Chapter 20: In The Bashan Monkey Village

Professor Sun was shocked, blocked the crossbow and said: "Don't do it, the Nabashan Monkey knows me. Because of its hideous and ugly appearance, the Nabashan Monkey has always been known as the "Mountain Ghost" among the people. It is said that the "Mountain Ghost" "Able to know things as old as one year old" means that it can predict what will happen within a year. Of course, this is just a false legend, but it also proves from one aspect that the Bashan ape is extremely spiritual.

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Walking Coffin

Because, the cemetery has a terrible legend that has been passed down for hundreds of years, that is, in the tomb of the Chase family in the center, the coffin will "walk". What's more, after entering the tomb, they have to move the coffins without anyone noticing and mess them up. And the fact that his family's coffin can "walk" soon became a horror legend on the island of Barbados. The "walking" coffin on Barbados has thus become a mystery. Someone once wanted to quietly place a camera in the tomb to observe the scene in the tomb. … Continue readingWalking Coffin