vampires And Angels

Vampires were cursed by God to survive by sucking human blood.

They can never see the sun. Once exposed to the sun, they will turn into dust and disappear, so vampires are always active at night.

Hunting those unfortunate travelers lost under the moon.

One day, an angel came to earth.

Her appearance is dignified and beautiful, more luxurious than any angel, and she is the most beloved child of God.

And the purpose of her coming to this world is to convey miracles. Angels have healed countless people of their illnesses, even those who were dying of terminal illnesses.

As long as it is lightly touched by the angel's hand, it can be restored immediately.

The vampire also heard the news. He disguised himself as an ordinary civilian and came to seek treatment.

The angel was very surprised by this visitor who appeared in the middle of the night. Of course, she saw through the vampire's disguise immediately.

But she's also intrigued by the audacity of vampires.

"Excuse me, what do you want from me?" the angel asked curiously.

"I have a disease that prevents me from seeing sunlight. Please heal me." The vampire replied.

"Because this disease forces me to hide in dark places,

But just once, I really want to see the beauty of the rising sun in the morning. "

This is nothing short of an unreasonable request.

Because no matter how powerful the angel's power is, it cannot change the fact that vampires cannot bask in the sun, because that is what God has given them.

Retribution is a punishment that will not stop as long as vampires still exist in the world.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do."

"Not even once?"

The angel suddenly felt that the vampire looked pitiful when he was upset, and she comforted him:

"Although I can't let you see it with your own eyes, if you don't mind it, I'm willing to describe it to you."

The vampire was moved by the angel's proposal, and they agreed to wait until the next quarter moon rises in the sky.

Meet at the castle where the vampire hides. Time passed quickly, and the angel came to the appointment on time.

She sat beside the vampire and spoke in a gentle voice about the rising sun.

When they were about to separate, the vampire said to the angel: "Please forgive me for asking you again, but not once."


I really want to see the beauty of the midday sun. "

The kind angel still couldn't fulfill the vampire's wish, so she made an agreement with the vampire to meet on the next waxing moon night.

"Although I can't let you see it with your own eyes, if you don't mind it, I'm willing to describe it to you."

At the appointed time, the vampire sat upright, waiting for the arrival of the angel.

The angel is bathed in the moonlight, and his holy wings are shining like a

Like a silver cloak, the dazzling brilliance made the vampire unable to divert his attention.

The angel sat next to him again , the vampire knight and the ghost heroine who could catch ghosts and recount the scene when the sun was high in the sky.

Her innocent smile so fascinated the vampire that he couldn't help but speak a third time.

"Please forgive me for asking you again, but just once, I really want to see the beauty of the sunset."

"Although I can't let you see it with your own eyes, if you don't mind it, I'm willing to describe it to you."

The vampire and the angel looked at each other and smiled, no commitment needed this time,

They all have a tacit understanding of meeting each other on the next first quarter moon night.

Both of them are looking forward to the next meeting in their hearts, and both of them hope that the moon will turn into a first quarter moon soon.

On the moonlit night that he finally looked forward to, the angel sat beside the vampire and recounted the scene of the sunset.

When this topic came to an end, the vampire said with trepidation.

"Thank you for kindly telling me these things. If possible, would you like to grant me one more wish?"

"I try my best."

"I want to see you again. I think as long as I can be with you,

Sunshine is nothing, whether it is morning sun, bright sun, or sunset.

You are more beautiful than the day when the sun shines. "The angel frowned slightly at his request.

"I really hope I can fulfill your wish, but I will end my mission in the world tomorrow.

I must go back to heaven and never see you here again. "

After hearing the angel's polite rejection, the vampire could only smile reluctantly.

"…That's fine, heaven must be very bright and warm compared to here.

Who calls me a monster growing in the darkness? This brief encounter should be enough. "

"I'm sorry." The angel regretfully left the vampire's residence, and she returned to her own paradise.

God was keenly aware of the strange look on this beloved child's face, and he asked. "Child, what are you thinking about?"

All the angel could think about was the lonely vampire.

"I met a vampire in the human world, and he was very hungry for sunlight.

I could tell from his eyes that he lived a very lonely life, living far away from people for hundreds of years.

And very sad in the dark. ” The angel tried to analyze his thoughts to God.

"Because of this, I really want to help him.

I wanted to get close to him and talk to him, but when I said I couldn’t see him again,

I knew he was sending me away with a very reluctant look behind him. "

"Forget him. This is not something worth remembering."

God gave instructions to the angel. He seemed to have foreseen what would happen in the future and gave him instructions again and again.

"Forget him, or you will suffer even more."

The angel obediently obeyed God's instructions. She decided not to think about vampires anymore.

