I Saw A Female Ghost In The Train Toilet

When I was reading this novel, I was so fascinated that I didn't even go to the bathroom for several hours. It wasn't until I got on the train that I felt the need to relieve myself, so I hurried to the toilet. After I relieved myself, I looked up by chance and found a beautiful woman walking forward with the train outside the glass of the train toilet. You must know that the train is very fast, and it is impossible for people to keep up with the train. Could this be the female ghost mentioned in the novel, I thought to myself.

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The Stylus Stalks The Flower Thief

A strong man with long body hair came to the village and claimed that he could subdue the flower thief. But what the strong man didn't expect was that right under his nose, the Li family's thirteen-year-old daughter-in-law was brutalized by a beast again. The thief committed more than ninety crimes in Golden Pheasant Village in a row, and the village masters scolded her with great hatred. Flower thieves are called beasts, and beasts have become synonymous with flower thieves. A banker stepped forward to uncover the painting. Unexpectedly, what he uncovered was a broken picture without any characters. The ten characters on it were nailed to the table as if they had taken root.

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