The Stylus Stalks The Flower Thief

At the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, a flower-picking thief appeared in Jinji Village in northern Henan Province. He flew over eaves and walls, came and went without leaving a trace, and was extremely skilled in light skills. He would sneak into the boudoir in the dead of night, light a red candle, and be the groom of his own accord. After the incident, the lights were turned off and everyone left quietly. The ones who were raped were all stunning women who had not left the court.

For a time, in the Golden Pheasant Manor, any family with a girl growing up, the parents were worried, the women were worried, and the wet whip has cast a lingering shadow on the family.

The owner of the village, Yan Qingfeng, had a daughter, Yan Rufeng, who was twenty-eight years old, with willow eyebrows and peach lips. To prevent flower thieves, Yan Qingfeng asked her daughter to dress up as a man and study the Five Classics and Four Books at home. She was not allowed to step out of the door before leaving the pavilion. Zhuang Ding guards the courtyard and patrols day and night. Seeing that the wedding of Rufeng and Wenjuren is approaching, the departure of his daughter from the palace has become a worry for Lord Yanzhuang. He is worried that his daughter will be taken over by a flower thief after revealing her red dress. Determined to suffer some losses and eliminate harm for the people. A notice was posted, offering a reward of a thousand taels of silver to anyone who caught a flower-picking thief. For several days, no one posted the notice. Yan Qingfeng increased the silver reward twice, from one thousand taels to one thousand five hundred taels, and from one thousand five hundred taels to two thousand taels. Under the heavy reward, there was a man with raised eyebrows and leopard eyes, a green face and a wide mouth. A strong man with broad arms and round waist, and as much body hair as possible came to the village, claiming to be able to subdue flower thieves.

The village masters were all amazed when they saw the strong man's appearance, thinking that this time the flower thief would definitely be captured, but Zhuangzhu Yan had other ideas. The flower thief broke into the house and committed the crime, relying on his extremely light kung fu. I don't know how good the strong man's light kung fu is. Then he got straight to the point and said: "The flower thief has special skills. The government has arrested him several times but he has not been captured. I wonder how a strong man can deal with the enemy?"

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The strong man did not answer. He came to the courtyard and threw an iron rope with him, flying like a silver snake into the air. The clanking sound fell, and the strong man took advantage of the strong wind of the iron rope to stand on the ridge of the house, and then put the iron rope into his arms. The villagers in the courtyard cheered in unison. Master Yan nodded with satisfaction. The strong man spent the day hiding in his house to recharge his batteries, and at night he walked the streets looking for traces. But what the strong man didn't expect was that right under his nose, the Li family's thirteen-year-old daughter-in-law was brutalized by a beast again. The thief committed more than ninety crimes in Golden Pheasant Village in a row, and the village masters scolded her with great hatred. Flower thieves are called beasts, and beasts have become synonymous with flower thieves. The strong man clasped his fists in shame, bid farewell to Master Yan Zhuang, got up and left Jinji Village.

Two days later, another young man with a slim figure and a handsome face came to the village. This time, everyone in the village knew that catching the flower thief requires excellent lightness skills, and they wanted to see how the young man did. The young man asked Zhuang Ding to plant plum blossom stakes in the courtyard. He placed a large bowl on each stake and filled it with water until it could no longer overflow. Then he flew onto the stakes and tapped the rim of the bowl with his toes, but the water did not spill. One drop. Such light skill made all the dealers present marvel.

Relying on his light skills, the young man can lurk silently on the roof like a black swallow piercing the sky at night, hanging upside down from the eaves to spy on the flower thieves. He also boasted in front of Lord Yan that if there was a flower thief, he would definitely be caught and brought to justice. This flower thief seemed to be deliberately going against the young man and not giving him face. On the night when the young man took on the important task of capturing the flower thief alive. , a sixteen-year-old girl from the Liu family who was disguised as a man also had her virginity taken away by a beast. The young man had no face to see Master Yan Zhuang again and quietly left Jinji Village.

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After the two strong men left, no one came to pick up the porcelain tips. Since a woman from the Liu family disguised as a man was actually raped by a flower thief, Master Yan Zhuang is extremely anxious. He is worried that one day his daughter will also work with him. An additional reward of one thousand taels of silver was ordered, and warriors were recruited from all directions. Master Yanzhuang believed that there were mountains beyond the mountains and people outside the mountains. Under the heavy reward, there would be an expert who could subdue the beasts.

