The Shroud Part 2: Ghost Pot

The Western Henan Grand Canyon is located in Guandaokou Town, Lushi County, at the junction of Henan, Qin and Shanxi provinces. The canyon runs east-west with a total length of about 30 kilometers, and the peaks on both sides are more than 1,000 meters above sea level. It is the flood season at this time, and there is a lot of water in the canyon, flying beads are splashing, mist is rising, and waterfalls are like falling.

In the early morning, a ray of sunshine penetrated into the canyon, and the cliffs on both sides were like sharp cuts. A stream of water flew straight down in the sky, and the mist was rising, reflecting a faint rainbow. There is a large deep pool under the waterfall with clear blue water. Some fish and shrimps can be seen in it. There are wild flowers in the valley, gurgling streams and chirping birds. It is suspected to be a fairyland in Taoyuan. This place is called "Zhennu Pond". According to legend, Liu Xiu was chased here by Wang Mang. He was exhausted, his mouth was dry and his tongue was burnt. Liu Xiu leaned over to drink water. When he was about to drink, the water in the pond suddenly dropped, and he leaned over again. Drink, the water in the pool was low again… At this time, a local girl named Quanjiu saw that Liu Xiu had difficulty drinking water, so she picked up a handful of water with both hands and handed it to him to drink. At this encounter, Liu Xiu and Miss Quanjiu fell in love at first sight, and they pledged each other to each other. However, after Liu Xiu went to the East, he never came back. Miss Quanjiu spent her whole life waiting by the pond.

At this moment, a frustrated boy was sitting by the pond. He was a good boy. After leaving the dilapidated ancestral hall early yesterday morning, he ran all the way southeast, crossed the Yellow River, and arrived in Henan.

The old blind man said that he could meet a noble man in the southeast. He heard Master Yidu say that the people who can truly be called "noble people" in the world are not rich people or powerful officials, but those who are indifferent to fame and fortune. A hermit who has seen through the mortal world. Since he was a hermit, he must have lived in a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters and sparsely populated areas. So after passing Hangu Pass, he walked towards the dense mountains and forests and entered the deep and quiet Grand Canyon of Western Henan.

He did not expect that not far behind him, Song Diweng and Fei Taoist were following him all the way.

"Master, the young monk entered this uninhabited Grand Canyon in western Henan alone. It seems that he must have met up with Taoist Jia and the others. You are really good at predicting things." Taoist Fei complimented devoutly.

Song Diweng smiled faintly and said: "Zi Yun, all actions that go against common sense have their internal roots. If there is a cause, there must be a result. This is the dialectics of materialism. In addition to those Taoist theories, you should also Learn more from Chairman Mao's "On Contradiction" and "On Practice", which are the essence of dialectics."

"Master's lesson is extremely true." Taoist Master Fei agreed obediently.

He walked wisely along the rugged path at the bottom of the canyon, looking around, guessing in his mind that this noble man must be an old man with a thin white beard, a fairy-like spirit, and powerful magic. He must kowtow to become his disciple seriously. , moved him and taught him his unparalleled magical skills, otherwise he would not be able to defeat the ghostly Shen Cai Cai. As he thought about it, he moved forward tenaciously. The thorns scratched his clothes and arms, and he didn't even notice.

He went like this until sunset. He was already tired, hungry, and exhausted, but he never saw the noble hermit in his mind.

A bright moon rose in the night sky, and there was silence in the canyon. Youliang sat down by the "Virgin Pool", looked up at the starry sky, and started to cry in grievance. For a long time, he was inexplicably sad and angry and shouted loudly towards the cold moon: "Didn't I say that I can meet a noble man? But where is he… It's just a lie…"

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Not far behind him, in the shadow of a tall kennan tree, stood Song Diweng and Fei Taoist priest. The two looked at each other in confusion after hearing this.

Song Diweng frowned and said, "It's strange. From what the young monk said, he didn't come to the Grand Canyon to meet Jia Shiming. He seemed to want to meet some 'noble person'?"

"Master, in this case, it's time for Pindao to catch him and interrogate him carefully, so as not to waste our time and energy." Fei Daochang said bitterly.

Song Diweng waved his little hand and said with a slight smile: "Zi Yun, 'Now that you have come, let him be in peace.' Can't I not be his 'noble'?"

"Oh, just use the trick… Master is really smart!" Taoist priest Fei suddenly realized.

"Ziyun, the young monk is familiar with you, and there are festivals, so you don't show your face, go and do some digging for the master and see if you can get any clues." Song Diweng warned.

"I will obey Master's instructions." Taoist Master Fei nodded.

Under the cool moonlight, a person quietly emerged from under the tall kennan tree. He walked towards me with his hands behind his back and chanted loudly: "Purple mansion pills turn into cranes, and green pine hand plants turn into dragons. There is a fairy family in the pot." That day, there were still many hermits on the mountain."

Youliang was taken aback and quickly turned around to look. In the moonlight, a short dwarf with a short stature, a huge head, fair complexion, bright eyes, majestic appearance, and an air of immortality was slowly walking towards him with a smile…

Youliang opened his mouth in astonishment and stared at him infatuatedly. He came to the edge of the pool, where the bright moon was reflected, and the little dwarf stood on the bluestone like a fairy. He heard him continue to chant: "Thousands of peaks reflect the blue Xiang, the truth is hidden here. If you don't boil the cake and eat it with stone, your eyebrows will look like long hair. The wind tree sticks to the wine jar, and the crane lice falls on the piano bed. Even if you forget your machine, this person has not forgotten it…"

The Moon Soldier Demon God in Qin Dynasty

"Noble…" Youliang murmured.