She came to the depths of heaven and lived in seclusion quietly. The days passed peacefully, except occasionally Angel would feel heartache for no reason.

The same is true for human vampires.

The angel had clearly promised himself that he would never come again, but the vampire still waited foolishly on every first-quarter moon night.

"Maybe she will appear unexpectedly." The vampire muttered to himself,

But what he waited for was repeated disappointment and blow.

Gradually, the vampire becomes a waiter every day. He fantasizes that maybe an angel has come,

I accidentally missed it when I was out hunting. He no longer goes out to suck blood, and his magic power is getting weaker and weaker.

It's like waiting for the angel to come in silence. After other angels learned of the vampire's tragic situation, they reported to God one after another.

"It is impossible for the sun and the moon to appear in the sky at the same time. If they must be together,

The angel must accompany the other person forever and be imprisoned in the night. "

God could not bear to let his beloved angel live in a dark world with monsters.

He ordered the gods not to approach the reclusive angel,

Nor was he allowed to reveal to her the fact that vampires were gradually dying out.

The days passed quickly and ruthlessly, and the vampire's power was so weak that he could not even go out at night.

After the magic power is exhausted, the vampire will sleep until its power is replenished by moonlight.

During this period, he is completely unconscious and will not dream. The Vampire Knight Ghost Lady will catch ghosts . He will continue to sleep quietly. If the time is not right, he will continue to sleep peacefully.

What can be taken away? Sleep may be able to dilute some substances.

At least the vampire could spend the time he spent missing the angel sleeping.

Even if a priest sets fire to his body, the vampire will not feel pain and simply disappear.

He was not afraid of destruction, but he was afraid of never seeing the angel again.

He stared at the night sky with empty eyes. The person he missed day and night was at the top of the sky.

That was a sacred realm, not a place where an unclean monster like him could dream of entering.

What are the angels doing now?

He was probably playing the gold harp with grace and talking happily to other angels.

I wonder if she will remember those three waxing moon nights that she once sat next to her?

Maybe to an angel, it's just an episode in the process of a mission, but to a vampire,

The happiness he got in those three months of nights was enough to offset the loneliness he had endured for hundreds of years.

With the memories of those three days, it wouldn't hurt to ask him to spend hundreds more years of loneliness.

Unfortunately…I am afraid I don't have the magic power to last another hundred years.

The vampire's deep sorrow also reaches the angel's heart.

Deep in Jane's presence, she watched the movement of the sun and moon in the sky,

Angel often cried inexplicably in a low voice, and she felt as if something was permanently missing from her body.

How can we simply forget about it? A heaven that is too pure and white, surrounded by angels wearing bright clothes,

Gentleness is fake, smile is fake, tranquility is fake,

Everything made her so sad that she wanted to cry. Melancholy vampire, are you looking at the moonlit sky and missing me now?

The darkness he has lived in for a long time is the only film that can protect him. In fact, he is so fragile and empty,

However, he turned his back on him, on the vampire who longed for redemption more than anyone else.

The angel's tears fell on the ground and turned into a sad rain falling on the world.

"I want to see him." The angel made up her mind, but she could not descend to earth without God's order.

She had no choice but to sneak away from the boundary of heaven. Unexpectedly, when she was about to escape, God appeared in front of her.

"My child, why did you leave here?" God analyzed the consequences.

"Once you go to a vampire, you can never go back to heaven.

And you will be attacked by fanatics as a dark enemy, which is very scary. "

"Then let me become the only light in the darkness. At least I can illuminate him."

"Can't you forget him no matter what?"

"If he gives up waiting for me, I will forget about him."

"…" God was silent. He felt sorry for the angel's determination and sighed at the angel's misfortune.

"Let me bless you, child. Although you can no longer return to heaven and live a peaceful life,

But I allow you to pull out your wings when you can't bear it anymore, and then I will give you eternal peace. "

So the angel slowly landed on earth.

That day happened to be the night of the first quarter moon. When the vampire saw the angel flying from the halo of the moon,

Haggard, he even jumped for joy.

"Will you stay?"

"I don't want to go anywhere except you."

The angel cried and hugged each other tightly. They began this wonderful cohabitation life.

The vampire's magic power is so weakened that it cannot step out of the coffin at night.

The angel can only protect him by his side and speak to him when the vampire wakes up at night.

"I had nothing, you know. Before I met you,

I always thought that nothing in the world existed for me,

But because of you, I saw scenery I had never seen before. "The vampire later said to the angel.

"The scenery is so beautiful, but I feel uneasy. I am too happy, which is not allowed for a monster like me.

I don't know where the scenery along the road will lead. Maybe happiness will suddenly stop at the corner. "

"Are you afraid?" The angel held the vampire's cold hand.

