The Stylus Stalks The Flower Thief

A strong man with long body hair came to the village and claimed that he could subdue the flower thief. But what the strong man didn't expect was that right under his nose, the Li family's thirteen-year-old daughter-in-law was brutalized by a beast again. The thief committed more than ninety crimes in Golden Pheasant Village in a row, and the village masters scolded her with great hatred. Flower thieves are called beasts, and beasts have become synonymous with flower thieves. A banker stepped forward to uncover the painting. Unexpectedly, what he uncovered was a broken picture without any characters. The ten characters on it were nailed to the table as if they had taken root.

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A Real Gentleman Who Plays Chess Without Regret In Guangzhou

I also often play against him, basically evenly, but nine out of ten wins are not martial arts, because I am always a generation of regretful chess masters. It turned out that there were two old players on the side of the road who were playing chess. I couldn't help it, so I joined in like other onlookers. After waiting for a long time, it was finally my turn to play. The old man asked me to go first, but he would make exactly the same moves as I did. The more I played, the more impatient I became. It was a text message, sent by the fifth child, with only a dozen or so words, "You are a real gentleman without regrets. If you make a wrong calculation, you will lose." … Continue readingA Real Gentleman Who Plays Chess Without Regret In Guangzhou