Chapter 55 Monsters

Everyone was stunned by the incredible situation in the flames, and the horror in their hearts was indescribable, and they were momentarily stunned on the spot. I saw that in the large fire caused by the compressed fuel, the jade armor covered by the ancient corpse peeled off one after another, and the first to come out was a golden head made of pure gold. The strange face and fangs on the golden head’s face were reflected by the firelight, and in the sunken eye sockets, there seemed to be a dark red blood light flashing.

As the jade clothes were scattered and peeled off, the torso below the corpse’s head began to be exposed to the fire. I was wondering why Feng Shigu’s corpse was so tall and burly, and it was so different from his descendant Sun Jiuye. Is it better for a weasel to have a litter of mice? But seeing this time, I suddenly realized that this ancient corpse is definitely not an earth immortal, but the king of black sheep buried at the head of the Pangu vein thousands of years ago.

It turned out that the ancient corpse was not wearing a burial robe in the jade box, but was naked, with swollen skin and flesh, and it was already rotten and corrupted. After the corpse was smashed and stitched up again, I thought to myself: “Trouble, now that the kerosene has been used up, but I can’t imagine that I only burned a dead ghost, since the earth immortal Feng Shigu is not in the star-like tomb, it is again Where can it be hidden?”

Just when I was amazed, Shirley Yang had already seen some clues and whispered: “There should be no coffin in the golden coffin. This jade box and the body of the Wuyang King are the two-layer coffin of the Earth Immortal.”

Shirley Yang had just broken the mechanism, and the result was fulfilled. He saw the Wuyang King’s body gradually melted, and the golden head fell into the fire. It was really just a leather bag, and the inside was hollowed out, but I don’t know why there is still blood in the flesh. The jade box and the body bag fell off one after another, revealing a black-haired and black-bearded man’s face from the flesh of the Wuyang King.

The male corpse hidden in the skin and flesh coffin of the Wuyang King, although it has been dead for hundreds of years, but the man is as alive, the heroic spirit in the face is condensed but not scattered, with a jade crown on his head, wearing a black robe, and holding a whisk in his hand. There is a vaguely immortal posture, but a gloomy and abnormal corpse aura is shrouded on the corpse’s face, indicating that it is definitely not a fairy, but a dead zombie.

Sun Jiuye next to me was stunned: “This is the Earth Immortal… Feng Shigu?” Although he was full of anger and hatred, the fear in his words was even heavier. What will happen next? It was almost impossible to imagine that he was obviously the last leader of the Guanshan Taibao. After his death, the Feng clan still held on to his prestige. I was afraid that if Feng Shigu appeared, there would be a catastrophe in the coffin mountain immortal village.


Seeing that Jiuye Sun was terrified, I wanted to tell him, “The Wuyang King’s skin has already been burnt, and that Feng Shigu will turn to ashes in no time, so what’s there to worry about?”

Who knows what happened next, so I can’t say a word with my mouth open. As soon as the corpse of the earth immortal appeared, the corpse gas in the tomb suddenly increased, and the fire immediately weakened.

Everyone hurriedly put on gas masks and looked out through the observation window on the mask. The momentum of the flames had been reduced to the limit, and the dead body of the Earth Immortal was unharmed in the fire. If the black robe that Feng Shigu wore was similar to the wind and cloud bag used by Colonel Mojin back then, and it could also block water and fire, that would be fine, but the strange thing was that Feng Shigu’s eyebrows were not damaged in the fire. I was secretly surprised in my heart, my world view was shaken a little, and I said, “Could it be that this person has become a true immortal, and he has surpassed all the laws of physics and has become invulnerable to water and fire? In this way, I want to destroy Feng Shigu. It will be difficult for the corpse to ascend to the sky, maybe our team will be transformed by the corpse fairy in the end, and it will be left in the ground as its burial object.”

