Young Girl On Dissecting Table Of Dead Calf

I closed her eyes, covered the white cloth back, and left the dissecting room. One day, I finally told her that I am a lecturer in physical anatomy. "You said, when the scalpel is cut across, will the corpse feel pain? I picked up the piece of paper and turned it over, widening my eyes in horror. It turned out that this was the wish of the female corpse I dissected a year ago. Before the corpse was moved to the dissection room, I signed it. "You said, will the corpse feel pain when the scalpel is cut across it? "You said, will the corpse feel pain when the scalpel is cut?" "I want to let you know the pain of being dissected!" The next day, when I got up, I found something that would make me restless. Underneath, there was a scalpel, a sharp scalpel with a cold light. … Continue readingYoung Girl On Dissecting Table Of Dead Calf

Little Girl Ghost

At this time, Doudou's father touched Doudou's mother and said: We are still young, Doudou is gone, we can have another one! Doudou's mother looked at Doudou's father in horror and said: Husband! Doudou's father looked at the room: there is no one there, wife, you are having a nightmare! No one noticed that behind them, there was a ghost of a little girl watching all this! The ghost of the little girl grinned and laughed! In a blink of an eye, all the lights went out, and the house was pitch black; the ghost of Doudou came and appeared in front of her father: You are so cruel, take me to the park for boating! After saying these words, the ghost went around: quack quack! … Continue readingLittle Girl Ghost

The Girl In Red Read Online

The girl in red who was driving poked out a frightened face from the car window. The blood in my body was draining little by little, and before I lost consciousness, I vaguely saw the woman in red who had killed my wife that day, looking at me with a smile in front of me. A young couple was involved in a car accident. The husband pushed his wife in front of him. As a result, the wife was killed by the car, but the husband was only slightly injured because of the relief. In the lower right corner of the news report is the photo of the scene of the car accident that day. Although it was a black and white photo, I recognized the woman who died in vain at a glance. She had facial features that were too similar to the girl in red who hit me with a red sports car. … Continue readingThe Girl In Red Read Online

Tuberose Girl

The relatives and friends in the ward were silent, and suddenly, a seven or eight-year-old girl came: “Brother, let’s buy a flower!” As she spoke, she took out a withered tuberose from her bosom. The girl’s hand holding the flower is very thin, and her white skirt is also very worn out, but she has a pair of clear eyes. She turned her head and was about to wave to Ye Mo, but suddenly saw the blooming evening primrose beside the bed. The girl walked over, Ye Mu suddenly opened his eyes, and asked: “Little sister, are you here to sell flowers again?” When he was discharged from the hospital, Ye Mu saw the little girl selling flowers again in the corridor, he walked over and asked: “Has the money my brother gave you been spent so quickly?” … Continue readingTuberose Girl

Hospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital

Suddenly one day, Cheng Yi received a call from the concierge of the Children’s Hospital, saying: Doctor Cheng, your college classmates came to see you. I came to you because I had no choice. Beijing Children’s Hospital is a well-known and authoritative hospital in the country. If it can’t be cured here, I will die. Cheng Yi took Zhao Mei’s mother and daughter directly to the authoritative dermatology expert of the Children’s Hospital. After running, Cheng Yi arranged a ward for Zhao Mei’s daughter, Xiaocheng. Cheng Yi said: Zhao Mei took her child to see a doctor in Beijing Children’s Hospital. The child’s illness will be cured soon, but Zhao Mei suddenly left in an emergency. Before she left, she asked me to notify the family and come as soon as possible to pick Xiaocheng home alone. . … Continue readingHospital Ghost Stories | Girls At Children’s Hospital