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She died, she came before God.

God played her whole life for her.

Fragments of the past swirl in front of my eyes, passing by quickly.

she cried……

God asked her, "Why are you crying?"

She said that she regretted it, regretted being greedy for pleasure when she was young, regretted being busy with meager wages as an adult, regretting not seeing her parents for the last time, regretting not managing her marriage well, regretting not teaching her son well…

She regretted it, regretted her life of mediocrity.

God looked at her with wise eyes, "Do it again, will you still do this?"

"No! I will never waste my time again!" she yelled!

God has her back!

Back to my childhood!

That year, she was 5 years old!

She thought, she is still a child! Children should play without worry!

She enjoys the protection of adults as a matter of course, and she cries as a matter of course.

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She went to school, she thought, she has already learned these things, why waste time listening to lectures!

She became a child prodigy! A child prodigy who never takes lessons.

That year, she was 18 years old, she was admitted to university, she thought she was still very young, and the future was still very long, she went shopping with her friends, went shopping together, skipped classes together, and…

She thought that she should find a better man than her husband. She had made many boyfriends, but she always felt that they were not good enough.

That year, she was 22 years old, she graduated, and she had to plan for her future. She was running around in job fairs, only to realize that she seemed to know nothing.

She had no choice but to do her old job – office clerk!

very tired! really tired!

The office is a small society, she is not willing to stay at the lower level, she works hard to novel ghost husband , in the end, the chance of promotion was given to another new girl – the sister-in-law of the general manager.

She had to admit that this world was really realistic, and the pure student life made her almost forget the darkness she had experienced.

In a trance, looking back suddenly, she found that she was already 27 years old , and it was time to get married!

She went on a blind date, and she met her ex-husband again. She thought, maybe, this is fate, and she can't escape!

She is married to her ex-husband!

She thought that she would manage her marriage well in this life, but her husband's shortcomings kept magnifying before her eyes, which made her unbearable, and she broke out!

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They had a fight! They are fighting again!

She had a child, she was 28 years old that year, she thought, she should teach this child well!

She enrolls her children in various remedial classes, and she wants them to be multi-talented. She enrolls in English, Chinese, mathematics, painting, music…

She didn't want her child to become an ordinary person and live a hard life like in the previous life.

Her painstaking efforts, the child does not understand!

The child doesn't understand anything, he can't understand everything the teacher said, he is still young!

She cried and hit him, and he said, "I hate you! You're not my mother!"

The father called and told her, "Son, I miss you, come back!"

She said that she was very busy and would go back when she was free!

She thought, father's body is still very tough! She was very busy, she didn't believe it, she was just a little clerk all her life, she thought, next time, next time I will go back.

Next time and next time!

Her father died, and she never saw him for the last time.

The son has grown up, the son is very rebellious, even more rebellious than before, he still doesn't understand her painstaking efforts!

She wanted to treat her husband better, but she always spent time in the flames of war!

oh! Her failed marriage, tomorrow, tomorrow she will never quarrel with her husband again!

Tomorrow and tomorrow!

Before the hospital bed, her husband said to her, "In this life, you have worked hard! In the next life, we will be together!"

She cried, and she didn't realize until she died that her husband loved her!

She is old, she is leaving, and the son cried and said to her, "Mom, I'm sorry, you have broken your heart for my son in this life, and in the next life, my son will be filial to you!"

Silly boy, why did you wait until your mother died to understand?

She died, she came before God.

God played her whole life for her.

Fragments of the past swirl in front of my eyes, passing by quickly.

she cried……

God asked her, "Why are you crying?"

She said she regretted it!

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