Not long after the notice was posted, an old man came to the village that day. He looked to be in his seventies, with thin cheeks and a long beard. He held a large wolf hair under his arm. When Master Yan and all the villagers saw the old man's appearance, they couldn't help but take a breath of cold air. The two strong men in front of them couldn't help but think about the flower thieves. How could this thin old man come to reward money? One of the villagers joked: " Old sir, we are not inviting teachers to the school, have you gone to the wrong door?" Unexpectedly, the old man's voice was loud and clear: "I'm not confused yet, aren't I just a flower picker? Come on! I'll give you a blessing with pen and ink!" Master Yanzhuang didn't know what the old man meant, so he ordered a piece of rice paper to be laid on the table. The old man waved his pen, and the ten words on the paper jumped into everyone's eyes. It was: One thing belongs to one master, and the brine is used to make tofu. . All the dealers couldn't help laughing. A banker stepped forward to uncover the painting. Unexpectedly, what he uncovered was a broken picture without any characters. The ten characters on it were nailed to the table as if they had taken root. Master Yan Zhuang was horrified. Although he couldn't tell whether the old man had any foundation in Qing Gong, such a strange person was a rare black-toothed ghost , and he must have extraordinary abilities. So he kept his love and captured the thieves to eliminate the harm.

It is said that this old man is indeed a strange person. People catch thieves by day and night. He is just the opposite. He wakes up at night and sleeps soundly at night. During the day, in addition to going to the victim's house to learn about the case, he also walks on the street. Visiting the shops and wandering around the village, it seemed like everyone was fine.

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After wandering around for a few days, the old man simply moved a table to sell paintings in a busy area of ​​the street. He laid out rice paper and splashed ink. After a while, a slender woman with full of affection and amorous feelings appeared on the paper and signed her signature. It turned out to be: a gentleman among flowers. People never expected that the beauty painting geek Hua Zhongjunzi, who had always seen his paintings but not the person, showed his true face in Lushan. He painted and sold paintings on the spot, showing off his talent. A vivid picture of a beauty was sold in a calligraphy and painting shop for one hundred taels. Silver, now only sells for ten taels of silver, and people rush to buy it and tell each other.

The old man, who calls himself the Gentleman in the Flowers, saw that the three floors inside and outside were crowded with people buying and viewing paintings. He felt a little too busy to talk, so he came up with another deal. Each beauty painting was sold for two hundred taels. , fully twice as high as in calligraphy and painting shops. People who love painting originally wanted to pick up some and buy them for the whole family to take home and savor the beauty. Unexpectedly, the gentleman in the flower was a strange old man and suddenly changed his mind. He could only I sighed when I looked at the painting.

But most people actually came not for the paintings, but for the people. They all wanted to see what kind of person this beauty-painting geek was who had been hiding from the world for a long time. Therefore, the price of paintings has increased, and not many people can afford it. The onlookers were still on the three floors inside and three floors outside.

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Near noon, an old father-in-law with white hair and white beard, who was energetic and full of anger, squeezed into the crowd. He shouted loudly: "Where did you come from? How dare you pretend to be the gentleman in my flower? If you don't understand me anymore, don't do it." Blame it on me and report it to the official!" The old man was not a fuel-efficient black-toothed ghost . He laughed loudly: "Don't talk nonsense. If you have the ability, draw a painting on the spot. If you become a real gentleman, my wife will disappear immediately!" "Are you serious?" "Seriously!" The white-haired father-in-law rolled up his sleeves and waved his pen like flowing water. In an instant, an eyebrow was an eyebrow, an eye was an eye, a peerless beauty with pink lips and a rouge face appeared vividly on the paper. It looks like a fairy coming to earth, and the inscription is also: Gentleman among flowers.

People didn't expect that two gentlemen in flowers would appear in the blink of an eye. For a moment, they couldn't tell which one was real and which one was fake. When everyone was surprised, the old man shouted: "Beast! Where are you going!" followed by shouts. Throwing out the wolf hair in his hand. The old man, who had already plundered the head of a human being, was struck by a wolf hair and fell down as if an arrow had shot off a string more than ten feet away. The crowd exclaimed, "This beast is not a flower-picking thief." They swarmed up, tied up the father-in-law tightly with five-flower bundles, and sent him to the county government office.