"I'm afraid of losing you. You can also say, I think I will eventually lose you, forever. I'm afraid that day will come."

"I will not leave you."

"What if it's me who leaves?"

"Do you know?"

"No, what should I do if I leave and leave you unable to return to heaven?"

"We must keep holding hands and never let go."

The angel kissed the vampire's palm, and then covered his face with the vampire's hand.

One day, a child got lost and broke into the castle.

The angel sent him back to his home in the town,

From then on the news spread that angels were living in the city,

Many pilgrims and priests flocked to the temple, and among them there were also sick people who sought treatment from the angels.

Angel is only open to see doctors during the day,

She paid no attention to pilgrims or priests.

A frustrated pilgrim took advantage of the angel to perform miracles and wandered into the city. He discovered the existence of vampires.

Rumors spread all of a sudden,

Some people say that this angel actually lives with monsters.

It can be seen that she is not a good person. Some people say that angels live in the same room with monsters in order to purify them.

Senior officials in the town decided privately,

Because of the tourist believers who came in the name of angels, they earned considerable profits.

Therefore, no matter what method is used, this monster must be eradicated, as it will cause stains on the angels.

They sent priests to lurk around the castle,

Then use a trick to lure out the angel.

"Sorry, Mr. Fang Guan is seriously ill. Please come over immediately."

The angel blinked, feeling a strange sense of disobedience in her intuition, but she still left the castle with her attendants.

The vampires in the city were surrounded by priests holding crosses and stakes.

They chant harsh incantations that force the vampire to wake up.

How is this going?

The weak vampire woke up from his slumber. He bit the priests' throats and fought a bloody path.

Where are the angels? Were they taken away by these humans?

Where is she and is she in danger?

The vampire evades his pursuers. After all, he is very familiar with the terrain.

Soon he was hiding in a dark corner wrapped in heavy curtains.

"Where are the monsters?"

"You ran away so fast!"

The footsteps of the priests rushed back and forth around him.

Damn humans! If it weren't for daytime, I would have made all of you die very ugly.

The vampires who have sucked human blood have somewhat regained some of their former vigor.

He planned how to take the angel out after dark,

Suddenly, the vampire noticed a child in the distance approaching him stupidly.

As long as I suck this child's blood,

My strength will be stronger… He peered at the young child silently,

The young children are also getting closer and closer to themselves.

As soon as he said it, he covered the child's mouth and dragged him into the darkness.


Look closely at this child,

The vampire recognized him as the lost child that the angel had cared for.If you kill him, the angel will be sad


Thinking of this, the vampire loosened his hand and whispered.

"You go away, I won't kill you."

The child's eyes were wide open and he couldn't believe that he was so lucky. He crawled on the ground and ran away.

But in the next moment, the child turned around and stared at the vampire fiercely, as if he had changed into a different person.

"You are a monster that blasphemes angels. Killing you is the best gift I can give to angels!"

The child opened the curtains vigorously, and the vampire, who had no time to react, was completely exposed to the sun…

Angel's heart suddenly felt a pinching pain. She squatted on the ground in pain, and the attendant asked in panic:

"Are you okay?"

The angel became acutely aware of what was happening,

She hurriedly turned around and spread her wings lightly to fly back to the castle. The attendants who were left behind shouted anxiously, but she ignored them for the time being.

It was like a large celebration banquet was held in the city,

A child was thrown high into the sky by everyone and then caught.

They cheered loudly, and words of praise for the child's courage and courage flowed from their mouths like water.

They held the child, sat him on their shoulders, and all flocked to the angel to claim credit.

"This kid got rid of the monster!"

"Ask the angels to bless him!"

"This is the most memorable moment when the divine power defeated the monster. We need to erect a monument to commemorate it."

The angels separated the crowd,

She rushed to the pile of dust surrounded by red silk thread in the center of the courtyard, and there was a loud bang in her head…

"I have a disease that prevents me from seeing sunlight. Please heal me."

"…That's fine. Compared to here, heaven must be very bright and warm."

God, how vampires long for the sunshine,

And what did the sunshine give him in return? The angel cried loudly, and everyone looked at each other, at a loss.

"I don't want to go anywhere except you."

After looking around sadly at everyone for a week,

The angel stretched out his hand and pulled down the white wings behind him.

A large amount of blood spurted out, splashing the dust red. The angel leaned on the dust and never opened his eyes again.

The wind tainted the angel's emotions,

The red dust was blown wildly into the sky.

Maybe it’s because of the grains of sand running into my eyes,

Onlookers shed tears as they dispersed.

If eternity really exists…

Just let me love you… every day forever…

If it never existed…

Just let time stop… the moment I fall in love with you!

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