Chapter 654: The Ghost Zone Of Ya Sheng Mansion Is Reversing The Situation

The ghost boy who has not yet fully grown up has no way to stop Wei Jing who wants to leave. The reason why Yang Jian can be stopped is entirely because of the rotten dead head. The ghost boy is currently wearing a ghost shroud and has more Resist damage caused by other ghosts.

Therefore, even if Wei Jing suppressed the ghost boy, there was no way to kill him. The ghost boy could come back to life without continued suppression.

This is critical.

The reason why Yang Jian chose to let the ghost boy wear the ghost shroud was because he was worried about one problem, that is, the ghost boy was not a real ghost and would probably be killed.

He had killed the second stage ghost babies before in Dachang City.

As for why the ghost boy is not allowed to control other ghosts, it is also to prevent the ghost boy from losing control, so Yang Jian is very conservative in the choice of ghosts.

Now, conservative choices are working.

Wang Xiaoming didn't need the ghost boy to stop Yang Jian, he just needed the ghost boy to be alive.

Wei Jing stepped on the dead baby on the ground and continued to walk forward. He had already left the building and was about to walk to the road outside. He was not very fast, and it seemed that it would only take a few hours. You may not be able to walk to the city.

But don't forget, Wei Jing also has a ghost realm, but his ghost realm was affected by Yang Jian's ghost realm.

And the area covered by Yang Jian's current ghost domain is not very large.

If he continued walking at this speed, Wei Jing would be able to get out of Yang Jian's ghost realm within a few minutes.


The motionless ghost boy on the ground opened his eyes again. Its killing pattern was still there and it would not stop until it died. It was going to attack Wei Jing for the third time.

At this time, a voice came from a phone call. It was Wang Shanshan's voice: "From now until nine o'clock tomorrow, you obey Wang Xiaoming's orders."

Although the communication was by phone, Wang Shanshan knew that her words could command the ghost boy. She had tried this before, so she was very sure in her heart. As for whether this command would work and whether Wang Xiaoming could order the ghost boy, Wang Shanshan had no idea. Give it a try.

The ghost boy who had already stood up suddenly stopped and looked at Wang Xiaoming with his head tilted. A pair of strange red eyes moved slightly, as if he was thinking and judging again.

But the old order is no longer valid.

The killing rules that Yang Jian had previously assigned to the ghost boy were changed by Wang Shanshan, so it did not continue to attack Wei Jing.

"Did it work?" Wang Xiaoming's eyes moved slightly: "Whether it works or not, you will know after giving it a try."

"come over."

Wang Xiaoming was quick to accept orders and immediately gave orders to the ghost boy. If someone else had seen a ghost standing in front of him like this, let alone giving orders, he would have been pretty good if he could run away without being frightened. .

The ghost boy disappeared the next moment.

It did not come to Wang Xiaoming, but it did not completely ignore his orders. Instead, it appeared behind a counter in the hall, sticking its head out to look at him, as if it was peeking, and it seemed to be hiding its figure. .

This move is because the ghost boy cannot appear in front of living people and must avoid crowds.

Wang Xiaoming is a living person, so the ghost boy must avoid it, but his orders must be obeyed.

Under the conflict between the two, the ghost boy adopted a compromise method. Although it passed, it hid.

"It worked. Wang Shanshan's order took effect, and the control of the ghost baby was temporarily handed over to me." Wang Xiaoming saw the ghost baby hiding behind the cabinet.

Although the result of the attempt is not perfect, at least it can try to cope with the current situation.

"Eat this thing and control it." Wang Xiaoming threw the blood-stained spiritual tablet in his hand without the portrait on it.

The ghost boy who poked his head out to spy on Wang Xiaoming suddenly ran out and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Only a blue-black palm was seen touching the spiritual tablet, and then the spiritual tablet on the ground disappeared.

The ghost boy hid behind the counter again.

Wang Xiaoming's order also had an effect, and the ghost boy's dark mouth opened again.

Judging from the structure of the body, such a small ghost boy is not enough to swallow a whole piece of spirit bits, but it obviously cannot be judged by common sense, but the ghost boy forcefully stuffed the spirit bits into his mouth, and his head was already covered The pull materialized, but nothing happened to it.


This affected the results of the experiment, causing two people's out-of-control spirits to be forcibly swallowed by the ghost boy.

If you don't count the ghost shroud on the ghost boy.

It has now swallowed up the corpse water and the spiritual position. It may not be two complete ghosts, but at least it can be regarded as two incomplete ghost puzzle pieces.

"I ate it successfully." Wang Xiaoming walked to the side and saw the ghost boy behind the counter from another angle.

Its belly was so swollen that it held up all the shrouds on its body, becoming more and more like the imprisoned source starving to death.