After receiving the news, Master Yanzhuang also rushed to the county government office. Along the way, the tied father-in-law behaved quite well, but when he arrived at the county office, he knelt down and kowtowed to the county magistrate, repeatedly shouting: "Sir! I conducted a private investigation and discovered the flower-picking thief. I hate this thief for his strong martial arts and heart." He is vicious, and the villain was plotted by him, but he was framed instead. Please make the decision for the villain!" The county magistrate Matsushita saw that he did not know the person who complained, and was shocked: "How brave! Who is kneeling? How dare you do that? You are talking nonsense in front of me." "Sir, I am a Wenjuren!" Wenjuren is the son-in-law chosen by Lord Yanzhuang. After hearing this, Lord Yanzhuang stepped forward and pointed at his father-in-law and cursed: " A bold maniac, pretending to be crazy and acting like a fool, how can my uncle be a scum like you!" Seeing that the county magistrate Yan Zhuang didn't believe it, the father-in-law rested his head on the ground for a while, then took off his wig and fake beard, revealing his young and handsome face.

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When the county magistrate saw that he was really a civil servant, he was dumbfounded. How could this civil servant be a flower-picking thief? He must have been framed. Shocked, he rushed to the old man who had sent the letter and said: "A bold and lewd thief, in order to escape the responsibility for his crime, he dared to put the blame on others, instead of bringing it upon him!" Looking at the old man again, he was not alarmed or panicked, with no fear on his face. He told an unbelievable fact in court with reasonable evidence.

It turned out that through interviews with the victimized woman and local people, the old man discovered that the flower picker was a beauty maniac. Before picking flowers, he would light a small red candle and examine the color of the woman's flowers. If the woman's appearance was not good, the flower picker would be unharmed. Damage left sadly. Just like flower lovers picking flowers, the more beautiful the woman, the more possessive the flower picker will be aroused. One day when passing by a calligraphy and painting shop, the old man accidentally discovered a painting of a beautiful woman inscribed with a gentleman among flowers. With his unique vision honed over decades of painting skills, he quickly captured the eyes of the victimized woman, Miss Zhang's family, and Miss Li's family's eyes in the painting. Small mouth, Miss Liu's face, and these women are usually ladies who stay close to home. They are gentlemen among flowers, and they are clearly flower-picking thieves. When the old man entered the store and asked, he found that the painting came through a secret channel. The gentleman in the flower was a geek who painted beauty without showing his face.

In order to attract the gentleman among flowers, the old man sells paintings on the street under his false name. The gentleman among the flowers knew that the old man was here to catch the flower picker, but he was born with flying legs. When he was born, he had a birthmark like a flying eagle on the side of his left thigh. There was a tuft of yellow hair on the birthmark. He could fly over walls and walls since he was a child, and disappeared in an instant without a trace. Without trace, he didn't take the old man seriously, so he put on a little disguise and went to the street to ask for an explanation from the old man. When the old man called out the word "beast", the gentleman in the flower was panicked and wanted to slap his scud and run away. Unexpectedly, the old man had already obtained the strange yellow hair of the flying eagle birthmark on the side of the gentleman's left leg from the victim, and threw out the glue-soaked gun in his hand. The wolf hair caught the flying hair of the gentleman in the flower, and the gentleman in the flower was captured without restraint.

Scud, that's just a thing in folklore. I didn't expect that Scud actually exists in this world. Everyone in the hall couldn't believe their ears. The county magistrate ordered the officer to take a test, and indeed there was a piece of flying eagle on the side of the left leg of the civil servant. The birthmark was just a flying hair that had been stained by glue. Wen Juren still wanted to quibble. At this time, several villagers sent by the old man to search Wen Juren’s house had handed over the ninety-nine pieces of the victim’s underwear that had been searched. When they came to court, it turned out that the gentleman among the flowers had a peculiar habit, that is, every time he played with a woman, he would take away the woman's most intimate underwear and hide it privately in the house. In the face of the iron facts, civil servants dropped like seedlings beaten by frost…

Master Yan didn't expect that the gentle and well-known Wenju people in his hometown would be a flower-picking thief. He was saddened but also a little lucky. He almost sent his daughter to the Wen Mansion himself, and became the prey of flower thieves. Order Zhuang Ding to quickly collect the silver reward, plus fifty taels of gold, to reward the old man heavily. But when he turned around, he discovered that the old man had long disappeared.

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