According to the ancient people’s point of view, those who are different from common sense are demons. According to this view, there are demons in the world and there are immortals, and the distance between them is only a layer of window paper. One step is a fairy, and one step back is a demon. Back then, in the Baiyan Grotto at the end of the Inner Mongolian grassland, I met two old yellow-skinned men who could read minds, and almost lost their lives. They should be monsters that have grown into spirits over time, but Huangpizi is different from common sense. It’s just that they can understand people’s hearts after they have lived for more years. , In the end, it was not lost by me and the fat man.

Over the years, I have been fighting around for gold, and I also feel that things have existed for too many years, and some supernatural things will indeed appear, but I never believe that there is any fairy family. Maybe the ancient magic of fire pills does exist. Who has really seen the feathering ascension? Since the Qin and Jin Dynasties, people in the world began to make various medicinal herbs such as Wushi San and Han Shi San, and I don’t know how many smart people lost their lives for this.

I was a little surprised when I saw Deng Shigu survived the fire before, but I secretly felt ruthless in my heart. If God has eyes, even if there is a goddamn fairy family in the world, I shouldn’t watch the ghosts of Shan Taibao. people did. Since the burning of fire can’t burn this zombie, then give it a random blade to divide the body. These thoughts flashed in his mind, he picked up the engineer shovel in his hand, made a move to the people behind him, and deceived him, intending to use the shovel blade of the engineer shovel as a knife and saw, and dismantle the earth immortal teacher Gu in eight pieces. .


I walked around the golden coffin and approached the fire first. The fire was suppressed by the corpse gas, much weaker than before, and the Earth Immortal’s body sat motionless in the fire. When I got close, because the tomb was low, I waved the engineer shovel and swept across it. The back of the shovel slapped the face of Dixian head-on. Unexpectedly, it came to nothing.

It turned out that while I was waving the shovel, the ground in the ancient tomb shook, the floor of the tomb suddenly cracked and collapsed, and the earth immortal Feng Shigu fell together with the flames all over the ground. If it wasn’t for Shirley, Yang Yan quickly grabbed me , I tried so hard that I couldn’t hold back my stance, so I had to sink along with me.

At this time, the ground subsidence was very serious, and the bottom of the tomb seemed to be cracked by a black hole. The golden coffin behind us, implicated by the subsidence, also stumbled into the hole. I dodged and avoided the golden coffin, knowing that this was the Nine Dead Jingling Armor that was about to smash the mountain into pieces, I wondered, could Earth Immortal Feng Shigu be smashed to pieces by Jingling Armor?

I didn’t care that the Nine Deaths Jingling Armor might break through the tomb at any time, and while the fire in the underground cave was still alive, I hurriedly leaned down and looked inside. I saw a deep layer of chalcedony and rocks below the tomb of the Earth Immortal, but the stratum was cracked. The bottomless big hole is full of bronze blood erosions like clusters of thorns and whiskers. The copper thorns are as dense as the tentacles of countless sea anemones, and each copper erosion is covered with sharp and sharp copper thorns.

The burning kerosene fell on the Jingling bronze armor along with the tomb bricks, and continued to burn. Through the firelight, you could see that the Earth Immortal Feng Shigu also landed not far from the ground. Why did the White Walkers kill the Three-Eyed Raven? , The body has been nailed by dozens of bronze armors, one of which is a copper thorn like a tree stem, about the thickness of a human finger, which penetrated the back of the self-appointed teacher’s head and pierced from the forehead.

Nine Deaths Jingling Armor is made of ancient bronze wares from the Three Dynasties period. It belongs to the funeral utensils of the tomb guards. Since it has been extinct for thousands of years, my understanding of it is very limited. Mixed with the rhizomes of the Nine Dead Resurrection Grass, as well as the flesh and soil of broken corpses, buried in the vicinity of the mausoleum for several years, a blood-sucking plant that survives underground can be formed. It can continue to multiply and multiply around the mausoleum area, and it will drink blood when encountering living things. The ancient bronzes of Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties are very rare, so large-scale tombs with Jingling Jia are rare.


This is the first time in my life that I have seen the nine-death-shocked armor in the ground, but I am afraid I will not forget this situation until I die. The tomb, but the dense layers of copper thorns in the firelight made one’s scalp numb, the Earth Immortal Feng Shigu was stabbed by a few copper beards, and the blood was pouring all over his body. With an empty shell.

