Interview With The Vampire

The chat room announcement said: Dark vampires have entered the chat room. He clearly remembered that the name "Dark Vampire" was registered by himself, and no one knew the password, so who is this Dark Vampire now? He said to the dark vampire, "Who are you?" The dark said, "I am a vampire." The dark said: "I am a vampire. The dark said: "But I am really a vampire, this is an indisputable fact. Feeling something was wrong, he found that the dark vampire's speech was followed by a sticker, which was the face of a zombie. "He exited the chat room, started IPXRAY, and searched for the IP of the dark vampire. … Continue readingInterview With The Vampire

Vampire Profile

Possessed monsters who descended into hell but escaped the Doomsday. Vampires (race) If you feel threatened in the dark by unknown sources, then there is a good chance that a vampire of this race is watching you from around the corner. Tremere family: Strictly speaking, this race is not an orthodox vampire, because many of its members were once human wizards, so other races are unwilling to recognize their legal vampire status-if vampires have laws. Of course, if you don't like it, you don't like it. With its powerful magic, this race occupies an important position among vampires. … Continue readingVampire Profile