And in just a short time, the ghost boy who was originally only about five or six years old has increased in height and size. Although he is still a child, he should be about nine or ten years old now, and no longer looks like a ghost baby. , he is truly a weird child.

"Wei Jing shouldn't have gone far, there's still time." Wang Xiaoming glanced outside.

You can still see Wei Jing's back.

At the same time, Yang Jian and the rotting dead head in the hall are still in a state of stalemate and confrontation. They have not lost balance during this period and formed new supernatural events. This is a very good thing. .

The situation was reversed at this moment.

At this time, Wang Xiaoming took out a black and white photo of the deceased from his pocket. This photo was the one that fell from the spiritual throne just now. The real consciousness of Yang Jian was locked inside.

"According to previous thoughts, the spirit bit was successfully eaten by the ghost baby. It should already have the ability of the spirit bit to adjust the consciousness of living people. Even though this ability is insignificant, it can play a key role at the moment."

Immediately, Wang Xiaoming handed the portrait of Yang Jian to Gui Tong and gave the order: "Send Yang Jian's consciousness into his body."

Give the order.

The ghost boy disappeared again, and it started walking through the ghost realm again. As a small blue-black hand appeared next to Wang Xiaoming, a pulling force appeared.

The portrait representing Yang Jian was immediately taken away.

After taking away the portrait, the ghost child ran around in the hall. It disappeared and appeared sometimes. It looked extremely happy in the ghost realm. In the last moment, this scary child with blue and black skin appeared next to Yang Jian's body.

The ghost boy looked up at Yang Jian's body and then at the photo in his hand. Then he jumped up and took the black and white portrait and slapped it on the forehead of Yang Jian's body.

The black and white portrait photo was stained with sticky scarlet blood, so it was now stuck to the forehead of the corpse.

The ghost boy controls the spiritual position and has the ability to swap consciousness. This shot looks simple, but it actually represents the swap of consciousness.

If you observe carefully, you can find that the weird smile on Yang Jian's face is gradually disappearing, and at the same time, the scarlet blood on the black and white photo of the soul is also dripping down quickly, revealing the true face of the photo.

When Wang Xiaoming held the photo before, he couldn't wipe away the blood stains no matter how hard he wiped it. The blood seemed to have been soaked in and he couldn't wash it off.

But now…the blood is actively peeling off the photo.

"It's another kind of weirdness." Wang Xiaoming saw the blood dripping on the photo and felt something was wrong.

He couldn't tell what was wrong because he had no experience and couldn't analyze the cause.

Too many accidents happened today, and many things have completely exceeded expectations.

As the blood dripped from the portrait, the face of Yang Jian covered with blood appeared. Yang Jian in the photo was very calm, because he had already accepted the result of the transfer of consciousness during the experiment, so he was not panicked. and fear, as one

People who die peacefully have no pain, no struggle, and no fear.

It is different from the previous portrait of Guo Fan with a ferocious face.

But now, with the re-adjustment of consciousness, Yang Jian in the photo has changed.

Yang Jian, who was originally calm and serene, showed a strange smile at this time. His eyes seemed to be peeping at the people outside in the photo, giving him an indescribable feeling of creepiness.


The black and white portrait with a strange smile attached to Yang Jian's forehead slowly fell down.

With the end of the consciousness swap, Yang Jian got rid of the shackles of the portrait and successfully came back to life.

next moment.

Yang Jian opened his eyes, like a person who had been sleeping for a long time and was awakened, and looked at the world again.

"Isn't this the ghost coffin in the laboratory? Did something go wrong along the way?"

He saw everything around him and instantly knew where he was in the Ya Sheng Mansion Ghost Zone . This was the lobby on the first floor of the building, not the experimental room on the fifth floor underground. But then Yang Jian also discovered that inside his mind The short, recurring music had disappeared and stopped.

This proved that although there was something wrong with the experiment, his music box curse was solved.

"But why is this rotten head staring at me?" Yang Jian wanted to control the ghost in his body, but found that he was suppressed.

On the ground directly in front of him, a rotting dead head stared at him with a pair of gray-white eyes.

This is a very terrifying gaze, with the eerie ability to make people die instantly.

However, Yang Jian discovered the ghost boy next to him. Although he was still unable to understand the current situation, it did not prevent him from giving the order: "Put away the dead head."

The ghost boy immediately ran over and picked up the dead head staring at Yang Jian.

Immediately, Yang Jian felt relaxed all over. His body had consciousness and he could move. At the same time, he could feel the ghost in his body.

There was no urge to revive the evil ghost as he imagined, and Yang Jian found that his body was very calm.

Ghosts exist, but they are far from being revived.

