alone.

The doorbell rang, she wondered. Did her parents not bring the key? The woman standing outside the door surprised her slightly.

"Mom Joy?"

The woman's hand was on the door frame, and there was a clear tooth mark at the tiger's mouth.

Grace suddenly remembered that when she went to visit Joey that day, the woman's hand had been injured.

At this time, the woman opened her mouth, revealing two sharp tiger teeth, and walked towards Grace step by step.

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