This scene was clearly seen by us. With your ruthless heart, you could not help but feel awe-inspiring when you saw the Earth Immortal being sucked out of blood by the copper thorns with your own eyes. Yaomei’er didn’t dare to look anymore, she took two steps back and sat down on the ground.

I saw that there was blood in Feng Shigu’s body, and it was no different from a living person. Only then did I know that the scene depicted in “The Coffin Mountain and the Immortal” was true, but I couldn’t understand how he did it. It’s just that this person claims to be a magician, and delusionally wants to become an immortal and come out of the mountains after his death, but even if he is really an immortal, I am afraid that he would not have expected such an end. Now that the big event is over, we must hurry up and find a way to escape from the coffin mountain, otherwise, like Feng Shigu, we will be stabbed into a sieve by Jingling armor.

Seeing that more and more cracks appeared under Lingxingyan, like ice cracks spreading around, I couldn’t tolerate any more hesitation, so I grabbed Sun Jiuye, who was lying on the ground and peeping down with his neck stretched out, trying to escape as soon as possible. The tomb of the Earth Immortal, but just as my hand grabbed his arm, I discovered that even more terrifying things happened in the underground abyss covered with copper corrosion.

Feng Shigu’s corpse that was pierced by the copper armor and drained the blood marrow, the head was slowly raised, and the barbs on the copper armor ripped off the corpse’s head, bones and flesh, and the forehead was black. A hole was exposed, and the Earth Immortal’s eyes suddenly opened, but the two eyes were like two black holes. Suddenly, the head was thrown back, and the mouth opened wider and wider, far exceeding the normal range, and the two rows of teeth were almost separated. One hundred and eighty degrees.

At this time, the flames that fell on the armor of the Nine Dead Shocking Mausoleum were about to burn out, and the cracks under the tomb had gradually plunged into pitch blackness. In the last remaining firelight, there was an indistinct black shadow that seemed to be covered with fluff, struggling to escape. Earth Immortal Feng Shigu crawled out from his mouth, and then the fire went out, and he could no longer see the things under the ground.


Everyone was almost stunned, but the cracks in the stratum gradually increased, and if they stayed in the tomb, they would collapse with the landslide in an instant. I can’t think about it anymore, I grabbed Sun Jiuye, who was already unconscious, and dragged him backwards. Shirley Yang also pulled Yaomeier from the ground. Everyone gestured to each other, and the fat man took the lead and quickly retreated to the ground. A place that has not collapsed yet.

At this time, the road had already collapsed, the walls of the tomb were cracked everywhere, and a large piece of the tomb passage had also fallen into the burial. In desperation, Fatty tried his best to pry at the stone gate of the burial cave. Fortunately, it was a trap door, and it was not too thick and sturdy. With all his strength, he finally opened a gap, which was just enough for people to pass through. I saw all around. At the end of the road, I had to take one step at a time, dragged Professor Sun, and followed the fat man into the ear room of the Earth Immortal Tomb.

The earthquake-like tremors continued to spread into my body. I hurriedly leaned against the wall with my back and lit the tactical spotlights in my mountaineering helmet to the left and right. Seeing everyone following in, I felt a little calm in my heart, and then immediately looked around. This low and narrow Lingxing rock room is indeed the ear room where the bright objects are placed. There are some scrolls and treasures piled up on the ground. The eyes are full of jewels, and in a hurry, it is impossible to distinguish what those bright objects are. Treasures, the bones of sika deer, cranes and other spirit beasts were also mixed during the period. The stone room has been covered with dust for a long time, and there are many impurities in the air, so I can’t take the risk of taking off the gas mask.

Using the dim light beam, I found that the ear chamber also began to rupture and collapse. At the end, the tomb wall collapsed, revealing a narrow stone stair. Lingxingdian Earth Immortal Tomb is located in the abdominal cavity of Pangu’s corpse vein. Countless naturally formed tomb chambers are scattered in different heights, and most of them are separated by a stone and a wall. At this moment, it is impossible to judge where the steps lead to, only to see the nine dead Jingling armor in the ground. The stratum has been torn apart, knowing that Jingling Armor is entangled in the coffin mountain like a silkworm cocoon, and there is no way in all directions.