It seems that a new balance has been reached.

It's incredible.

Yang Jian was a little surprised. He knew that the ghost eyes had been used to a very dangerous level when he was cursed by the music box. He had been worried that after the curse of the music box was resolved, he would have to face the dangerous situation of the ghost eyes reviving.

"Why is this happening?"

At this time, he saw that his originally pale and stiff ghost hand had turned black. This palm seemed to have been eroded by some supernatural power, causing some special changes.

Now it looks a bit like…Ghost's palm.

At the same time, he also has the ability to be a real ghost and can suppress ghosts.

Although Yang Jian still had one spot left to suppress ghosts before, this time was different. This time it was strengthened, because the fact that his ghost eyes were completely suppressed was the best proof.

"Now is not the time for you to worry about the changes in your body. There is a problem with the plan. Something happened midway. Not only did you lose control, but Wei Jing was also controlled by ghosts. He is leaving here now. If you are still in good condition, go and help. Stop him, I'm worried something big will happen."

Suddenly, Wang Xiaoming's voice sounded from the side.

He stared at Yang Jian, observing, still feeling a little worried.

After all, he is a little confused about who the ghost is.

"Wei Jing lost control?" Yang Jian found Wei Jing who was leaving here at this moment.

I didn't pay much attention to it before, but now I noticed that Wei Jing's state was indeed very special. There was no sign of being alive at all. Unlike before, although he was numb and cold, he was at least still conscious.

"The experiment was a trap set by a ghost. Guo Fan in the spiritual position didn't know that he had been controlled by a ghost, so it was not Guo Fan who entered your body before, but the ghost in the spiritual position… ..The ghost should have invaded Wei Jing’s body now.”

"This kind of invasion is contagious, I can only judge this way." Wang Xiaoming said.

Yang Jian frowned. Before the experiment, he was most worried about the trap happening. Unexpectedly, it happened, but now the trap seemed to be lifted as he woke up.

Did leaving the ghost boy behind play a key role?

I’ll think about this issue later.

Yang Jian said at this moment: "When I saw the ghost coffin for the first time, I discovered that there was a spirit tablet placed in front of the ghost coffin, so the spirit tablet and the ghost coffin are most likely the same ghost. Wei Jing's loss of control was not an accident. , most likely because the ghost has found the puzzle piece… How can the consciousness of a living person fight against a real ghost."

"Then there's no reason for two people to lose control together." Wang Xiaoming discovered the loophole.

"I don't know about this. Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe it's the same as what you said before. The ghosts in the spiritual position are contagious. Anyone who uses the spiritual position will be corroded by ghosts. I used it once and was corroded. Wei Jing didn’t use it, but because he was part of the ghost puzzle, it was also eroded.”

Yang Jian said quickly: "But that's not the point. The point is that I solved the curse of the music box and successfully survived."

"Since Wei Jing is out of control now, I will be a good person for once and help you deal with him to save you from trouble in the future."

After saying that, he was about to take action.

Originally, Yang Jian didn't like Wei Jing very much, so this was the right time to kill this guy in a reasonable manner.

Wang Xiaoming immediately said, "No, I fed the spirit bit to the ghost baby. It has the ability to swap consciousness. You can continue to imprison the ghost and let Wei Jing recover."

Wei Jing's is very special and powerful, so it's worth rescuing.

"What? Did you let the ghost boy eat your soul?"

Yang Jian was a little surprised at this moment. He looked at the ghost boy. Sure enough, the ghost boy's belly was bulging. He didn't know what strange things it had eaten while he was sleeping.

"But killing Wei Jing and rescuing Wei Jing are two different levels of difficulty." Then he changed his tone: "What conditions can you give me?"

"One code, one code. The matter of the Eight-tone Curse is over. We owe nothing to each other. The only thing left is to settle the accounts. Of course, if you think that I, a Philistine, can find someone else to deal with Wei Jing, I have no objection. "

He felt Wei Jing could be sold at a good price.

If you squeeze more things from Wang Xiaoming, it will be beneficial to your own survival in the future.

"Now is not the time to talk about this." Wang Xiaoming said.

"That's true, but at least you have to give some rough terms." Yang Jian said, "Lest you renege on your word later."

Wang Xiaoming didn't say anything and just held out three fingers.


Yang Jian responded and disappeared into the hall with the ghost boy, chasing Wei Jing.

Three refers to three conditions.

One condition can probably be exchanged for one ghost candle and help a person control a second ghost.

Or take away a supernatural object from the headquarters.

This price tag is already considered very high.

Moreover, Yang Jian also wanted to see how the ghost boy changed the consciousness of a living person, and also wanted to see his own specific changes.

Wei Jing is a good target to try.

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