"My little brother went into the valley late at night and sighed at the moon. What's the matter?" Song Diweng said loudly, his voice was very simple.

"Are you… a hermit?" Youliang asked stammering.

"Yes, of course I am a hermit. Who are you?" Song Diweng chuckled.

Although this person's figure and appearance are far from the "noble person" in his mind, late at night, a strange-looking little dwarf suddenly appeared in this remote valley. He spoke elegantly, was a hermit, and had a good conscience. It was concluded that he must be the "noble man" the blind old man talked about.

Youliang immediately knelt on the ground and said piously: "My name is Youliang. I am from Auli Village, Tongguan, Shaanxi. Please help me, the hermit grandfather…"

"Well," Song Diweng said solemnly, "Youliang, did you come to the Grand Canyon of Western Henan Province late at night just to look for me?"

"Yes, I am here to find the 'noble person'." Youliang said hurriedly.

"As expected, I felt a little moved when I got up early this morning, so I counted on my fingers and concluded that someone will come to the valley to seek help tonight, and it turns out it is you…" Song Diweng pretended to sigh.

"Yes, yes, that's me." Hearing this, Youliang became even more convinced that this person was the "noble one" in his destiny.

The Moon Soldier Demon God in Qin Dynasty

At this moment, the moonlight was melting and the breeze was blowing gently. Youliang pinched his thigh hard to prove that he was not dreaming, and his uneasy heart finally fell to the ground.

"Dong dong dong…" Youliang kowtowed several times and said, "Can you teach me the most powerful martial arts and spells?"

Song Diweng smiled lightly and said, "Youliang, why do you want to learn martial arts?"

"Save Nizi." Youliang said bitterly.

Song Diweng nodded, and then asked: "Who is Nizi to you? Why do you want to save her?"

"She is my…sister." Youliang replied shyly.

"Well, that's what we should save. Tell me, where is Nizi? Is she in any danger?" Song Diweng said in a persuasive manner.

Youliang nodded and said truthfully: "She was first kidnapped by a bad guy, Taoist Master Jia, in Tongguan. Later, she fell from the cliff of Yuzhu Peak and survived the catastrophe and fell into the navel of Guanzhong. Somehow she entered again. 'Fenghou Tomb', and then escaped from an ancient tower through a secret passage…"

"So where is she now?" Song Diweng asked eagerly.

Youliang shook his head and said: "An old blind man who can tell fortunes told me that Nizi is now in the southeast direction, but will soon turn to the south."

The Moon Soldier Demon God in Qin Dynasty

"Did an old blind man say that?" Song Diweng asked doubtfully.

"What he said is accurate. He told me that I would meet a noble man who can help me when I go to the southeast. I really met you." Youliang looked at the little dwarf hermit with hopeful eyes and said excitedly.

Song Diweng thought to himself, it seems that the young monk Shang Youliang does not know the whereabouts of Nizi and Daozhang Jia. It is really unlucky that he and Ziyun spent a whole day following him in vain…

When Youliang saw that the little dwarf was silent and had a solemn look on his face, he quickly kowtowed twice more and prayed: "Please be kind to me, old man, and accept me as your disciple…"

Song Diweng chuckled and said, "Youliang, do you really want to be my apprentice?"

"It's true, it's true." Youliang said quickly.

"I now have a disciple. Do you want to meet him first and admit that he is your senior brother?" Song Diweng said teasingly.

"Youliang is willing to meet senior brother." Youliang said politely, feeling secretly happy that the hermit was finally willing to accept him as his disciple.

Song Diweng shouted loudly: "Ziyun, you can come out now."

Under the moonlight, a person suddenly appeared from behind the kennan tree. He had a slender figure, a childish face and white hair, with a smile on his face. The demon god of the moon soldiers of the Qin Dynasty had only one white eye, a one-eyed dragon…

The Moon Soldier Demon God in Qin Dynasty

"Master Fei!" Youliang exclaimed in shock.

"Young monk, are you alright?" Fei Taoist sneered.

Youliang cast his doubtful eyes on the little dwarf and asked stammeringly: "Are you his master?"

Song Diweng nodded and looked at Youliang silently without answering.

Youliang's heart suddenly went cold. This evil old man not only shot Master Yidu, but also bullied Nizi. Since the little dwarf was his master, he was definitely not a good person, and his "noble person" could never be he.

Youliang got up from the ground, with tears of humiliation in his eyes, turned around and left without saying a word…

"Youliang, don't you want to learn the art from me?" Song Diweng laughed, and with a sway, he approached the Demon God of the Moon Soldier of Qin Dynasty , grabbed Youliang, tapped his acupuncture points, and threw it at By the pool.

"You are not my noble person, I don't want to follow you!" Youliang shouted angrily.

"The young monk has quite a personality," Song Diweng said, and then told Taoist Fei, "Ziyun, light a fire, I will go get some food." After saying that, he said, "Click", and the figure He quickly disappeared into the woods.

Taoist Fei picked up some dry branches from everywhere and lit a bonfire. There was a "cracking" sound, the flames illuminated the pool, and the small fish and shrimps fled in all directions.

Not long after, Song Diweng walked out of the woods with two pheasants in his hand, and threw them by the pool. Taoist Fei slaughtered them one by one, plucked them, cleaned them, and then put them on wooden sticks and grilled them on the bonfire.

Along with the "sizzling" sound of pheasant fat roasting, a rich aroma exudes in the air, which is mouth-watering.

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