I immediately raised my hand and asked everyone not to stop, and continued to desperately jump up the front stairway. At this time, we were at the end of the fight, and our legs and feet were sore and numb. Shirley Yang and I have been trained in the army, and the fat man is naturally strong. The physique that has been honed for many years in the Xing’an Mountains is not ambiguous. Even we can’t hold it, let alone Sun Jiuye and Yaomeier. one. Everyone dragged and dragged each other, and after walking in the dark for a long time, they finally reached the end of the stone steps. The corridor has now split into two forks, and there is still room ahead, but above the stone steps is an iron cover, which seems to be connected to a secret room.

The violent tremors around the mountain gradually subsided, and then I was able to stop to take a breath and confirm the direction. Comparing the layout in “Viewing the Mountains and Houses”, I found that this secret passage was twisting and twisting, and it actually passed through the Lingxing Hall. After going out, and taking advantage of the high terrain of Lingxingyan, through the jade cave in the corpse-shaped mountain, it finally connects to the ancient tomb of the Warring States Period under the Tibetan Bone Building of Guanshan Mountain in Dixian Village. The stone bricks in the entire dark passage are engraved with scriptures and spells, and are buried with the secret medicine of breaking insects.


In “Viewing the Mountains and Houses”, the two houses of Yin and Yang in Dixian Village are described in detail, but the situation of the Lingxing Hall and this dark passage is not drawn. However, when the iron cover is lifted, the tomb above is full of mercury, and the bronze coffin of Fuhu is still sleeping. By the side, only then did I know where I was – it turned out that there was such a secret passage under the tomb museum.

At this time, the Yin-Yang two-story mansion in Dixian Village was full of coffin worms driven out by Jinglingjia. The Guanshan Ossuary Building must not be able to go back. Why did the White Walkers kill the three -eyed crow? Broken by the bronze armor, he was in a dilemma for a while. The only way to go deeper is to continue to follow the dark secret passage. I estimate that since this secret passage can lead to the tomb of the Earth Immortal, its importance is naturally self-evident. The other end of the fork must be connected to another very secret. The area, since the ghost came in by accident, there is no way not to go and find out.

Everyone was exhausted, and they were all wearing gas masks and couldn’t talk, but they were all a little scared, and they always looked back and looked behind, lest Dixian Feng Shigu would catch up from behind, and no one could guess that there was something hidden in the secret passage of Dixian Village. What secret, with the dim light of spotlights and flashlights, I walked dozens of steps in the dark and gloomy dark passage.

Fatty seemed to stumble on something under his feet, and suddenly stumbled and fell into a tiger. The fall was so strong that he almost blew Fatty Wang, and he didn’t get up from the ground for a long time. The tactical lanterns can’t play a big role in such a dark environment, and I couldn’t see what was on the ground. I was worried about an accident, so I hurriedly gestured to the other three to stop.

I then leaned over and helped the fat man who was lying on the ground up. The two of them reached out and touched the ground, trying to see what was in the dark passage, whether it was a brick or a corpse. Finally, I touched something round and round, about the size of a human head, cold and hard. I aligned the lamp socket, and when the beam was shaking, I looked closely. It was actually a heavy and huge iron thallium. An extremely thick iron chain, my mind suddenly moved, this is obviously like a torture device for prisoners to be locked, so thick and heavy, which end locks a human or a beast?

I dragged the heavy chain with my hands, trying to see what was connected to it, but the chain was heavy and long, and it was an iron lump a few meters apart.

At this time, Shirley Yang lit a candle in the back, and the candle light illuminated the dark passage with no end. When everyone saw that the candle was not abnormal, they took off their gas masks one after another.

Fatty fell hard, and sat down against the wall. He didn’t want to move any more. Jiuye Sun and Sister Yao were so tired, they were also out of breath, and sat down on the spot, panting.

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